Monday, 30 September 2013

Sending ATC's - for swaps

to lyndee on docrafts - we have our monthly swap - 2 x ATC's with inchies and 2 x ATC's anything goes - I really enjoy this swap with her each month but think we might stop it at Christmas.

Good luck x 3

From a Jack to a King (thought this was a clever title for this ATC)

Leather ATC - Flowers
These ATC's are for Bonnie in America who hosts the Yahoo ATC's Group - send 3 ATC's each month and have 3 lovely ATC's back at the end of the month - again, I thoroughly enjoy this swap get lovely ATC's back - excellent.
Garden Flowers.

Fantastical Butterfly (this butterfly is VERY shiny)

& Simplicity - which was for a challenge on 'fun with ATC's) I think, but sending it for Bonnie in this October Swap. 

& last but by no means least - ' I see no ships ' actually I very nearly typed 'I see no shops' and for a woman maybe that would have been more appropriate - so I might change the title of this ATC -  TEE HEE.
If anyone has - THANKS FOR LOOKING

Sunday, 29 September 2013

The Twinchie Journey - Week 2

A little journaling -

Todays post has to be about the 'fantastical' day we spent on Friday for my DD's graduation - thankfully I got the day off work which was a bit touch and go to be honest - and REALLY thought I would be rushing at the last minute from work to the Graduation Ceremony.  So a nice relaxing morning, Korin looked lovely in her ordinary clothes but looked brilliant in her 'cap n gown' it was quite emotional when she walked in - so grown up - and education finished (but that is another story !) not for today..................

It was held at St. Georges Park which is THE NATIONAL FOOTBALL ACADEMY - it was a beautiful building and grounds - the surroundings were so calming and relaxing, beautiful.  Then the ceremony itself was really lovely - I thoroughly enjoyed the award presentation to see all those young people (and a few older ones) collecting their certificate and these are our workers of the future - Korins tutor spoke so highly of them all and how creative people are what are needed for our futures and I found myself again holding back tears.

the venue :

So all in all it was a beautiful, happy day and a meal on the way home topped it all off very nicely.  Well done Korin we love you and always will and wish you EVERY successes for your future whatever you decide to do.  GOOD LUCK.

A couple of pictures :

Korin and her best mate Amy  

I absolutely HATE the picture of me though
& A couple of Twinchies (still need to be added) - as this post is about NEWNESS and STARTING I will base my Twinchies on that - but will have to go and have a think.........................upload later.
The Twinchies
Newness = Spring Flower

Newness = my new stamps arrived yesterday

Friday, 27 September 2013

Tuesday, 24 September 2013

Fun with ATC's ' Clean and Simple '

and this weeks theme is Clean and Simple - I don't know if this ATC actually meets the criteria - but I found it hard to 'leave it alone' and not keep adding more !
its stamped onto velum over cream card coloured on back and front with stardust pens from sakura, as I said I just wanted to keep adding and forced myself to leave it alone.  tee hee.  Fun to do though.

Sunday, 22 September 2013

Downton Abbey Series 4 whoop whoop

Did NOT disappoint at all .................

Can't wait until next week

The Twinchie Journey.........

I have decided to join Holly in USA on a twinchie journey - hoping that we pick up quite a few people along the way - as it is her and her friend and now me !  -  so we need to 'spread the word'.  It's a journal post and two twinchies per week - I don't know IF I shall keep it up - I will try - but kinda looking forward to it.

This is the start - Week 1 (for me) - haven't even thought about the twinchies I shall create this week, but I shall just dip in and out and hopefully CREATE !

Added this picture which I took on our way to Weymouth in 2011 I believe.  I remember this being a particularly happy time in my life - I enjoyed the journey down and the holiday which was with my hubby and my son and his GF....................AND for once I took a 'half decent' photo.  Tee hee.  Will be back with my twinchies for 'happiness' - laters..............
' what makes me happy'
making art - messing around with inks and stamps and scissors and paper etc etc - heres my first twinchie for 'what makes me happy'
it's a twinchie bookmark - an owl my DD chose when we were in the Hobbycraft store earlier today, she loves owls.
Now going to make my 2nd twinchie for this week - but inspiration isn't flowing at the moment.
2nd Twinchie is a very basic one - a picture of my dog - my dog 'made' me very happy but unfortunately we had to have him put to sleep on 25th July this year.  I miss him every day, BUT thoughts of him and the things he did still makes me happy - although it's sad not having him here with me.

