Monday, 31 December 2012

Happy New Year 2013

I think it's JUST about new Year in Austrailia ??? - not quite sure. BUT how quickly has 2012 gone. No doubt I will be (hopefully anyway) posting how quickly 2013 has gone this time next year. Anyway - to anyone that might read my bloggy - Happy New Year for 12.01 tonight - Hope everyone I know and those I only know through my cyber sites etc - have a very happy year and a peaceful time - and financially good year too. Best Wishes everyone.

Sunday, 30 December 2012

Brill night at cousins

really enjoyed the buffet food she put out, nice and fresh - stayed for around 4 hours which we didn't intend doing. Not happy driving in the dark either - but everything was OK. Very close to 2013 now - how quickly this year has gone.

Saturday, 29 December 2012

Another Layout -

Had a VERY relaxing day - infact the house looks like a tip - not even made my bed (which is unbelieveable) but the cats had snuggled up next to me this morning and I didn't want to disturb them. Kitchen is a disgrace. I have just half hour to get it looking clean and tidy before I have to get some lippy on and get over to Marians for tea...........not looking forward to eating again - but we said we'd go.

Wednesday, 26 December 2012

Boxing Day

Should have gone to the Cinema today - to see Jack Reacher - a Tom Cruise film. BUT Korin wanted to go into Town to see the Next and Outlook and New Look sales - pretty rubbish really ! AND we were there for over 2 hours. Poor Key waiting in the car. By the time we got back and had some lunch - although I wish we hadn't stomache is not was already 2 pm. Too much rush to go to the cinema so going tomorrow if its still on at the local. AND it;'s something to do after work. YES I am back at work tomorrow - how rubbish is that ! Hate work, glad I have a job, but still hate my job - as soon as my knee is better - and hopefulloy soon I WILL be looking for a new job. Pretty bad attempt at trying to get back on Slimming World today - but determined to go back to class on Saturday morning. I mean it - I am going to lose 1.5 stones by April 2013. Back down to 10.5 stones and hopefully my threat of diabetes will be under control and I will feel and hpefully look fantastic for a 57 year old.

Tuesday, 25 December 2012

Merry Christmas Everyone

And look what I got - (apart from the pandora bag) - would love a pandora - might have one for my birthday - the charm from pandora was for my DD to go on her pandora bracelet she had for birthday last march.
Love Love Love this
didn't know DD was taking this = pretty miserable for Christmas Day huh
can't wait to play with this later today !

Monday, 24 December 2012

It's Christmas

worked until 12.30 pm ! Then to crem and cemetaries (Warton) and Birmingham - then home for a Chinese - so so full already as we stuffed loads of nuts when we got home - stupid me - already showing 12.3. ONLY 2 days off and then back to work - but all next week off to scrap and do a bit around the house and generally take it easy - then it's back to work proper - haven't done a full week since I returned to work after my knee problem. Knee playing up today and yesterday - hope it's OK.

I love my christmas tree Layout -

haven;t done a layout in a few weeks - I don't think - so thought I would have a go at one tonight. Christmas eve - good time to do a layout about my christmas tree.

Sunday, 23 December 2012

TV times - usually get Radio Times - always a must at Christmas-time

only ever flick through it though and forget to plan Chrismtas TV programmes that after I've missed them get annoyed with myself about.

new car tyre

£70 - ah well.

Never rains but it pours - literally

korins car is leaking in very badly - 2" water whilst it was parked half on half off the kerb - that needs to be sorted. SHE still hasnt' been paid from her job she jacked in - hope she gets paid as she needs to pay for her car tax - we paid for it 6 months ago and cannot keep helping her out every month with an extra couple of hundred pounds ! We had some good news - drew £1000 from the shop to pay for Christmas - just about covered it - worked it out we've spent around £900 on Christmas altogether. THEN we felt guilty not giving the kids anything from the £1000 so ended up giving them an extra £50 to spend. Poor Keir - rings up his laptop cable has broken and it's going to cost around £40 to buy a new one - so the 50 came in handy - BUT he has no extra now for Christmas. I gave £20 to the tamworth foodbank and WANT to get involved in 2013. We walked gunner, nice relaxing walk came home to find that I have a flat tyre - so that'll be around £75 - our Christmas has become VERY expensive now. Happy Christmas everyone.

Saturday, 22 December 2012

I loved this Christmas Card for Key -

but I had to personalise it - really old fashioned type of christmas card - I love it Korin hates it ! Bought her a DD one too.

