Tuesday, 28 September 2010


another 1.5lb's off - not bad - don't think I'm on track though for Target on Christmas day as there is ONLY 12 weeks to Christmas - IF I lost 1.5lb's a week til Christmas then I would be at Target - but hey ho, already feel much better and IF I only lost half a stone up to Christmas Day I will feel very much better than last Christmas Day - so not going to lose any sleep over this.

Crafting - still doing LSNED - although I feel mine is a bit boring.

Will upload some of my crafting stuff later - maybe?

Thursday, 23 September 2010

A bit of crafting - don't faint

For Chris at work who leaves tomorrow - I wasn't in when the card and pressie collection came around - so I got her a box of choc's to put inside the exploding box. Love that holographic black glitter.

the chocolates are stuck in with double sided tape so they don't all fall everywhere when the box opens.

Tuesday, 21 September 2010

look what I got !

Tee hee - only half a pound off this week but 19lb's in total - as they say a dripping tap will evenutally fill that bucket..........................
I can't wait until my bucket runneth over and I feel nice and slim. I have had non scale victories though - size 12 work trousers (ok they;re the ones with the elastic at the back waistband for comfort - but a size 12) and a size 16 rigid straight leg jeans - nice and comfortable too. AND I'm wearing my leather jacket - size 16 that I've had a while which was at least 6 inches too small to zip up and NOW I can zip it up - whooo hooo.
Ear infection not good - now got anti-biotic ear drops must put them in regularly and use hydrocortizone cream to lubricate ear canal's apparently.

Sunday, 19 September 2010

Sunday 19th

Only scrapping LSNED - keeping up - just two days behind at the moment. Still need to finish off my 52in10 - not following prompts still as I can never find them when I've downloaded them. How stupid is that.

Took DD to her halls - settled her in - very basic accommodation but hope that she'll make it home soon. Met one of her other flat mates. Nice lad.

Can't believe where the weeks and months go to.

Another week - back at work tomorrow after a weeks holiday - not much of a holiday with all the running around for the kids for DD's Uni and DS's College - but they seem settled enough for me not to worry I HOPE.

Non scale victory - size 12 work trousers ! OK they have the elastic half way round the back of the waistband, but hey ho. AND a pair of 16 straight lege RIGID jeans too.

Whoooopeeeee doooooooo.

Gotta get to bed.

Tuesday, 14 September 2010

SW again

Tuesday night and just back from class and I lost another 1.5lb's tonight. Would have been happier with 2l'bs which would have meant my club 10 (10%) but never mind eh, hope to get it and my 1.5 stones certificate next week. Currently 18.5lb's off

How quickly the weeks go by eh.

Scrapping. Just doing the LSNED (myself) no prompts or anything - it's OK - chillin really, taking my time as I have so much on with DD going to Uni and DS going to college - too much time in the car running everyone around - worn out - but OK.

Friday, 10 September 2010

Friday night - and hopefully all is well

LSNED - have got to day 6 - 6th September, 2010. Not subscribed to Shimelle - I have NO spare cash at the moment at all.

Will upload mine altogether (maybe) at the end of the month - if I am up to date.

SW - whoooopppeeeedoooooo lost another 3lb's this week - 1 stone and 3lb's in 7 weeks. I am pretty happy with that, defintely on target to get to 10.10 for Christmas day, which is where I'd like to be - or pretty damn near. Fingers crossed.

Saturday, 4 September 2010

Saturday again

We are off tonight to Keirs and Olivias for tea - although I am taking a slimming world lasagne.

I don't make the creamy white sauce that normally goes into a lasagne - I just make it with lots of tomatoes and passata - with veggies too and a very much reduced amount of lasagne sheets ! It should be free on EE - I think it will be although if it does contain any syns then it will be minimal.

I was happy to see on a sneaky weigh in that I was 11.12! Whether I will maintain that by Tuesday evening - who knows - I don't get upset about my weight now - it is what it is and if it's lower - GREAT.

I got into a leather jacket that I haven't been able to wear since buying it 5 years ago - a size 16 but it's a small 16 - usually leather is on the smaller side until it stretches to YOU.

The pic is of a Screen Sheet I have done for Sophie at work for her Birthday - I was thinking of sending the pic to my computer and putting it on everyones computer for her birthday??? Don't know yet IF I have the time to do all these things that go around in my head.

Haven't EVEN started LSNED so probably won't do it afterall.

Ah well. Gotta get cooking and take Korin to work.

Thursday, 2 September 2010

SW - again weeks go by so quickly

A stay the same this week - I was a bit disappointed but suppose my body is just catching up. Feel very much slimmer and people are starting to say 'you lost a lot of weight'?

No crafting apart from two pages in my 52 in 10 - not following prompts as when I have downloaded them I can't find them on my computer - how stupid is that ! So gave up following the prompts a few weeks ago. Scrapdolly has got upset with people not commenting but I can't comment if I can't find ! - so have had to abandon the idea of a complete book following her prompts. BUT the book is doing OK.

I'm also loosely following LSNED (learn something new every day) it's going to be a looseleaf book/album of 6"x6" and I haven't paid for the class (im not a meanie, just know that I probably will give up half way through) - so just doing a page out of my head for the whole of September on a LSNED kinda basis - I think - we shall see.