Tuesday, 26 September 2017


Keir and alis heating has broken and korins buying a new car too...................... i am so worried that she will be poor for the rest of her life.  just wish she could find someone lovely to love and share her life with - and have a bit more money to spend.  she's happy in her job, but the travelling is costing her a fortune.

Keir and ali now having to spend out on a new boiler etc.  I wish I could win the lottery and buy Ali a new car and pay of any debts they have.

dreaming away.  as usual.  love my family so much.

and little luna is just the very best thing that has ever happened to me in my life, apart from my own kids of course.  thank you Ali for this gift too.

and so my new car

love it love it love it ................. so much better than that bloody little blue Hyundai i20.

Monday, 4 September 2017

Monday Monday

was so positive this morning.................get up get out go do a bit of shopping.  Key didn't go out until late so made me late getting out 9.40 am....... Coop to take in trousers to be cleaned, and then a little shopping there, which I don;t like paying their prices but didn't want to have to travel to Morrisons and to be truthful don't find them much cheaper these days either.  Then on to The Range.  Only spent £12 but another SPEND.............I don't like taking these days off if I am going out spend spend spending.

Haven't got Luna until Wednesday.

Did weed front garden, and started back on Slimming World, OMG again, again, again,again got to keep at it.  Did Yuk Sung for Tea - Slimming World style and really enjoyed it too.

Well into crafting inchies again, doing a CRAZY 50 for the nederlands group.  Loving it at the moment doing inchies again, but probably be fed up when it comes to crafting inchies, rinchies, betwinchies and Twinchies for Christmas Advent, it gets a bit samey and boring.

OMGoodness, I have fallen in love with the Scan n Cut = saw angie who I used to work with, always thought of her as a bit dipsey - if you know what I mean, very nice woman and wouldn't hurt a fly but still a bit dipsey..............anyway she is a crafter too - AND a fly away comment of 'don't you have a Scan n Cut' - to be truthful I have NEVER ever thought about one of these machines, I have a little cuttlebug and way way way too many dies - and stamps rubber and acrylic coming out of my ears ! so why would I need a Scan n Cut ?  WELL I DO I REALLY DO !  I can't unsee it now.  You tube videos just show how easy it is to cut out stamped images, drawn images, images from the computer, pictures, anything you can scan in you can cut out - it's MARVELLOUS.  What isn't marvellous is how much they are - at around £400 it's an unnecessary purchase, but I really love it and would make my crafting so much easier.  I would love one but daren't think abut it yet,  Christmas is coming and Birthday I could say I wouldn't have ANYTHING else - not a single solitary purchase until next Christmas - that would make up for the around £30 a month I spend on crafting items I suppose - thats £360 a year, but could I do it ?

Tired and worn out.

Should be ordering my new car tomorrow, but don't know if Jake the salesman is in  - he might be off sick with Mumps - and I sat in the car with h im on Saturday having a test drive.  Lunas not well either, going to end up with yet another cold, cough etc.