Wednesday, 29 December 2010

Weigh in

I had gained 2.5lb's - BUM

Was hoping it would be no more than 1.5lb's but 2.5lb's for all those chocolates that went down my gullet - I don't suppose it was so bad afterall. AND the class was held at the C's house and it was more like a ladies night in and it was a good night - and now I have joined facebook too to be in touch more with the group.

I had literally joined facebook for 10 minutes when J messaged me to ask if I was the GB who was her neighbour at last house - Yep it was me. It was nice to catch up, but I have to remember that she moved first and didnt' contact me - she had all my phone numbers and details and then I moved - she still had my email addy and mobile etc they hadn't changed. So I think I will keep her at arms length, especially remembering how everyone fell out with each other at the last place and we (hubby and I) eventually just kept ourselves to ourselves. Think it's probably better that way.

So STILL 2 stones lighter than I was at the beginning of 2010 - want to go back to SW next week having lost 4lb's and be UNDER 11 stones - will THAT EVER HAPPEN?

Tuesday, 28 December 2010

Tuesday 28th December 2010

Just about off to Slimming World - DREADING WHAT I HAVE GAINED.................but hey ho it's Christmas.

Back at work tomorrow - poo - but glad I have a job and need to be thankful. Just hope it goes by quite quickly.

Finished off my 52 in 10 today - glad that is all over now too. Rather thick book too.

Well, 2010 almost at an end. Hope cousin and hubby are still coming over for New Years Eve as they have both had this flu and don't know if they will make it.

Will post later what my SW damage is :(

Sunday, 26 December 2010

Boxing Day today.

completely forgot to take any more photos for the rest of Christmas day - never mind eh.
my new boots off Key for Christmas - over my jeans - done up no problem - real chuffed.

thought I looked slimmer than this - opening Keirs Christmas gift of chocolates - they have all gone !Q

Horrible weather on the run up to christmas - it was thick snow for weeks and weeks

love this little money box sam bought korin for christmas

my christmas tree
Well. Finishing off my 52 in 10 - bit of an hodge podge but it's OK. Not done a lot of crafting over the last few weeks really,. Christmas kinda snook up and bit me bum also. AND the weather has been diabolical. Will upload some random pics of the last few weeks.
I got to 11 stones for Christmas Eve - which meant 2 stone and 3lb's lighter than when I first started slimming world. I haven't been very good over the last number of weeks and could have easily made 3 stones if I had tried that bit harder, but feel so much better than I did last year.
Having said that we had a lovely Christmas Eve and Christmas Day and I am showing 4lb's up already ! OK I can get rid of 2lb's before weigh in onTuesday, I thought they'd be closed but class is on ! - SO will have to go and face the music. Hope it's not too much of a shock because I haven't gained before.
Will have to do some exercise and hope to lose some weight before then.

Saturday, 13 November 2010

SW luciousness - a proper cake - came out well

16 syns for the whole cake - tasted lovely ate nearly half of it so classed it as 7 syns. Hope I lose a bit better this week than I have been doing - just a pound a week. BUT as someone said, a pound a week is 3.5 stones in a year ! wowsee eh.

pics of old pic's from MIL & FIL 60's bad photo's though

I have the exact same picture - only with me in it as Key and I went to school together this would be about 48 years ago - how sad where have all those years gone?

13th November - been playing

with my craft stuff. I should be thinking Christmas - I should be getting accounts ready for accountant - I should be getting my house in order as it;'s only 6 weeks to Christmas but you know I can't be arsed really.

Two ATC's I made, really enjoyed the friendly plastic and angel hair moulding - and then the angel hair ironed between two layers of fantasy film - gorgeous shiney stuff.

I've panicked myself now over Christmas - I really must get myself together - got an interview to prepare for too - I hope I get the job - I'm loathing the thought of going in on Monday to do filing, filing, filing, filing and more filing. My brain can't cope with the monotony !

Tuesday, 9 November 2010

SW 9.11.10

2 stone - 2 stone - 2 stone - OFFICIALLY whoop whoop

Monday, 8 November 2010


Have I been burying my head or what? OK we only have Keir and Olivia and Korin to buy for - and Christophers girls to send money for.............................maybe a secret santa at work - no doubt they'll have already chosen and I end up with someone difficult to buy for and I will get crap back - usually happens to me anyway.

We have FIL's and Aunty Lils Funerals next week. This week is holiday. I supposed to have had my teeth seen to today - and gone and got my hair cut - need to colour it before next week and a load of other things - I have done nothing. I don';t know if the stress has gotten to me, but I feel I have no energy and I am exhausted all the time. I don't want to go to slimming group tomorrow night either and know that IF I don't I will just start eating wrongly and regain my weight very easily.

