Wednesday, 30 June 2010

Another ATC

this is one I made earlier, have sent it today

One of the ladies

from UKscrappers sent me a photo of one of the ATC's I sent to her - Imust remember to photograph them before sending them off .................

Sunday, 27 June 2010

A Wonderful week in Dorset - fantastic

No cooking or cleaning or food shopping for a whole week it was brilliant.

Finally driving away from the caravan - hope to go again next year and have another holiday pretty soon - REALLY ENJOYED IT.

how cool are these beach huts - I thought they were great

rockpool paddling ...............

A visit to Lyme Regis too - beautiful weather all week and such fantastic scenery and very relaxing

Down at the harbour at West Point (West Bay) calm and peaceful.

A trip to Liberties Birds of Prey rescue in Rollingwood? This is Liberty & Popcorn (I think) - beautiful birds.

Catch of the day - just 5 minutes more mom Keir said and promptly caught this big fish.

This monkey at Monkey World kept following DH up and down and down and up for the picnic - holding his hand out, it was so sad - obviously we didn't feed but a lot of people were feeding them.

Just Beautiful Scenery ............quite proud of this pic actually.

Saturday, 19 June 2010

Normally I don't make cards ......

but I made this today for a customer/friend who is 60 next week. Was going to make her a wonderful exploding box - bought all the stuff I needed but unfortunately I just didn't get any time with my new job - overtime, reflexology treatments which have gone bananas and everything else I have had to do over the last month or so. Anyway, I hope Jo is happy with my card - just got to remember to post it now whilst away.
ON me jollies in the morning.

Sunday, 13 June 2010

A little embellie

printed off a pic of a clock - stuck it to card and cut round glossy accented it and I am pretty chuffed with the result.

Saturday, 12 June 2010

More blogging today huh

went out with Monica shopping. INTENDED to do a bit of crafty purchasing. The only stall for craft items was the market - it was OK but not a marvellous store for browsing and so ended up only buying a few cards.

The seaside postcard will be used on the Fathers Day card for Keys dad - must get that done tomorrow and sent as it's next Sunday - I have another pic - of a fisherman by a lake for hubbies Fathers Day card. Janets Birthday (my sister) card has been made and forgot again to take a pic ! BUT I am remembering a bit more now - I hope.

Will take lots of pics on holiday me thinks, might even inspire me into doing a LO or two - I HOPE.

Been making lots of ATC's

and swapping on various forums and completely forgetting to take a photo and upload - to be fair I have been exceptionally busy and doing overtime at work (which I don't want to do) but don't want to let the team down - it has only been 4 hours a week but on top of my 28 hours, I feel I've been working full time - PLUS been doing quite a few reflexology treatments. I must find some 'me' time to relax. Holiday coming up next week - yippee - hope it's a good one, really looking forward to it.

The heart ATC background was from a card a swappee sent to me enclosing her ATC ! - and the heart was cuttlebugged from a dictionary pasted onto card and stickled - love stickles at the moment getting back to my gillybling stage - never know my mojo for layouts may return to - hope so.

The other ATC is one I sent to a swappee she took a photo and sent to me - must remember to take pic's from now on.

It has a melting pot embellishment, the picture behind the embellie is a photograph and was lovely and clear and a crisp image. Love making my own embellishments - especially melting pot stuff.

Saturday, 5 June 2010

Naughty blogger ..............

I've not been blogging. THE plate for the locker at work went down a treat, everyone has said how nice it was - so I was worrying for nothing. I keep forgetting to take my camera out anywhere ! AND I need photographs.

Because I have been on a stash diet - I have literally bought NOTHING, just a couple of little spends. BUT getting itchy fingers to get the debit card back out and buy stuff. I did buy some holographic glitter, which isn't as glittery as I thought it would be - or as holographic as I thought it would be. It's nice, but a bit disappointing.

I bought some little wooden butterflies today - but really APART from double sided tape, glue and a quickie glue pen - that is ALL I have bought over the last month. I am pretty pleased with myself really.

I have made quite a few ATC's this week and been trailing on UKS ! - thats the ATC Trail if anyone is reading this and didn't know about the ATC trail -

ATC's are BRILLIANT little works of art and I have received about 7 in the post in the last 7 days or so - some peoples art is absolutely gorgeous, but I can honestly say every ATC I have received this week has been beautiful. So thank you ladies. Its such a pleasure to swap with you.

What I did, Mrs Numpty-head me - forgot to photograph any of the ones I sent out so hoping that my message on UKS will prompt people to send them to me on email so I can pop them onto my blog. But I just hope that my ATC's are received and the peeps likey.

Have a great weekend everyone - it's lovely out there and I have a whole afternoon to craft craft craft.