Friday, 21 December 2012

21.12.12 - world supposed to end today at 11.11 am

well its 5.20 pm and we are still here - thank goodness. Went to Alisons (my niece) straight from work - well a quick trip to tescos and then walked all the way down to Alisons flat - I was knackered. BUT to get to meet the twins and see Mackenzie again - she's a beautiful little girl. AND the twins adorable. will have to get some more pics off facebook as I think my camera isn't working properly at the family meal last week it was all blurry - nearly every bloody photograph. AND again today.
and Key's Christmas card, couldn't bring myself to pay a fiver for a card - this one was two quid and I loved the stained-glass effect and thought I could just put 'for my husband' on the front - that is what I did.


meal out with marian it was a good lunch, will have to do that more often in the new year. here:

Wednesday, 19 December 2012

Rollercoaster ride of emotions !

I went to doctors today for the first appointment for treatment of my diabetes. I was frightened and worried and have been very tearful. Hubby came with me for support, he's great. Got to docs and receptionist who is very nice said that I needed to bring my appointment earlier on monday to see the Diabetic Nurse and bring a urine sample so it can be checked at George Elliot Hospital BEFORE christmas - as next Monday is Christmas Eve. The doctor I was seeings - wife - was in reception, she is also a doctor and she explained about not being worried and that they 'as a surgery' would look after me etc. She explained that I could go and have my eyes tested for free and that they'd monitor me all the way through. I was still feeling very nervous. Got into the doctors surgery and the doctor said 'what have you come for' and I said that I had been diagnosed as diabetic and that I needed to get started on my treatment or advice etc...............he frowned and looked at the computer and looked again and hubby read 'patient is now type 2 diabetic' - and he scratched his chin and said 'who diagnosed you' and I said it was doctor 'xxxxxx' and he said 'YOU ARE NOT DIABETIC' the results have been read wrongly. He said my blood sugar was high but nothing worse than August 2010 - he said to watch what I was eating and drinking and more exercise but I may still develop diabetes when I'm older in say '10 years time'. AGAIN I WAS IN ShOCK. He then got his wife to come into the surgery and CHANGE the computer from 'patient is type 2 diabetic' to 'patient is not diabetic'. I am angry they have put me through so much stress and anxiety over the last few days but obviously ELATED that I am NOT diabetic.

Tuesday, 18 December 2012

Christmas meal at work

Warning - do not under any circumstances go here for a meal - DISMAL
VILE - stinking horrible rotten old fashioned awful pub - organised by Charlotte who subsequently was OFF SICK today and she hadn't paid her deposit - but WE had to pay for her deposit and we will make sure she pays us back - Horrible meal - wasnt worth the money and horrible atmosphere because there WAS just us 5 at a table and an old bloody man at the bar - VILE worst meal I have ever been to for Christmas.

Monday, 17 December 2012

I feel as if my world is quickly falling apart !

work has been 'vile' again...........I am not averse (sp?) to hard work, in fact it makes the day go by more quickly............but my goodness it is just work work work work work - and the stress of worrying if it's not all done by the time you go home, my chest has been hurting and I've been feeling very weary, tearful etc by the time I get home. To cap things off - I did a reflexology treatment today - a lovely lady lyn whos been coming to me for over 10 years - she's had a bad time and I was saying that maybe things will be better for us both next year 2013 ! AND she wished me all the best and I her. The phone rang within 10 minutes and it was the doctors surgery and the receptionist wanted me to make an appointment for the doctor and the practice nurse as my blood tests have confirmed that I am now diabetic. I AM IN SHOCK, I was expecting statins (sp?) for high cholesterol, but to be told on the phone I am now diabetic............well I keep bursting into tears. Just another thing to add to all the bloody hospital appointments and something else for me to worry about. I feel so so low.

Sunday, 16 December 2012

Family Meal was GREAT 16.12.12

Great laugh but all the photo's were rubbishy apart from a few

Friday, 14 December 2012

I really can't believe it -

DD & BF back on ??? I don't know why she took him back - but Christmas is coming, I hope he proves me wrong and he IS a decent lad afterall.

Thursday, 13 December 2012

You ain't nothin but a hound dog

another LO of my lovely doggie - Gunny Bunny Birchy

Wednesday, 12 December 2012

Another Layout

the wording is - apart from the cigarette I love this pic of you - it was just after your 21st Birthday and you seemed happy. Bit blurred - apologies.
Black hollographic glitter around the edge to make is shine IRL.

Day off to get trimmings up and out for a meal with cousin

got the trimmings up but cousin couldn't make a meal as she had to get her decorations up too today . Never mind eh - supposed to be meeting her next thursday now - we'll see. Decorations done:
Usually have the tree all one colour - but this year used all the baubles etc from many years - some from my moms christmas tree (they made me cry) and all the ones I bought for the kids as the years went by, always bought them each a new bauble every christmas - pleased with the result as I'm usually not happy with multi colour.
this angel is from when the kids were tiny ! She smells very musty but felt I wanted to pop her on the top of the tree this year.
these 'flowers' are years and years old ! Probably the last time I can use them.