I suppose I feel depressed. It's been an exceptionally stressful week - emotional and upsetting. I just wish we had been there for FIL and it's too late now to do anything about it.

took Keir to and fro college today and I just feel totally and utterly wacked.

Quite a few things to do again tomorrow - hope to get some Christmas Shopping done before the end of the week. Thankfully I don't send Christmas cards - give to charity instead so really I don't have that much to do, just suddenly decided to panic about it.

28th is our meal with John and Chris and Janet and Keith.

7th is our meal with Keir and Olivia.

I have invited Marian and Dom over for New Years Eve but she didnt' give me an answer so no doubt she doens't want to come.

Nothing else planned as yet - the girls at work are going to the dogs - I went years ago 'tee hee'.

Friday, 5 November 2010

Mixed emotions - dreadful week

guilt is a terrible thing. Not visiting FIL especially as he had been ill. We didn't know, of course, as he never told us anything, never rang us and unfortunately we didn't ring him. I had said to DH to ring him as it was his birthday last week - did he - NO - and now he's dead and nothing we can do. I felt this overwhelming sense of sadness at his home, of lonliness and unhappiness. He longed for C to come back - but, of course, she never did - never would. his home was very run down, partly because he didn't have a heart to put into the home anymore and partly because he was ill. I keep crying - for that sadness. I stood at the top of the garden from his shed where he whiled away many many hours - a shed that was filled to the rafters with tools and nic-nacs, 3 of every tool you could ever imagine. I looked at his little home and felt that overwhelming sadness. How I wish we could turn back time. Why don't we ever learn.

RIP Jim, in our own way we will miss you. I wish we had spent more time with you.

Tuesday, 2 November 2010

2.11.10 sad week

Jim died on Saturday. Wish we'd visited. Too late now.

Tired, headachey, boss said I couldn't have time off, why she has to be difficult I do not know.

SW I lost a pound which means I am still 1lb away from 2 stone shiney, but never mind eh, I am getting there. Feel so full after chinese and chocolate - bloated. 8lb's away now from my goal of 10.10 on Christmas day how cool would that be eh. Gotta knuckle down though.

Tuesday, 26 October 2010

26th October, 2010.

SW = 1.5lb's off again so 26lb's in total - very near to 2 stones - but hey ho - keeping it off and going down slowly but surely.

Keir at Olivias. Less hectic week - but Key's run down and very tired. Me too.

Applied for a secondment job, I would love to get it but knowing me and my bad luck - they won't even interview me. BUT fingers crossed.

No crafting - gotta get this Japan box made for boss lady at work - I don't think I'm going to be able to do it - but I have said yes, what a nightmare.

Haven't even thought about Christmas, but not a lot to get.

Keirs birthday on Friday - he's getting another bike. I am so worried that he will be travelling to and fro bloody Doncaster !

Ah well, I can't do much about it.

Wednesday, 20 October 2010

SW 19.10.10

STS this week - but still under 11.5 stones - would love to get 3.5lb's off this week so next week I get my 2 stone shiney and cert - two stones - happy with that - hope to get to 10.10 for Christmas Day which would be 2.5 stones off - but I feel so much better already JUST NEVER WANT TO GET FAT AGAIN.

Had text from lucy - customer - bowel cancer, HOPE she is OK. Awful.

Tuesday, 12 October 2010

SW again - 12.10.10

lost yet another 2.5lb's = 24.5lb's in total - feeling much better in myself.

I am under 11.5 stones ! whoopeee doooo - been a long time since I saw that figure on the scales I can tell you.

3.5lb's to 2 stone award.

10.5lb's to my personal target of 10.10 for Christmas Day. IF I can get to 10 stones for end of Feb 2011 I will be a happy bunny.

So forever downwards then.

Wednesday, 6 October 2010

SW - 5.10.10

Another 1.5lb's off and I got my 1.5 stone sticker and certificate. 22lb's in total just 6lb's to 2 stones............................would love to get that before end of October = so 3 weeks. 2lb's a week ! Bite size chunks.

Having said that I have eaten badly last night and today - rushing around here and there and everywhere.


NO crafting. Disappointed that I've done no crafting. Did finish my LSNED but have still to do the covers.

Nevermind eh. Nobody's timing me.

