Wednesday, 31 July 2013

bought for DD Koz

in memorial of Gunny.

A week tomorrow

since we had Gunner put to sleep. Worst day today, that I haven't been able to stop thinking about him. But must admit that tonight is probably the best night - I came home from work and didn't look straight at his chair. That might sound callous - not even a week, but every night I have come home and sat in his 'spot' and cried and been upset - so maybe it's a break through - I need closure now because I miss him so much and really been feeling down. I know that If he was human he wouldn't have wanted me to be so upset and angry - he was an old man (97 in human years) - he was tired and worn out from the coughing, and it was really cruel to have kept him going unnecessarily. God Bless you my dear dog - I had ten glorious years with you mate, we played and laughed and you gave us your good years and we gave you all the love we could possibly give. I am crying now, but tears of joy, of the happy life you had with us. Goodbye my beautiful boy. Gunny Bunny Birchy.

Monday, 29 July 2013

Work, as usual wasn't very nice.

missing Gunner so much - feeling very very low - just wish he was still with us. It's horrible feeling this way.

Sunday, 28 July 2013

I love how well and happy you look in this pic Gunny

IF only we could turn back time.

RIP Gunner - a picture Keir enhanced with photoshop

Cant stop thinking about you baby boy - but I know it was the right thing to do - it was your time to go. Love you always and always and always.

Friday, 26 July 2013

I am truly heartbroken.

my poor boy - Gunner was put to sleep yesterday afternoon. I am devastated. I cannot stop crying. I miss you boy already, the house is so empty even though we still have the two cats and we are all here - I dreaded coming home to an empty house this afternoon fortunately daddy was here - but your sofa was empty and I just wanted to scream how much I missed you. I drove past all the dog walkers, the people I used to pass whilst walking with you and wished that it could be that way again - I wish I could turn the clock back ten years to when we first had you and we walked for miles together. I miss you so much already and it's only just 24 hours. You were such a good dog and you will never be replaced. You used to sit by the side of me for hours whilst I crafted - occasionally getting up for a walk downstairs - then back up again - jump on my bed - come nuzzle my elbow up as much to say 'come on then, lets go walkies'.............I loved you with all my heart and will miss you forever Gunner. RIP my beautiful boy.

Wednesday, 24 July 2013

Think Monday - Think ATC's & More

I've got a couple of ATC's to send so thought I would combine their making into my Think Monday Think ATC's & More - haven't had a go at TMTA & M for a while so decided to do so this week............. AND a FIRST - my ATC's are usually very OVERLY embellished and metal embellishments etc - but the last lot I had to post cost me so much money - I realised I would have to cut down like everyone else does and so I've just done a stamped image on a red/yellow background which is the theme for TMTA&M. Kinda LOVE the colours though.

Twinchie Challenge Blog - Show us your Twinchies. English Country Garden.

This is my twinchie for this challenge blog - the background is 'clouds in the sky' and I can imagine lying on the grass in my English country garden, in the sunshine, looking through the flowers at the clouds in the sky. Imagination is a wonderful thing, don't you think. Link to 'Show me your Twinchie is in my side bar' - Gilly x

