Friday, 30 March 2012

In August I will have been married for 35 years !

AND I have decided to do a little mini album from the proofs album I had to choose photo's from for our day - when we had this proofs album I thought how wonderful the photographs were, but looking at todays modern wedding photographs - they're really dreary looking, bland and not very nice at all - apart from that, nearly every photo - unfortunately, someone, a member of my family has died - and some photographs of multiple people there aren't any of the family members still with us, very sad. Miss you all.
Key and his best man arriving at the church. My husbands beautiful thick hair is now nearly white. Bob, the best man, we haven't seen for many years, lost touch around 2000 I think it was.

Sunday, 25 March 2012

trying hard to get Dot's retirement card/box done

I'm not happy with it - because the frames were slightly out - it makes the box/card very skew - ah well, I'll finish it up and see how it is :

Saturday, 24 March 2012

horrible week at work

everyone is very tetchy because of not knowing whether we have jobs or not. to add insult to injury Charlotte announces she is now permanent in clinic prep. I really saw red as Gwen hadn't told me and I went to see Bev and Bev didn't know but I suspect she really just keeps her head down to survive and not make waves. So I emailed gwen to say that I was angry and upset that I won't again have the opportunity to go for clinic prep and that i felt i had been stabbed in the back and everything had been done behind my back. Gwen writes back to say that it was still only temporary - so WHO IS LYING? I am really sick of all this. Then Charlotte gets all bulshy and says that when I don't get my own way then I get nasty about things !!!! ME get my own way, now that would be something wouldn't it! I hate the lot of them. 10 days until we find out whos redundant - who's being moved, who stays where they are etc etc - IF I'm moved and that lot remain together which I know they will if Gwen has anything to do with - let the clique stay together ! THEN IT IS ALL GOING TO COME OUT and I shall tell the chief exec EVERYTHING that goes on in that place IN NHS Time. Sick of it all.

Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Start of a Retirement Box frame/canvas

take two little box art canvas frames.
Add two little hinges on the one side so it opens like a book
Add a little jewellery box catch the other side so it closes nicely (although mine kinda doesn't because the box frames were slightly bigger than each other.
Add some patterned swirly 'VERY EXPENSIVE' paper !! and some rose heads................

Saturday, 17 March 2012

Mothers Day

Nice surprise for my mothers day - a helium balloon in purple - two lovely cards and this lovely bracelet PLUS
New plants to put in my planters to make the front of the house look nice and each time I drive onto the drive I can remember my kids and my mothers day. OK I opened everything early as Korin is out for her 21st today and tomorrow - so it's my Mothers Day today.

My baby is 21 16.3.12 - where did those years go to?

love the beach theme - and the new hair (and extensions too).
Pandora bracelet as a main present and lots of other things - a digital camera too.
and 21 cupcakes as a birthday cake - we now feel exceptionally fat. A meal out at a Chinese Buffet - bloated.

Wednesday, 14 March 2012


not exactly helped us in any way, certainly didn't allay any fears about being made redundant.....not happy really, but i still have a job for now. applied for about 6 jobs - all in NHS - get my head together now and I think I'm going to apply for anything local so I have no travelling, that would be nice.

Tuesday, 13 March 2012

eye doctor today

it hasn't got any worse. Pretty convinced that it's not glaucoma - but it could be a degenerative disease ?? but he said that he hasn't seen anything like this before ............... trust it to be me. It's a thinning and cupping and a kind of notch in the ocular nerve.............anyway, it's going to monitor it and have me back in 6 months - last time was 3 months, he said it wasn't anything to worry about. So I shall try not to worry. Tomorrow is D day............... hope I'm not shoved off to Queens - hope that falls on others to do, I was the only one working again between 8 am and 10.20 today...............they drive me mad. Tired and worn out. By this time tomorrow I will know what is happening. I really really hope it's not terribly bad news. have applied for a couple of very part time jobs - be good if I got them - that would allow me less boredom to do two different types of jobs, but in Nuneaton - so a little further than I travel now but not as far as Burton where I reckon, IF I'm lucky enough to have a job, that I will probably end up working.

Monday, 12 March 2012

worried about tomorrows meeting

went out the weekend and bought korin a pandora bracelet - and some charms and a digital camera and clothes. her 21st has kinda snook up on me somewhat. so have ordered a couple of 21st items off ebay - hope we get them in time. Have today bought her a cosmetics bag and a cupcake stand. Went to Greggs and ordered 21 cupcakes - mixture of chocoalte and strawberry and lemon, they look gorgeous. Need to craft a 21 to stick in the top cupcake...................hope she likes it. 21 years eh, where did the years go. Work is horrible waiting for this meeting - I am utterly convinced that it will be me to have to go to Queens. Or worse still we will have to apply for jobs at Queens..............which will mean that I shall be out on my ear ! Key keeps saying to stop worrying.................but it's not easy gettin a new job at my age and without qualifications. POOOOOOOOOOOOO

Saturday, 10 March 2012

good news - bad news

good news - koz got a job for the summer at Twycross Zoo............ bad news I have a raging sore throat. Good news that I found out that i should have had a free £60 package with my laptop bad news that when i went to collect it they said it was with the other - higher spec laptop - but that higher spec laptop was exactly the same price. Angry. Good news that I have a new shiny laptop. Bad news that my old computer went kaput because of a nasty virus. Good news that i saved my photo's - unlike last time. Bad news that I forgot to save my CV's and fonts and favourites.

Thursday, 8 March 2012

wed 14th 1 pm - meeting at work

although my job bores the life out of me ! - next wednesday is 'D' day - we find out what is going on, we all reckon on redundancies although the management have said they cant afford to make us redundant. So, we are all expecting to be shifted off to Queens hospital and told to do this that and the other - fit in with them, do odd hours to keep our jobs - I don't know how I feel about it. I don't want to move - especially if it's every day, will mean £85 month petrol - 580 miles a month on car, wear and tear and extra 4 hours travelling each week more - i have just cut down by 3 hours a week at work and losing around £100 so it's not good at all. Maybe if I have to move to Burton I can go just for the initial few weeks to keep a job - maybe go register with lots of staff agencies and apply for anything and everything ................. but then everyone else will be applying for everything and anything. Such a worry. AND this is all sumizing that we will have jobs. I have this gut feeling that I am going to be out on my ear.

Wednesday, 7 March 2012

desktop virus 'bad' - shiny new laptop 'good'

love it - so quick, so easy, so fast - yippeeeeeee

Sunday, 4 March 2012

my clean and tidy desk

went and got my final really useful boxes to store even more stuff in my desk, but my desk does look nice and tidy now - I REALLY have to craft and get rid of some stash - hope to join in some swaps along the way and get some of my crafting goodies out and use them up, cannot keep buying and not using. Just this moment bought tim holtz keyholes and some rhinestones - yesterday bought tim holtz glassine papers - last week spent about twenty quid on goodies - plus had the box of stuff on the girl on UKS whom I paid a little extra for sending it, I REALLY have to cut down again. RIGHT I WILL BE GOOD

another art journaled page

enjoyed doing this one - with goodies from a girl on UKS who randomly said she was having a clearout and who wanted a box of stuff - I got a box of stuff - so happy.

Friday, 2 March 2012

love you matey

ow wow my beautiful dog. Love you mate.