Monday, 19 January 2015

22nd January, 2015 already

my Slimming World journey as completely gone out the window and reckon I am half a stone - at least heavier than Christmas.

some inchies for the Netherlands group - Valentines and Winter (January/February) also did my swap of Thrinchies 5 pages to 2 lots of people but I forgot to photograph them, ah well.  Back into crafting, but MUST get back onto my diet too - so depressed about it all.

bottom right inchie is domed with clear plastic
maybe a bit clearer here

Saturday, 10 January 2015

It's my Birthday opened birthday cards and pressies before as we are out all day tomorrow at a UW Do !

wowsers eh ...................... more Pandora off my DD

& the most gorgeous of boxes including smellies etc - the box has me more excited than the contents but I will use them - Body butter and shower gel and body lotion, smells devine.

Key bought me my Stampin up Trimmer/scorer and a score board to fit my scoreable score boards.  Brilliant.  Think I shall get something off Keir and Alison - but it won't be a lot as they are saving up for their own home - I hope they get the opportunity to move - I know we are all cramped here but a young couple need their own space, WELL (me and hubby) OLD couple need our own space too.

10th January already - My Birthday tomorrow.

so......................where did Christmas go and New Year ?

New Year ATC to Lyndee (Lynne)
Back to work & thumb much better - had my return to work even though I only had two days off and not on stage 2 sick as I thought I would be.........................but we find out at the end of this month or next as to whether we are where we are now or bundled up to Burton - not looking forward to that !