my last day annual leave before work again tomorrow :(

Glad of a job, but it's mighty hard work and I get so tired. RIGHT I have decided to cut myself some slack and NOT decorate - i'm finding it a chore and panicking - so leaving it until the weekend. I went out shopping at Hobbycraft just got a few stamps - but want to have a play this afternoon. ONLY have the kitchen to clean up and vacuum around and then my housework will be done. I am worried about my dog - after his vets visit on Monday and put him on steroids he's 'sicking up' lots of gunge - the vet thought he might, but he looks contented enough again at the moment, but I'm fearing that this is definitely the slippery slope - but then I thought that in January when blood was coming down his nose - I keep having to remind myself he is 97 years old in human terms - but I love him so so much and DREAD the inevitable. So I'm enjoying participating in various swaps and challenges etc...........Moo Mania - Every Inchie Monday, Show us your Twinchie, Twinchie challenge blog, Think Monday Think ATC's & More and Ruby's Rainbow challenge. here are a few pic's : my stamps purchased today - going to play in a little while. I'm reading : for every inchie Monday...... for Ruby;s Rainbow Challenges - see post if you are interested in joining them (next post down)........ the theme was 'layering'. Got to ensure I enjoy today (have already been shopping and walked the dog but he really didn't seem well enough on the way back, poor soul). made earlier this week with push moulds and white light clay - sprayed with gold paint - I love em. I've joined the ;Show us your twinchie challeng blog too - here is my Twinchie for an English Country Garden - it's a clouds in the sky background - I can imagine lying on the grass looking at the clouds through the flowers in my English Country Garden. AND for think Monday Think ATC & More - here is my ATC - this is for a swap also. BEEN A VERY BUSY GIRL>

Rubys Rainbow - Challenges - Layer it up

Haven't entered for a few weeks been too busy - but liked the idea of layering it up - I am STILL into inchies and twinchies so made this Twinchie to help finish off my inchies and twinchies book - and layered with my new cuttlebug squares and square frames dies. Like gold too............... showing the layers ....

Tuesday, 23 July 2013

Every Inchie Monday - Fantasy

IRL this inchie is very vibrant - and glitzened up with SEQUINS GLITZ STICKLES - kinda beautiful and Fantastical - in my opinion.

Day two of Annual Leave - ONLY one day left !

rain was so heavy overnight and this morning - thought it would cool everything down - IT DIDN'T and I'm baking hot. I spent 2 hours on my computer and getting ready - NOT really doing anything much - just wasted loads of time............ordered a couple of bits - but nothing major. Then I started to sand that bloody radiator down after I'd had my lunch - it took forever as it was so rusty at the bottom where we hang wet clothes on to dry ! - must stop doing that then. Then washed it all down and painted it. 1.30 hours later - needs a second coat :( Watched a bit of TV and tidied the kitchen for the 2nd time today and realised it's 4.10 pm - time to feed the dog - I cannot believe where today has gone. AND I only have one day left Annual leave to get my decorating done - so it won't get done will it ! Tomorrow I shall concentrate on getting the rest of the glossing done in the morning before it gets too hot and then do the walls at the weekend - hopefully the weather will cool down a little - it's just TOO TOO hot to be decorating in a small room. Wish I'd booked the week off now.

Monday, 22 July 2013

Annual Leave today and tomorrow and wednesday.

have planned to decorate the downstairs loo - but REALLY AM NOT IN THE MOOD. Have been and got the paint and accessories though so may feel a bit more inclined a little later on. Fingers crossed I do get in the mood. Went to the Range to purchase the paint etc and did a bit of crafty shopping - not a lot, I was very restrained and I tidied my craft desk yesterday and a few other bits and pieces and realised that there was such a lot I have bought and never use - must start to use this stuff or sell it - it's really quite naughty of me. Anyway, love the little beads only £1 for all of them. Got to get a new vacuum and get the dog to the vets or the vet will come here ! - why can't I have annual leave and have NOTHING to do ! except crafting - of course :) just topping up this post - been to Argos and bought a new vacuum cleaner, we were going to buy a dyson - but at nearly £400 it just didn't seem justifiable - a hoover at £80 which is HALF PRICE had good reviews so we got that one. Got home in this SWELTERING heat and vacuumed downstairs as the vet may call (because he's having building works done at the surgery and difficult to bring the animals into) thought this was nice of him - however, I vac'd from bottom throughout and up the stairs and my bedroom and landing and rang the vets - at the moment the building work is scheduled to finish in the next hour so my appointment time is still on - poor Gunny

Sunday, 21 July 2013

Moo Mania - I decided to play along ......