Saturday, 21 September 2013

Halloween Swap with Inchie group Holland

Loved making these - loving this new group of ladies too

Halloween will SOON be on us ha haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa !

strange week

hectic week at work - WHATS new !

Was REALLY poorly on Wednesday - thought I was having a heart attack.  Doctor puts it down to stress - but THURSDAY I felt euphoric ??? Felt as well as well can be - felt the best I have felt in months ?  How very strange.  I am wondering if it's diabetes after the scare in December last year and STILL I haven't done anything about it - so I have started back on the SW plan today and have been good (ok it's the first day - but I have been good) - and doing more walking again too.  Hope I don't ever feel as bad as I did on Wednesday EVER again.  IT was quite awful.

Sunday, 15 September 2013

Rinchies for Diane on Docrafts .............

Probably better in real life - but I enjoyed making them....................will send them off tomorrow.

Saturday, 14 September 2013

Fun With ATC's - Stripes ...............

totally enjoyed this challenge - thank you - tis only a stripy background I'm afraid but hope it ties in with the challenge set..................the flowers are on shrink plastic and a new stamp over washi tape - loved it - can also use the ATC to send to a monthly swap I do in America.  Thanks for the inspiration.

A swap with a lady in Holland - Inchies

She liked them and I enjoyed doing them - win win ......... awaiting hers now, I have already seen them and they look brilliant - more to add to my inchies, twinchies and rinchies book when I make it up.

Thursday, 12 September 2013

Twinchies Challenge Blog - anything goes.

This is the first twinchie for this challenge for this month - because we can enter as many times as we wish - whoop whoop.  Liked the regal style of this ATC - been playing a lot with backgrounds and embossing powders - loving those at the moment.

Wednesday, 11 September 2013

Every Inchie Monday - Car

Not exactly 'car' - but a 'car' or 'means of transport' that I would LOVE - love camper-vans over cars anyday.....................thanks for the inspiration on Every Inchie Monday

Saturday, 7 September 2013

Updating - all my swaps etc

Have sent Lyndee on Docrafts - our 4 ATC swap.............forgot to take pictures. On a monthly basis we send 2 x ATC's with inchies attached and 2 x ATC's on an 'anything goes' basis theme.

Have sent today the Art from the Heart Yahoo Group ATC's swap x 3 ATC's - I sent four so Bonnie could have one as a thankyou for hosting.  However, I REALLY have to cut down on the weight of my ATC's it cost me £3.50 to post.  Forgot to take pictures - AGAIN.

Have JUST finished doing two ATC's for the monthly swap on 'Swap - a - smile' with Lisa, it is ONLY one ATC one of two themes, this month was Leaves or guilding flakes - I couldn't make up my mind so made two to let Lisa choose one for herself.  Hope they / she likes.  Heres the pic's.


Friday, 6 September 2013

Craft Room Challenge - Trees

Here is an ATC I have made for this challenge & to send to a swap in America shortly ! 

Thursday, 5 September 2013

Show Us Your Twinchie - 'Autumn - Autuminal Colours'

The Twinchie is named ' Through the Trees '
I Love Autumn - all the golds, browns, reds and lusciousness !  The leaves turn beautiful colours, we have some warm days, and blustery days - absolutely GORGEOUS ............. here is my Twinchie which will be made into an ATC for an American Swap that I do on a monthly basis. 

BTW the colours are more orangey/red than pink as it looks in the picture.

Wednesday, 4 September 2013

Fun With ATC's - 'Black/White/Red'

This is a LEATHER ATC embossed with flourish stamp in seafoam white and then a touch of red ribbon and'll also be sent off in an American Swap in the middle of September.  I personally love it, even though I say so myself.  Here it is :

Thanks for looking

Monday, 2 September 2013

Size does matter !

& look at the size of this stamp - around 4.5" x 5" - love it - need to stamp it though to see if it's any good - I really do love the swirly-ness of it though.

Sunday, 1 September 2013

Llandudno for the weekend. It was great

Friday and Saturday stayover at the Grand Hotel - BUT no parking - it was a bit of a nightmare not being able to go back to the hotel to rest up an hour or so - because every time we went back there was JUST NO PARKING to be had for love nor money - ah well, it was a nice weekend though - although expensive as it worked out.

Home now - shattered and back at work tomorrow - but it has been a lovely weekend.