Monday, 10 December 2012

I feel full of doom and gloom

work wasn't good today - it's never good, but it wasn't good in that no one was speaking today - it's a horrible atmosphere - no one has fallen out, just so busy that no one was speaking. I was, but then I can't keep my mouth shut for five minutes. Tee hee. AND physio - been signed off - this might sound like a good thing - it isn't really, I feel I've lost my support - leg isn't good at times, but as physio said, we've got as far as we can go really - now waiting for MRI scan on knee after Christmas - and the MRI scan on my brain (optical nerve) the same day - dreading it - but it has to be done. fasting tolerance test again tomorrow - obviously my cholesterol was high - drat - and double drat drat - and like a well woman thing at doctors on Thursday too - it's all doctors and hospitals at the moment - NO not because I work in one ! Feel fat - lost 2lb's on Saturday at SW - but ate really badly over weekend and not been too marvellous (but much better) today. OUt Christmas shopping with DD and she sees her ex - it all went downhill from them, she desperately wants him to say he's made a big mistake, but he's having fun and not worrying about her - and been quite awful. I and she still cannot believe how he has changed in such a short space of time - unless all he said about loving her was lies. I feel so sorry for her, just want to wrap her up and tell her everything will be OK - but will it - will she get over him? He may be the love of her life - I know she's young - but who can say. Have so many things to do for Christmas and getting a bit panicky - should panic as if things arent done then they aren't done, the world isn't going to stop if I'm not ready for Christmas - looking forward to a couple of days off and a nice Christmas Dinner but that is about all really I have only a couple of small presents to open as I've had everything before hand. Just a few presents to get then, but the food shopping strikes terror into me - I already have my frozen turkey (don't like fresh) and a few things to go with it - and I know I will be OK. BUT I am still panicking. Got to relax a bit.

Sunday, 9 December 2012

Whats on 10th - 24th December !

Meal arranged with cousin on 12th - gotta fast and fast NOW ! Meal arranged (gotta take the menu in tomorrow) - for family on 16th (next Sunday) thats come round quick. Crafting with a friend on afternoon of 16th - still gotta make up the 'star book' elements for the craft afternoon - gotta get this done this week. Meal on 18th from work - don't know if I'm looking forward to this - but never mind it'll be OK I'm sure. 21st meet up with family to meet the twins at my nieces house - think this is the friday. list of things still to do: washing up to date - too busy weekend to do it all. Change beds. Dye my hair & get it cut. Sort meal 16th sort starbook 16th Koz for jumper & pandora charm. Pressie for Olivia & Keir (thinking of a costa voucher too). Put decorations and tree up - wreath on front door. Clean oven. Clean work tops off - clean out cupboards and wipe all kitchen down etc. Clean fridge freezer out. French windows - I like em to sparkle (with bad knee over last few months haven't had them sparkling). Money in card and send Christophers card. Get the food shopping etc. CLEAN HOUSE FROM TOP TO BOTTOM.

Derby today

Trying hard to get a bit of enthusiasm for Christmas - I don't want to sound like the Grinch BUT ............... just not looking forward to Christmas at all. However, we went t Derby today and it was lovely to see all the people milling about and the huge christmas decorations. Inspired to buy a little fibre optic tree for my treatment room and a diary to kick=start my business again in the New Year - me hopes.
and my little fibre optic tree - love it
glows different colours.

my poor DD so sad

I REALLY thought that her ex was such a lovely lad, I really hoped they'd stay together and be happy - it's not to be, but to dump her just before Christmas - cheapskate - he's a pile a crap. She is so so sad - wish I could mend her broken heart.

Saturday, 8 December 2012

Slimming World - well chuffed

with a 2lb's loss - WANT to lose another 4 - 6 lb's in the next 2 weeks for Christmas Day - that would be WONDERFUL.

Thursday, 6 December 2012

My wish for today

that my DD could be happy again. I hate to hear her crying. It's Christmas-time and she is young and should be happy. I love you.

Wednesday, 5 December 2012

Decorating done ! (for now)

I wanted to decorate under the handrail on the stairs to the first floor for months - my knee has prevented it - hubby never has time - he does work 13 days in 14 - I am off for three whole days and yesterday I went and go the paint and did the decorating. I also picked up a coffee/caramel colour for the wall in the lounge thinking hubby may be able to do it on Sunday when he was off (poor chap) but I took the bull by the horns and pulled the furniture out and did it myself. I must admit my leg is gnawing away at me tonight - have had to take painkillers - but it is done for Christmas - there is LOADS more decorating I should have got done for christmas but we simply do not have the time - so for now = it is done and I vow (although I said this last year too) as last year I decorated the hallway for Christmas - that come New Year I will set aside one weekend per month and paint a couple of walls within 6 months the whole house could be done, I know I probably won't get round to doing this but it's a good thought - other than we shall have to pay someone to come in and decorate for us. Now I can get my Christmas trimmings put up the weekend.
Now looks nice and clean again
forgot to take a pic of the finished wall - but does look nice and clean and tidy now in there.