Tuesday, 28 September 2010


another 1.5lb's off - not bad - don't think I'm on track though for Target on Christmas day as there is ONLY 12 weeks to Christmas - IF I lost 1.5lb's a week til Christmas then I would be at Target - but hey ho, already feel much better and IF I only lost half a stone up to Christmas Day I will feel very much better than last Christmas Day - so not going to lose any sleep over this.

Crafting - still doing LSNED - although I feel mine is a bit boring.

Will upload some of my crafting stuff later - maybe?

Thursday, 23 September 2010

A bit of crafting - don't faint

For Chris at work who leaves tomorrow - I wasn't in when the card and pressie collection came around - so I got her a box of choc's to put inside the exploding box. Love that holographic black glitter.

the chocolates are stuck in with double sided tape so they don't all fall everywhere when the box opens.

Tuesday, 21 September 2010

look what I got !

Tee hee - only half a pound off this week but 19lb's in total - as they say a dripping tap will evenutally fill that bucket..........................
I can't wait until my bucket runneth over and I feel nice and slim. I have had non scale victories though - size 12 work trousers (ok they;re the ones with the elastic at the back waistband for comfort - but a size 12) and a size 16 rigid straight leg jeans - nice and comfortable too. AND I'm wearing my leather jacket - size 16 that I've had a while which was at least 6 inches too small to zip up and NOW I can zip it up - whooo hooo.
Ear infection not good - now got anti-biotic ear drops must put them in regularly and use hydrocortizone cream to lubricate ear canal's apparently.

Sunday, 19 September 2010

Sunday 19th

Only scrapping LSNED - keeping up - just two days behind at the moment. Still need to finish off my 52in10 - not following prompts still as I can never find them when I've downloaded them. How stupid is that.

Took DD to her halls - settled her in - very basic accommodation but hope that she'll make it home soon. Met one of her other flat mates. Nice lad.

Can't believe where the weeks and months go to.

Another week - back at work tomorrow after a weeks holiday - not much of a holiday with all the running around for the kids for DD's Uni and DS's College - but they seem settled enough for me not to worry I HOPE.

Non scale victory - size 12 work trousers ! OK they have the elastic half way round the back of the waistband, but hey ho. AND a pair of 16 straight lege RIGID jeans too.

Whoooopeeeee doooooooo.

Gotta get to bed.

Tuesday, 14 September 2010

SW again

Tuesday night and just back from class and I lost another 1.5lb's tonight. Would have been happier with 2l'bs which would have meant my club 10 (10%) but never mind eh, hope to get it and my 1.5 stones certificate next week. Currently 18.5lb's off

How quickly the weeks go by eh.

Scrapping. Just doing the LSNED (myself) no prompts or anything - it's OK - chillin really, taking my time as I have so much on with DD going to Uni and DS going to college - too much time in the car running everyone around - worn out - but OK.

Friday, 10 September 2010

Friday night - and hopefully all is well

LSNED - have got to day 6 - 6th September, 2010. Not subscribed to Shimelle - I have NO spare cash at the moment at all.

Will upload mine altogether (maybe) at the end of the month - if I am up to date.

SW - whoooopppeeeedoooooo lost another 3lb's this week - 1 stone and 3lb's in 7 weeks. I am pretty happy with that, defintely on target to get to 10.10 for Christmas day, which is where I'd like to be - or pretty damn near. Fingers crossed.

Saturday, 4 September 2010

Saturday again

We are off tonight to Keirs and Olivias for tea - although I am taking a slimming world lasagne.

I don't make the creamy white sauce that normally goes into a lasagne - I just make it with lots of tomatoes and passata - with veggies too and a very much reduced amount of lasagne sheets ! It should be free on EE - I think it will be although if it does contain any syns then it will be minimal.

I was happy to see on a sneaky weigh in that I was 11.12! Whether I will maintain that by Tuesday evening - who knows - I don't get upset about my weight now - it is what it is and if it's lower - GREAT.

I got into a leather jacket that I haven't been able to wear since buying it 5 years ago - a size 16 but it's a small 16 - usually leather is on the smaller side until it stretches to YOU.

The pic is of a Screen Sheet I have done for Sophie at work for her Birthday - I was thinking of sending the pic to my computer and putting it on everyones computer for her birthday??? Don't know yet IF I have the time to do all these things that go around in my head.

Haven't EVEN started LSNED so probably won't do it afterall.

Ah well. Gotta get cooking and take Korin to work.

Thursday, 2 September 2010

SW - again weeks go by so quickly

A stay the same this week - I was a bit disappointed but suppose my body is just catching up. Feel very much slimmer and people are starting to say 'you lost a lot of weight'?

