Sunday, 29 November 2015

Slimming World !

well I lost 1.5lb's - hoped it would be better than that but at least it's a loss.  Want to be 11.12 for Christmas day so only 4lb's to go - that should be easy but on diabetes medication and the 'odd' hours I am working doesn't really seem to help.  Will be very happy with a pound of this week if I can.

Oven Cleaned and all Kitchen cupboards cleaned out and tidied.

I cannot believe how well my cooker came up - it was kinda disgusting, not having been cleaned properly since last Christmas................I know that sounds disgusting and maybe it is, but I just have not had the time with redoing my treatment room this year to relaunch my reflexology business, AND decorating the downstairs loo - AND making furniture (from flat packs) for Keirs old room and turning it into a nice 'office' space for hubby Keir and Ali moving out and having a dog.  It's been a hectic year.

so next weekend will be window cleaning and pictures off walls and cleaned etc and maybe even defrost the fridge/freezer.  Will have to see.

Friday, 27 November 2015

Tired and worn out this week

and HAD TO cancel my reflexology treatments, just couldn't bear the thought of finishing work at 1 pm after 4.5 hours - hard graft at work and then rushing home to get ready and go back out again to customers over in Sutton and make them feel nice and relaxed etc whilst I was het-up and feeling pretty grouchy.

plus I went for my diabetes educational session on Monday and they said - you NEED to relax.  People that are rushing here and there and everywhere are the most likely to develop diabetes !  Key and I NEVER stop.  we must find more time to relax.

So next week I have about 8 reflexology treatments and just 4 weeks away to reducing my hours.  Money has gone down and down and down though with Christmas approaching so I don't so much like the idea of not having much of an income, but you know what - I'm nearly bloody 60 time to relax a bit more, just wish Key could too.

Time rushes by.

Nearly Christmas!

Saturday, 21 November 2015

as of 4th January 2016

I will be working just 3 hours per day - yipee........................ only picking up £500 a month though but should be able to increase my reflexology so will end up with the same amount of money but won't have to work in that horrible office longer than 15 hours a week.  oh i cannot wait.

Very strong winds around he country

AND the car door ripped out of my hand and hit the wall - probably around £200 or more to get it repaired or through insurance -don't know if it will cost me on my annual premium though.

AND the bloody fencing in the garden blew in and smashed up - found out that we are joint responsible for the fencing with the shit next door - that is the landlord who is a right nasty piece of work !  I rang him he was very abrupt on the phone and said he would check out who was responsible - didn't get back to me.  So I checked with Land Registry and David Wilson homes who was responsible and as our luck would have it - it's joint.  £300 for repair - just before Christmas that is after paying out £320 for the sofas two weeks ago, Keirs dish washer £200........I need a new laptop and Christmas is very close.  bit of a bummer.

Anyway, I then texted the landlord and he's chosen to ignore us again - shit bag.

ah well.  it's all done now thankfully.

A Christmas Eve, A Christmas Day, A New Years Day ATC cards for lynne.

Lynne and I did 4 ATC's per month for around 18 months to 2 years and last Christmas we did a Christmas ATC Advent Calendar, so thoroughly enjoyed her ATC's, but just have not had the time this year to do it and I think since July time we haven't swapped our 4 ATC's per month either.

Just haven't had much time.

So a few days ago I suggests a Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, New Years Day ATC swap and she said yes.  so here are my offerings to her.

Hope she likes them

Slimming World. Haven't been doing very wellreally

I should be because I should be watching what I am eating because of my diabetes too - but I've been sneaking chocolate and extra's and crisps again every day - consequently over a two weeks period I have only lost half a pound - although it's half a pound down, I get quite despondent that it's only half a pound.  Maybe if I was good it could have been 3.5lb's

AND today so far I have eaten crap all day long.  How stupid is that.

Right back to it again.

altogether I have lost 10lb's as I was 12.13/5 when I was diagnosed with diabetes.  the following week I started Slimming World at 12.12 - so with them I have lost 8.5lb's (in about 6/7 waeks - not good going eh) now I'm 12.3/5.

I did get a bit complacent because I can almost get into nearly all the clothes I bought when I was 11.5 stones a couple of years ago.............................I have to lose 3.5lb's this week and be 12 stones next Saturday when I weigh in.

Today I draw a line - and next Saturday I will be 3.5lb's lighter.  That is said.

Friday, 13 November 2015

K I C K .... ouch !

OK that was my own kick up the bum - I haven't been pretty good on Slimming World for a few weeks now.3 weeks or so ago i got to 8lb's off and I reckon that IF I was going to class tomorrow it would be about a pound this has to stop.

this week has been particularly bad..................had a bad week at work, for some reason my so called friend has been taking pops at me just a little too much and it's really got to me.  I wont let it get to me any more and have been answering her back, she thinks I'm meek and mild, well no more my so called friend.

Had an indian and chocolate tonight - feel sick and uncomfortable.  As of tomorrow more walking, more watching exactly what I eat - it's only 3 weeks to my blood tests to see how I'm doing on Metformin - and at this rate I won't be doing very well.

Sunday, 8 November 2015

Downton Abbey - sad sad sad

Well, it's all over Bar the Christmas Special.  So sad tonight - wish there was going to be another series, but nothing lasts forever I suppose.  Really loved this series - series 6 - I reckon they could have got 8 series out of it.  Will miss Downton so much (how sad am I).

Sunday, 1 November 2015

I'm doing a Christmas ATC swap with Nederlands

3 x ATC's - one for Christmas Eve - one for Christmas Day and one for New Years Day .......

these are mine:

Christmas Eve - Santas Coming :

Christmas Day - Happy Christmas tag ATC

Happy New Year 

these are Anne-May

These are Dominiques ......

These are Hannas .................

these are Anky's

Here's Rona's too 

And Mother Ducks - Carol from Australia

and here are Sheilas.

Good night on Friay 30th October at Carnfield Hall

with Haunted Evenings -for Keirs Birthday - didn't take any photo's so hope that Keir did and I can get some off him.

cuddles on mommies bed

Slimming World

Not been good, had too many distractions, really must get back on track - still 8lb's lighter than I was - want to make that 'at least' a stone for Christmas Day - to be 11.5 stones would be great and work on it again from January.