& the link & here is my moo - did some moos back in 2010/2011 decided it was time to have another go. Beside the Seaside brings back some lovely memories of when we were small and we'd go to Great Yarmouth (most years) and play for hours on the beach - we'd come back after a fortnights holiday as brown as berries, absolutely golden coloured and feel so well and refreshed. Don't have holidays like that these days though, we always seem to be on the go, got to go see places, got to visit people - walk walk walk.

Saturday, 20 July 2013

postie brought me goodies !

what better than a load of inchies and twinchies for me to stroke and admire ! Some are absolutely beautiful. Thanks ladies on UKS. & the inchies ........

Thursday, 18 July 2013

I think I might still be addicted ......................

to crafting. When I think back to June 2007 and that card kit I bought from Hobbycraft and I thought £18 was a lot of money - BLIMEY I had NO idea what it would lead to..................I am still addicted to buying stuff on a weekly basis - sometimes on a daily basis - yes sometimes it's only £2 - £3 here and there, but some weeks it's £30 +, it has to stop - or be considerably reduced as I want to start saving money rather than dipping into our savings each month. Anyway - a few pictures of what I've been up to - loving the little moulds that I pour UTEE into and spray with gold paint - have had some air drying clay come today so I want to have a play with that - but what to make? & now ordered a couple more moulds off ebay too. It has to stop Gilly - it has to stop. some MORE inchies. although the 2nd one on the top was a swapped one - I think Honeypip it was so pretty I've mingled it with the ones I've made in my Inchies, Twinchies and More book I'm making. that's the face I made with the mould and UTEE The music twinchies I made for the inchies, twinchies and More challenge blog - the little book I am making, each page houses 12 inchies, or 4 twinchies or two ATC's - just hope it BINDS together well.

Saturday, 13 July 2013

inchies, twinchies, rinchies and more

& another twinchie for the challenge themed on music. I felt this one was rather 'retro' - so I used tan leather as the background. Love the INchies and twinchies and Rinchies site too.

Twinchies, Inchies, Rinchies - challeng blog.

apparently we can enter as many times as we wish - whoop whoop - so here (again) was my 2nd Twinchie for this months challenge which is MUSIC.

Friday, 12 July 2013

Mail Art & some Rinchies for MD in Australia.

Owed this Mail Art for a couple of weeks now - don't know what it is but not really got 'into' the mail art - have only sent two ! But had my one inch round cuttlebug circle die arrive yesterday so thought I'd add some rinchies (round inchies) to the mail art to MD in Australia. Hope she likes it all, she's not been well, seems like a lovely woman too. the front. The back. And whats inside.

Monday, 8 July 2013

Funny HOW an inch square piece of card can stir up so many memories !

over on Every Inchie Monday theme today is ' A Story ' - do you remember Max Bygraves. 'our' mom LOVED him, loved his singing, thought he was gorgeous looking and said he was a true gent ? How she would know that. His catchphrase was 'I want to tell you a story' so as soon as I saw the theme for today Max Bygraves, Mom, his catchphrase and the 1960's / 1970's came flooding into my mind. Thank you for the memories.

Sunday, 7 July 2013

A Layout - been a couple of weeks I think since I did one.

so LOVE this picture of my DD = she rarely smiles. LOve the hearts I made too from mountboard x 3 so they stand VERY proud of the background.

Saturday, 6 July 2013

Twinchies - I shall be adding more soon (again)

The twichines challenge blop theme this month is music this is a twinchie I made tonight - the heart was cut from 3 x mountboard and so raises from the background. adding a 2nd twinchie for the MUSIC theme on Twinchie blog challenge.

A Street cat named bob - brilliant

bob saved his owner from self destruct............Im glad he did ..... james bowen the author/owner - could easily be my son - or yours ! remember next time you walk past a big issue seller - stop and buy one. God bless you james and your beautiful cat - I hope you have a long time together.

Wednesday, 3 July 2013

BTW we went to see Superman (Man of Steel) Whilst on holiday.

Superman films never cease to excite me - I LOVE EM - love all the superman's - supermen - SUPERMAN