No crafting apart from two pages in my 52 in 10 - not following prompts as when I have downloaded them I can't find them on my computer - how stupid is that ! So gave up following the prompts a few weeks ago. Scrapdolly has got upset with people not commenting but I can't comment if I can't find ! - so have had to abandon the idea of a complete book following her prompts. BUT the book is doing OK.

I'm also loosely following LSNED (learn something new every day) it's going to be a looseleaf book/album of 6"x6" and I haven't paid for the class (im not a meanie, just know that I probably will give up half way through) - so just doing a page out of my head for the whole of September on a LSNED kinda basis - I think - we shall see.

Tuesday, 24 August 2010

No crafting - sorry - update SW

Well tonight I lost another 2lb's - whoooppeeeedoooooooo - so that is one whole stone lighter than I was 5 weeks ago.

I wish I had done this ages ago, I feel so much better in myself.

Have given myself another 5 weeks now to lose the next HALF STONE - and then hope to lose 10lb's up to Christmas so I will feel fantastic and buy a nice little black dress for Christmas-time.

No crafting.

I have though, emptied out my ATC's folder of MY own ATC's and want to make a new book type thingummy to display them. Might swap a couple of them?? Might not.

Not in to crafting at the moment, still love to look through what the other ladies are up to though scrapping wise.

Enjoy peeps - live and be happy .................................

Wednesday, 18 August 2010


2lb's off - 12lb's in 4 weeks. Was hoping for the stone off this week but 12lb's is still pretty good for me and I am chuffed. Already feeling much better.

Had good news that my fasting glucose tolerance test came back as normal and no more treatment.

I am only 7lb's (half a stone) away from Club 10..............................

1 stone 5lb's away from my Personal Target although I might want to go down a bit more when I get there.

Look at me - planning on when I get there, I don't know what it is but this time everything seems so much easier.

I hope it's still easier in the next few weeks. Would love the lose that 1 stone 5lb's before Christmas Day and buy a real nice dress to go out in - something fitted for a change.

Downwards .........................................................

Monday, 16 August 2010

Not been crafting -

Have done a little bit of shopping -

nothing more - been on computer too too much both crafting sites and slimming world sites - need to get back to crafting again soon.

Weigh in tomorrow night - I pledged to lose 4lb's this week but don't think I have made it - but I have been good.

We'll see.

tomoz then

Tuesday, 10 August 2010

SW (slimming world)

another result - 2lb's off tonight which means 10lb's in just 3 weeks - wowsee - don't think I have ever done as well on the plan before - hope I can keep it up.

Have committed myself (verbally) to going for 4lbs this week tomake the stone - IF I miss - at least I tried IF I get it - a stone in 4 weeks - FANBLOOMINTASTIC. So here I go.

Not much crafting though I'm afraid, can't concentrate on myself, work, overtime, reflexology treatments and crafting. Hope to get some time the weekend.

Tuesday, 3 August 2010

Slimming World

Havne't mentioned on here before but I started back at slimming world 2 weeks ago and lost 5lb's the first week and 3lb's this week - 8 lb's in two weeks - I am real chuffed. STILL another, at least, stone and half to go but I feel it's achievable having lost 8lb'sin 2 weeks. Fingers crossed.

Saturday, 31 July 2010

I AM loving Docrafts

A very busy community forum and everyone is so welcoming and lovely. I joined about february but didn't do much ATC wise - however, have done 2 private swap of 3 in the last 2 weeks and joined in the smelli-swap - this is the one below post to this - protractor size and shape & similar to ATC's and embellished. I said that I didn't know IF I liked the shape but it's really grown on me making these 3 and I hope to join in similar swaps very soon.

Gotta get on. It's Saturday again and done nothing so far at 10.30 am !!! Better buck my ideas up.

Thursday, 29 July 2010


the first - but I don't think of many - don't know if I like the size - and shape of it?
the background was inked with my new stamp I spent a whole 99p on off ebay - it was a used one but in excellent conditon. blinged it with sakura glitter gel pens - of course.

Yep I wondered what they were too - but they're embellished like an ATC, named after the person on the docrafts site who 'invented' them and swapped like an ATC - here is my first of a 3 swap -oh and they are the size and shape of a protractor. I didnt; have a protractor and was told by a woman on UKS that the straight edge was indeed 3.5 " so the same length as an ATC.

Friday, 23 July 2010

Got a lot of crafting to do !

Must make two cards for work - both birthdays - got this swap to get into the post - and in another 3 swap on Docrafts also. I don't like feeling under pressure so getting all this done before rejoining anything. SHE SAYS!

