Friday, 28 January 2011

ten stone thirteen and a half pounds

need I say more - OK it was only half a pound off but I am now officially into 10 stone bracket - I cannot believe it.

Thursday, 20 January 2011

18th January, SW

A good loss of 1.5lb's and took me to 11 stones - MY initial SW target BUT I wanted to be 10 stone 13lb's for tonight. Never mind eh. Might make it next week. Fingers crossed.

Did a treatment today and Hazel couldn't get over how slim I was ! It was a good feeling.

Learning Clinic prep now so work hasn't been so boring.

11th January 2011 - MY BIRTHDAY

Family remembered it was my Birthday today ! Lovely money to spend on crafting goodies. BUT I was very disappointed that the girls at work didn't remember my birthday and just got sophie to bring in some flowers from tesco. Have to say it again, I was exceptionally disappointed with them - I have contributed to all of their Birthdays and leaving and given free treatments etc etc - so I came home upset. (to make matters worse not ONE of them asked the following day if I had had a nice birthday!) - but hey ho - if that's the way they want to be.

SW peeps remembered it was my birthday too - I stayed and came home to a lovely 'table' chinese meal - with my family it was lovely.

can't remember what I lost in weight. HOPING above all hope that I make 10stone 13lb's next Tuesday though.

Thursday, 6 January 2011

SW - 4.1.11

I lost a pound.

Came home so looking forward to having a night off (yes again) and eating some nice calorie laden stuff - felt so sick.....................didn't eat much at all.

Got up 5th with tummy bug - headachey - hot. Couldn't go into work.

6th - another day off work, still headachey and hot.

Oh and a non scale victory at the weekend - a size 12 pair of straight leg jeans - whooopeeee dooooo. They're a bit tight - but NOT uncomfortable.

Sunday, 2 January 2011

Oh and Happy New Year everyone

Had my accounts to do today for accountant - hate doing them, there wasn't a lot to do as my business virtually went down the pan in 2008 when the recession hit and I went back to working outside the home for NHS.

Other paperwork to be done, my list of jobs to do tomorrow (Bank Holiday Monday) is getting longer and longer but can't bring myself to do them today as it's Sunday and I like to try and rest on a Sunday and MIGHT even do a bit more scrapping, thinking of doing the year long Monthly (daily) journal. We'll see.

Might go to the cinema tonight though - don't know what we might see though.

2nd January, 2011

An actual layout - I can't believe that I did do a Layout and on 1.1.11 too - hope my mojo is back, and OK it's only a very basic LO, but I enjoyed doing it.
Not used cuttlebug for ages and ages and ages.

the decoupaged bells - just a photo off the net.