Tuesday, 29 December 2015

Gained 2lb's over christmas

by my.  finding it really hard to get back on track before proper weigh in on Saturday, but even if i have gained a couple of pounds, i am still not eating like i used to especially at christmas time.  will be goodish now to Saturday and hope to have stayed the same at least.  fingers crossed.

swapping for 2016 - already in full swing

but don't know how long it will last as i think a couple of the ladies are getting a bit fed up sending to us in UK and Australia for nothing !!  I have offered Euros but they say no.  I think I will have to do a money transfer of at least 10euros each for their sending to me.  i know it's expensive as I send the ATC's out to everyone at Christmas and altogether it cost me over £15 !  Anyway, this is the snowman or Sneewpop swap for twinchies ............ I am also doing the inchie snowman swap and the valentine swap  and my own swap of 'any size' swap .................. but reluctant to join any more as I don't want them being upset with me (US) in the UK.

Sunday, 27 December 2015

We wish you a merry Christmas.

well 2 days ago now.  how quickly the days go by - watch was a pressie from Key - love it

loads of presents to open - including -

over the moon with my snowflake charm for my pandora 

and beautiful earrings which match my new watch perfectly.

Have had a wonderful Christmas this year.  

Christmas day was brilliant.  Have eaten far too much though and gained around 2- 3lb's in weight but gotta get back onto slimming world now with a vengeance.  Having said that we need a few days off here and there.

Saturday, 19 December 2015

19th December - blimey that's come around so quickly

Slimming world today and I lost another 2lb's - not on track for 4lb's off for Christmas but may lose another 2lb's this week which would bring me almost to my Christmas target. but I am 11.12 under 12 stones and feeling so much better.

Plus I had a good result (I think) (got to get it checked at the doctors after Christmas) - blood results came back as 'negative no further action' - thinking that maybe the tablets have leveled my blood sugars ???  that that and over a stone lighter have leveled my blood sugars, that those two factors AND not eating so much crap has helped to keep my blood sugars level - now that would be wonderful.

my aim is to lower the medication with doctors permission within the next couple of months, to lose another stone within 4 months (April 2016) and continue with a more stable diet and exercise regime.  I will do this.

Tuesday, 8 December 2015

Slimming World today ! - well Saturday 5th December.

I lost 2lb's I was well chuffed with that - down to 12 stone again - hope to lose another 2lb's this week - and 2lb's the week after - would love to be down to 11.7 for Christmas Day but I don't know whether that will be on the cards as I haven't stopped eating rubbish since Saturday, thats a lie, I ate rubbish all day Saturday, was a wee bit better Sunday and Monday - but today although the food was more healthy it was too much food...................got to get back on to it properly for Wednesday and Thursday and Friday - could lose a pound maybe !  fingers crossed.