Monday 3 December 2018

And again there's more x x x x

feeling rough again this week - went back to work after 10 days off last week and this week I feel as if i have a water infection.  Feeling really down.

Anyway, am managing to do a couple more layouts - and enjoying the Winter Olympics on For the love of pretty paper - Facebook.  Have had both my Mind The Scrap kit and the Lottie Loves paper kits this week which has cost me nearly £60.  I have to knock one on the head in January, but which one?  I think it will be the Lottie loves paper one though as it's more expensive.

doing the winter olympics on for the love of pretty paper - this one was a skiing event and to go from one side of the page to the other

This was being on a team or a group photo - it was hard to do this layout as I did not want to include any more people who I work with in my personal albums, i don't like most of them and the ones i can tolerate really are only just about tolerating - one girl I have more time for though and only one x 

This was a Saturday Sketch Challenge - once a month of For the love of pretty paper they put up a challenge on the first saturday of the month - it was to scrap as near to as the sketch, this was pretty close.

Another Olympics layout - for Curling - lots of circles 

And No. 10 winter olympics - I am now up to date completely until Thursday - was to scrap with wood.  The word Wonderful is wood which I painted.  Bloody typical have had to buy a new tree this year and new lights and then I dropped the huge box of baubles and so I had to buy new baubles too - so all in all it's going to cost around £100 or more to put the tree up this year.  I really do need to cut back on ALL spending in the new year.  

Tuesday 27 November 2018

and ....

the video to this picture was hillarious - luna was so excited driving Cody around the track at the fair in Tamworth on Bonfire night x 

This was a MINIMAL layout - as minimal as I could do - I am now contemplating just doing a bit of journaling on the right hand side of the photo ???  - infact I think I will x 

Saturday 24 November 2018

more layouts

challenge was to only scrap top half of the page - this is a rescrap of a 2011 photo of me - 7 years old.  wish I looked this young still even though when I first had this pic taken i thought i looked old.  lol x 

this was to scrap without any scissors or punches or tools etc - so the page was ripped and a folded piece of paper.  I have since added a scroll down the right hand side which was cut on the cuttlebug.  don't particularly like this layout and hate the man in the photo - so it may have to be rescrapped.

the challenge was to do 5 circles across the page - little miss trying hard to get on the therapy chair i had in my treatment room.  love that little girl even though she is such a hectic child and on the go constantly.  

Thursday 22 November 2018

A cute Bronchitis

Nothing cute about it !  felt rough for a couple of weeks - chest is so tender and sore .... still sneezing and cough cough coughing - now have antibiotics.

anyhoo - have done a layout in the week when i felt a bit stronger and a layout today even though i am cough cough coughing - tired and worn out really - making sure i have a very relaxed weekend.

this was a challenge that had to be a minimalist layout - but don't think it was minimalist enough after i finished it - should have added the journaling to the stars paper and cut it all down a little bit more.  The layout picture of our Korin in Keirs Superman outfit which I was going to make a skirt for for Korin to use as a Supergirl outfit - but she played in it anyway without the skirt - I used to love making things for the kids - don;'t know where I found the time but remember sewing loads and loads of stuff - with a dining room chair in front of me and the old singer sewing machine on top of the chair - wish I could get back into those times, just being a bit more carefree, I overthink everything,

Think this chest infection/bronchitis has really gotten to me - I feel so down in the dumps. 

Sunday 18 November 2018

Planned on doing loads of layouts today x

But keir came and took me to PC world to look at laptops and then Smyths to get Lunas last presents from me and Key and then to Morrisons - luna fell asleep so they went home and I was on my own again .............. did come up to my desk and start a layout - cooked tea - ate a huge huge huge bowl of icecream, feel sicker than sick - and then finished said layoit which the picture is below.  And now it's half 10 again on a Sunday night - but the good news is that Korin has a day off tomorrow and coming to see me and luna and maybe we will take her to the soft play centre - PLUS I need to go to Keirs in the morning to wait in for the carpet people to restretch their carpets !  All go isn't it - Will have Tuesday in with Luna maybe just a walk round the block and then Wednesday I will take her to the play group again as she really did enjoy it last week.

heres the layout :

Saturday 17 November 2018

A few from this week

I have had a flu type bug and not really felt like crafting.  I had wednesday off from luna and ended up lying around the house all day as I felt so rough.......then went to work on Thursday and by 9 pm was in bed as I felt really rough, Friday morning I felt as if I had a throat full of razor blades and cough cough coughing again runny nose and so overwhelmed with tiredness ............ aches and pains, so didn't go to work again.  I hate not going to work they must think I am lazy. 

So today felt really bad this morning but a bit better this evening.  Still very tired and worn out though and my laptop is playing up big time !

tonights layout from a day out with korin and luna to the playgroup for luna and lunch altogether at planters garden centre it was a lovely day x 

photo taken in the plastic protective cover = so not a good pic,  the cake Alison made for Keir - it was delicious x 

Again the day out with korin and me with lunapants to the garden centre - those reindeer were singing it was so funny ............... and the first proper signs of christmas - Christmas is only 5 weeks away feel so far behind.

although I do have my turkey and pork joint and sausages for the pigs in blankets and nearly all lunas presents, just got to shop for everyone else now !  NIGHTMARE x 

Sunday 11 November 2018

is this a URL ?