Friday, 31 October 2014

Happy Halloween


Korin and Lliam going out on the town tonight !
I did nothing for Halloween.  Last year we had no callers !  ended up eating all the chocolate and was miserable with myself for doing so.  Tonight I bought no sweets, no chocolate - then got Korin to bring some back when she nipped to the local shop - just for me and dad.  She did bring a little for the kids when they called - we had about 4 visitors in total - and ran out of chocolate as fast as we had it in the hallway - never mind eh.

Little bit of crafting

I am expecting 25 Advent inchies, 25 Advent Twinchies & 25 Advent ATC's................was going to put string on them and them on the Christmas tree this year but then decided that I would 'house' them in concertina style books - I got the idea from a woman on the Netherlands Inchie group site - although I have sent a couple of people Birthday Inchies in this form this year but forgotten about them.  Anyway, here are the twinchie and inchie concertinas - and then I shall get onto the ATC's over the weekend.

I will photograph each inchie, each twinchie and each ATC as I open them daily to put into my little concertina books...................quite looking forward to it all now.

still have the Twinchie concertina book to embellish yet with Christmas papers but will do so over the weekend. I hope.

right then ! whats gone on this week

Keirs birthday.  My little boy was 27 years old.  Frightening.  I remember him being 10 and thinking how quickly the time had gone by and that was now 17 years ago.  Anyway, proud of you son, Happy Birthday Keir.

Sunday, 26 October 2014

forgot to photograph

Hanna's on FB Netherlands Group Birthday inchies - but she likes purple so I did them all in Purple and sent her a little pressie which is purple too.

Here are Lyndees ATC's for November.  Now that I am just about to send her the Advent ATC's too  - I can't believe that we shall be starting again in January, 2015 how quickly has all that gone then.

titles from top to bottome :  'Hello Lynne'  -  Can't wait till Spring.  OTT ATC & 'Remember Remember the 5th November'
Apart from doing 4 bithrdays for the Netherlands Group now for December, I am totally up to date on my swaps, thank goodness for that.  I must remember that in 2015 I will NOT over commit myself as I get quite panicky some weeks not getting round to making swaps until the last minute.

Saturday, 25 October 2014

And finally finished .................. all the swaps before Christmas.

Whats in the box - whats in the box -

inside the box is :  Lyndees Advent ATC's

beings send end of October so there is plenty of time for them to be there to start the opening on 1st December.  Took a while to make, but enjoyed making them especially for Lynne as she reciprocates with thoughtful, quality ATC's.  Hope Lynne doesn't see this post before she gets the box, I know she will love it.


Wednesday, 22 October 2014

Planned on doing loads of crafting today

as it was a day annual leave I had booked off to be here for the builders to do the floors - they finished yesterday so thought I would go back to work.  My thumb is so bad ! so thought I'd still take this day as annual leave................spent the morning at SW and only STS again !  but now planning on having a good week and maybe get below 12stones - fingers crossed, but haven't been particularly good food wise already today ............ how stupid am I. 

so yesterday I made my first Christmas box - now I know Christmas, is indeed on it's way only 9 weigh ins to Christmas so I could lose a stone - IF I am good, that would be fantastic.

first Christmas box of the year !

Tuesday, 21 October 2014

squeaky floors dealt with -

what a mess but the floors aren't squeaking as they were.  it was driving me crazy, every time Korin and Lliam moved upstairs they would wake me up....................hope when they are both up there that it's not as bad as it was - all I can do is hope.  Keirs bedroom is much better too - and they've done the dressing room floor as well.  Can't be bad. 

Saturday, 18 October 2014

and theres more ! 25 inchies to be precise

finished the inchies off too - will post on Monday or Tuesday -


Friday, 17 October 2014

Simming World. NOT GOOD

I put another pound on - 2lb's on in a month !  It has been difficult, everything going on and rushing here and there and everywhere. Hopefully back to it properly now.  WANT to lose a stone for Christmas don't know if that is doable for me - but going to give it a jolly good try. 

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas ..........

OK Cheesy I know ! but sending my Advent Twinchies to the Netherlands Group - we open one twinchie and one inchie each day up to Christmas Day = looking forward to this.

in their envelopes.

seemed to take me ages to make - enjoyed making them though.
Merry Christmas everyone.

Saturday, 11 October 2014

Dominiques Birthday 14th November. Have to send off early as she is in Holland.

hope she likes it.

we have to send 5 inchies or rinchies - crafted in the birthday girls colour and a little something craft wise.  I loved these little fabric hearts, so I sent them on to her hoping she'll use them. 
Happy Birthday Dominique.

Friday, 10 October 2014

determined to have a good weekend on SW !

have bought enough to make two big batches of soup - so tonight it will be soup and then salmon with broccoli in the casserole liquid.  tomorrow prawn salad at lunch and chicken salad at tea. sunday light lunch probably soup and tea will be lamb sheek kebabs.  I hope I can stick to this and find Monday I am showing nearer to the 12 stone mark again.

Thursday, 9 October 2014

didn't go to SW this week

I thought the scales would be terrible !  but I weighed myself at home and showing 1lb off - I gained that pound last week - STILL I didn't go !  I want to be extra specially good this week and get below 12 Stones I hope I can, fed up staying the same and NOT getting my stone award.  THIS WEEK I SHALL DO IT NO MATTER WHAT !

my new car - lovely to drive

Charlotte leaves to have her baby Ava - so I made her this

after a really bad day at work I wasn't going to make anything but felt the need to craft and had nothing else to make apart from inchies and twinchies for Christmas and at the moment I feel 'all inchie and twinchied out' - hope she likes this - didn't take very long and I enjoyed making it.

Monday, 6 October 2014

Bad bad blogger ........................

last Sunday Key and I went into the Hyundai new car sales.  I had seen the Hyndai and seen the i20 previously about 4 months ago and thought it was nice...............anyway, cutting a long story short - got there for 1 pm and by 1.45 had test driven it and was signing up for it - £200 a months for the next 3.5 years frightens me to death my last new car was £7.500 cash I suppose it's only the same kinda thing...................will owe £3,500 at the end of 3.5 years so can pay it off then or go for another new car.  By then I suppose there will be different deals.  We should be well established in Utility Warehouse too - the shop will be doing better and hopefully I shall be retired...............but then again no one knows what is round the corner.

must post a pic of my new car, don't know why I'm not as excited about this one, maybe because we are always having new cars with Keys job ???  I was excited when he picked up the Mercedes and the Jaguar before that - but I do love my little Hyundai i20.  Don't I ?