Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Olympic Torch and Our Lorraine exciting!

Found out tonight that our Lorraine held and ran with the Olympic torch, I also didnt know that you actually kept the torch - something we can hand around at family get togethers eh!

Saturday, 26 May 2012

started on a box for Linda for her birthday

finish it off next week with lots of bling and lilac flowers !

Think Monday Think ATC

Here we are again - how quickly the weeks go by and again I am late posting my ATC for this weeks Think MOnday Think ATC - 'Cups' was the topic / theme / prompt - and with everything about England at the moment 2012 and the Jubilee then I did an 'Afternoon Tea' theme.............heres the link:

Friday, 25 May 2012

So Lucky - in a way

3 people from other hospital coming over so there will be 6 of us - equivalent to 5.5 posts..............Denise tells me I have to just work faster - cheeky cow whilst she stands around doing nothing ! Cannot get my head around Theresa being shipped to B - and my lovely friendly people too - but suppose everything changes. Hope I'm happier.

Thursday, 24 May 2012

so I remain at my current job

phew. didnt say a word about the problems in the office, suppose I was just so relieved that I have a job without extra travel etc = but bad news that it looks like Charlotte is returning to our office.................she is trouble, the office has been kinda nice whilst she has been away..............I will try all I can to ignore it - we have two new members of staff coming over from the other hospital. There will just be a skeleton staff of 5 of us. So I ended up with the trouble makers whilst my nice 'friendly' people have been shifted to Burton. Disaster - I will have NO ONE to turn to. :( can't have it all ways I suppose.

Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Today is the day

that we find out if we have jobs ! who is where! I hope I am at either TAmworth or Lichfield - only for convenience of travel. However, I feel I have bottled up the 'problems' within the office for far too long and need to speak out today regardless of where I am. I will have to see how things go.

Monday, 21 May 2012


Didn't expect to - but didn't get the job. Only applied to try and stay at either lich or tam - so now back in the same boat as everyone else wondering if I am going to be lucky enough to stay at lich or tam - if I'm at Bur think I might leave ???? desperately looking for a new job now. Michelle has team leader at our place - she will be vile to me I think - I speak as I find and I find her intimidating - although she doens't intimidate me, she TRIES to intimidate me. Fi sent over to Tam - thank goodness - she will be away from the clique in Lich.................PLUS she won't be able to pop out when she wants to in NHS time, sit and eat cooked breakfasts in NHS time, think she will have a bit more on her hands with the team over there - tee hee - they won't take no shit and sit and let her do nothing whilst they are all working around her. Loving it. Not loving Michelle but I think it was the better option than Fi. BUT we shall see, now I gotta go all out to get out.

Saturday, 19 May 2012

Think Monday Think ATC ....houses and eyes

This is my 'I see my house in the country' ATC & here is the link :

Friday, 18 May 2012

Horrible VILE week at work

Still waiting to hear if we have jobs ! Interview Friday for the Team Leader posts. Fi was 'funny' with me Wednesday when I offered to go into clinic prep because poor bev was on her own. Thursday I find the stolen perfume in my locker ! Who has put that perfume in my locker. IF I ever find out I WILL take the law inbto my own hands, they will wish they NEVER messed with me. It upset me so much, RUINED my interview - which I think was the desired aim. Everyone at work is saying they don't believe for one minute that it was me but at the end of the day the perfume ENDED UP IN MY FUCKING LOCKER. Bastards. Have actually been sick - I think from stress. I wish I knew who it was, I would get the police involved.

Saturday, 12 May 2012

I love the Floral Fantasy Blogspot !

& candy to boot ! Lovely, She makes cardmaking look so simple and so effective, I'd love to make cards so beautifully !
for some unknown reason to man - once again blogger isn't allowing me to attach the link to Floral Fantasies - ???? but their link is in my sidebar...............

Saturday - after a stressful week

Decided to get my shopping done early - and then do a bit of crafting, decided to alter the look of the storage boxes I bought absolutely ages and ages and ages ago - always wanted to - didn't get round to it - I have 4 sets of these - have done the one lot only 3 lots of 4 drawers to alter - do I feel like doing it now ? nah not really - but hope to get them finished over the weekend
from this -
to this
love this new cuttlebug folder I got this week - think it's called victriana ? or something like that. & managed to finish it whilst waiting for tea to cook - looks much better - well pleased.

Friday, 11 May 2012

think monday think atc - Madness

although it's friday this is what I came up with for TMTA - Madness - what do you see ? It's just blue smoke but looks spooky ! here is the link :

Thursday, 10 May 2012

A lovely day !

Had today booked as an annual leave day as I had been invited to an interview at 1.30 - as it was a weekend job and they are basically saying that at work we won't be made redundant - but maybe moved - I thought I didnt want to risk a weekend job as me and hubby would NEVER see each kept today as annual leave - got up at 8 instead of 6 - took DS to college and took my time coming home, walked my dog, it's lovely and fresh out there - not at all cold, very mild and just about wanting to rain (whats new) but so far it hasn't's a lovely day. Relax relax now I'm thinking if I could arrange to work at Burton upon Trent but maybe 4 days a week and then I'd have 3 days each week to enjoy my life a bit more (maybe). PLUS had a lovely chap round to quote me on wardrobes for the 'dressing room' which is realy our spare room (4th bedroom)which we call the dressing room (trying to be posh here) - we have decided on :

Saturday, 5 May 2012

International Scrapbooking Day today

Didn't get an awful lot done, but had a very relaxing day - did make an ATC for Think Monday Think ATC - and did a couple of techniques - including triple embossing which I have never succeeded at previously - here it is
Bank holiday weekend. Been thinking about getting a caravan - all dependent on whether I have a job after Tuesday, Tuesday is our individual meetings so we can put our own cases forward as to why we don't want to go to Queens hospital or be made redundant ! - and then I believe we shall be told what is happening to us. Our boss is out on her ear - so to speak, don't know if she will be offered a sideways move into Queens ???? But she hasn't got the job she is currently doing as there was only one place for one manager and that manager is at Queens. IF they can do that to her they can do ANYTHING to us - it's a total nightmare, very scary. Just hope I still have a job and I can buy my little caravan and spend some long weekends down in Wales enjoy the peace and tranquility etc. BUT good things don't seem to happen to us anymore. Lets see what Tuesday brings.

Think Monday Thick ATC (not as far behind as last week) but only JUST !

Think Monday Think ATC :
My version of Steampunk............I'm not good at steampunk stuff, but gave it a bit of a try, photo isn't that good either - as when I was at school 'MUST TRY HARDER'. Off for a nosey at others on the thread now. Thanks for the inspiration and being out of my comfort zone.