Saturday, 30 August 2014

Slimming World. Getting very complacent ................STS

which actually was unbelievable as I had been so naughty - meals out for anniversary, meal out in Leeds after taking DD - meal out on motorway after fetching DD from Leeds.  Chocolate and cakes at work because they were to get back to it properly from now.

Haven't been marvellous since Wednesdays weigh in - so from today will be GOOD - just ate 3 slices of Gouda Cheese - expected it to be 2 syns per slice - it's 4.5 well - 12 syns for the 3 slices.  STUPID.

Still showing 12.4 though.

Monday, 25 August 2014

OMGoodness - AGAIN - 7 hour round trip to Leeds Festival to collect DD

didn't have any brekkie - ended up having a flap jack on the motorway Costa - it was delicious but planned on being good.  DIDN'T know we would be stuck in a 3 hour bumper to bumper traffic jam to Leeds Festival from the motorway - absolutely starving by the time we collected them then got back onto the motorway in about 20 minutes and stopped at the first services................

YES fish and chips..................well I had chicken and chips but about the same calories - nightmare - and then I needed something sweet and had a milky way - annoyed with myself.

Tonight though we are now waiting on a sheek kebab and hubby a curry - I couldn't be arsed to cook after such an horrendous day.

Back on slimming world tomorrow morning - I reckon I will have a gain this week, need to put it behind me and get back to SW properly and have a good loss the week after and get my stone award.  FINGERS CROSSED.

Gilly be good be good be good be good be good - it's a want to be 10 stones for Christmas Day.

Friday, 22 August 2014

Leeds Festival. (no not me) our DD

Korin didn't fancy her car being in the thick mud at Leeds Festival and asked if we would take her - so we did - I've taken two days annual leave so that we could go up yesterday - drop her off and spend the day in and around Leeds - there was an ammunition museum too which we fancied having a look at.  Dropped Korin at around 11.30 am - 12 noon - and then tootled off into Leeds. OMGoodness I have NEVER seen so many cars, vans, trucks, bikes etc etc - there was just so much traffic.  it was a nightmare.

So we drove around and around and around and finally headed out of Leeds towards York - and finally settled on a Pizza Hut meal loads of salad and just a slice of pizza - I thought - as we had our anniversary meal the night before and went totally OTT  - we drove onto a designated 'restaurant' type of commercial park - there wasn't a parking space in site - must have been around 20 cars waiting around for spaces - and then we couldn't get back out.  Our tempers and hunger by this time were at their peak.

So we finally got off this park and ended up on an ordinary retail park - with a NEXT and PETS R US and an ARGOS - so we walked to pizza hut which was about 6 minutes up the road - and totally went OTT again - Key moreso than me - I think I had about 6 slices of pizza - although not massive and I went for the thin crust - the salad bar was AWFUL - but I topped it all off with an unlimited 'kiddies' type ice cream with loads of sweeties - STUPID cow I am but it was kinda delicious.

AND then we had to drive 3 hours home.  Poor Key was totally and utterly exhausted.

AND then we have to do it all again to go pick her up on Monday - wowsers - I don't know IF I fancy going up again, but can't let poor hubby do it all on his own and what kind of state will that bloody field be in by MOnday - it was bad enough yesterday.  Never mind eh.

Wednesday, 20 August 2014

SW weigh in was another half pound off - (20.8.14)

10.5lbs in total.  slow - but hopefully for GOOD this time. !

20th August 2014 - our 37th Wedding Anniversary

37 years have absolutely flown by.  We went for a lovely meal - a really lovely meal at the Green Man in Middleton Staffs - it was really nice.  More than your normal pub meal - it was lovely.  It was also quiet as we went straight from work.................relaxed and took our time.  So much nicer than going for a Chinese buffet with all the rushing around trying to get in before someone else and eating alone at the table whilst your partner is filling their plate etc.  It was great.

Sunday, 17 August 2014

the Mad 100 (inchie) swap with Netherlands group FB

back in January - I stupidly said lets have a mad 100 swap - where we make 100 inchies - for the inchie group in the Netherlands.

I made around 30 quite quickly, but then tailed off and made a few more and tailed off and then lost my inchie mojo somewhere around here :(  for quite some time.

However, tonight I finished making the 100 - so pleased with them.  Hope the group like them.

will be sending them in the next month or so to Henny to distribute to everyone.  100 inchies - maybe next year we'll be doing the CRAZY 200 ha ha .

Wednesday, 13 August 2014

Jackie at work's daughter is coming home from hospital.

the girl who was almost murdered in her bed by her ex - stabbed something like 13 - 17 times whilst her little boy slept at her side - AWFUL - anyway, she has become wheelchair bound, but is coming home in the next few days.  The girls at work thought it would be nice to get her a card, but they can't seem to find a card which says 'welcome home' - so they asked if I could make one. 

I must admit that I haven't been crafting much of late - and the last 12 months has been mainly inchies and any birthday cards  - although deemed unthinkable - have been bought ones over the last year for family and friends.

AND................although I feel exceptionally sorry for the poor girl who ended up in a wheelchair AND feel sorry for her mum whom I work with - THIS woman tried very hard when I first started working there to make things VERY difficult for me - well, not tried, she did and I don't particularly like her. 

HOWEVER, I relented and said I would make a card.  BUT where to begin after such a long time not making cards or scrap-albums etc ?????  -  then I remembered the card in a box - so had a go and this is what I came up with.

I still don't know if I like it but I tried my best and if they don't like it it can go in the bin and they can go buy a card.
Everything said...................I still feel exceptionally sorry for the girl and I sincerely hope that she does get to walk again after intense physio - but it's doubtful.

Sad sad news Robin Williams killed himself ...................

loved Jumanji & Mrs Doubtfire.................there were plans for him to make Mrs Doubtfire 2 - apparently he had money worries - owned properties of £30 millions but couldn't sell them, you would think they'd sell them off for £10 million and tighten their belts - could you imagine having £10m..................however, depression was obviously the main culprit in this terrible situation, he was a lovely man - great actor - loved Bicentenial man too - pity they couldn't get you well matey.

RIP Robin Williams you will be sadly missed.


6th weigh in at SW (13.8.14) 10lb's in total - almost a stone eh.

Only half pound off this week - but it's still down.  We went to the black country museum on Sunday and I had extra's it wasn't anything big - or lots of extra's just extras and then came home and had the most awful tea so ended up having extras on the night time too - so all in all I'm not disappointed with half pound off - 10l'bs in total.....................1stone 2lb's from my original starting weight.  Not bad at all.

strange week at work - quiet - but shouldn't complain we don't often have time to relax a little rather than rush rush rush.

Wednesday, 6 August 2014

5th Weigh in at Slimming World - total 9.5lb's off

And I lost a pound...................I was expecting so much more.  Over the last few weeks though I have noticed that I seem to be a fortnightly loser so maybe I shall lose another good 3lb's or so next week, fingers crossed.

However, every Wednesday when I'm at work I tend to stick to plan during the day and then on the night time end up going somewhere like a World Buffet (tonight Pizza Express) and eat loads of food and so it takes me 2 days to lose whatever weight I might gain on Wednesdays before actually getting back on Slimming World.  I was so determined today (being on annual leave from work) to be good, was I - NO - I wasn't - how stupid am I and to make matters worse I had two 'Topic' chocolate bars, a fresh cream scone with jam AND a couple of chocolate biscuits. 

Very annoyed with myself.

Anyway, nearing a stone off and just hope that I can keep at it and get back down to 10.10 which I feel very happy with - may even decide to go down to 10.7 this time - IF I get that far.