& Same swap - 'Make much of time' the background was a printed picture and the two clock faces made by printing off the faces and covering in glossy accents - great way to make very cheap embellishments.

Same swap - I used holographic fine black glitter on this one - the background has been sprayed on cartridge paper with Tim Holtz reinkers and cosmic pearl powder and water - came out just like sparkly leather - it's gorgeous. The 'moo' - 3"x 1" topper was painted with copper paint and again glittered. Added metal charm 'Life is measured by moments'.

'Fairy Glade' a swap on Docrafts. The image was stamped by someone else - they swapped an ATC with me and this was the little card they enclosed with the ATC to say 'hope you like the ATC' with their permission and it was a long time ago and I cannot remember who it was they said I could reuse the stamp. So here it is. This is very sparkly IRL as it supposed to represent fairy dust.

Saturday, 17 July 2010

Saturday again already and I am shattered

And miracles above all miracles - Another LO - I say another LO it's a 2nd one in about 2 months - haven't had a mojo for LO's for about 18 months and now two in 2 months and tonight - I am thinking, yes thinking, of doing another. THIS LO is a jokey one. As the journalling says, everytime I come onto my computer, now DD is sharing my computer - and my camera is on the desk - she jokingly leaves me silly pictures on the camera and whenever I upload the pics to the computer I find loads of these silly pic's - SHE WOULD KILL ME IF SHE KNEW I WAS SHARING THESE SILLY PIC's - but heyho, lets live dangerously. LOL.
Yes this IS the tidied up version ! and a 6' bookcase to the left side of this pic holds lots of storage boxes now with my stash in - so it's hidden away and much tidier. I want to go buy lots of matching boxes for this area - but haven't got the spare cash at the mo.

Monday Tuesday and Wednesday I was off this week with a raging ear infection - which caused lots of dizziness - had to go to doc's - and a visit to the hospital in August for a Glucose Tolerance Test - not happy, but it has to be done. Today the ear infection is much much improved. Went into work on Thursday and felt really rough - but Friday was much better. Had to look after the office on my own and coped exceptionally well, so I was chuffed about that really.

Today - well my bedroom is a disgrace - should say WAS a disgrace as my craft stuff was in such a mess - I have tidied it up and got rid of a load of stuff and it looks much better. I would prefer to have it in a separate room but I can't here, so I have to put up with it. Hope to take a pic of the tidier area later.

Tuesday, 6 July 2010

Theres more ..................

NOW BEFORE YOU SAY ANYTHING ! - This ATC was sent as a 'bad taste ATC' - Christmas in July AND a peel off. You either love em or hate em................well I don't particularly like Peel Offs and decided to throw the ones I had remaining from my early days of card making away - but kept this last one as a jokey ATC for Honeypip (lyn) hope she likes it - yep that was said tongue in cheek. AND I got my glass paints out but they've gone rather thick and gloopy. Never mind eh, adds to the bad taste.
So into bling of all kinds at the moment again - my UKS team name used to be Gillybling and I kinda went off blingy stuff but I am so so into it again - anyway - another ATC with crystal glitter and glitter sakura gel pens ! (of course)

This is an acetate ATC - really loving these at the mo - one I sent for a swap.

I decided I needed to display the lovely ATC's the girls keep swapping with me and so have done a run of acetate and stick the ATC's on with just a couple of little foam pads - I shall change the display every month or so with newer ones and a selection from the older ones too.

Friday, 2 July 2010

And another couple of ATC's I'm sending

This is very much more blingy and vibrant colour IRL - and is a bit of everything - metal (hand) embossing, acetate, bling (stickles) - everything I love about crafting really

Thursday, 1 July 2010

Showing off the talents of some of the ladies on UKS

More Orangey - lovey - from fatmonica - I'm not being rude that's her UKS name - love it.
Glittery and Orangey - scrumptious, my favourite colours and BLING ! Yummy

Orange and glittery looking a digi ATC - from Frances

This is a Nettyb's - cogee's - lovely stuff, so beautifully made.

How beautiful is this ATC from Nettyb - acetate, really love this one

Wednesday, 30 June 2010

Another ATC

this is one I made earlier, have sent it today

One of the ladies

from UKscrappers sent me a photo of one of the ATC's I sent to her - Imust remember to photograph them before sending them off .................

Sunday, 27 June 2010

A Wonderful week in Dorset - fantastic

No cooking or cleaning or food shopping for a whole week it was brilliant.

Finally driving away from the caravan - hope to go again next year and have another holiday pretty soon - REALLY ENJOYED IT.

how cool are these beach huts - I thought they were great

rockpool paddling ...............

A visit to Lyme Regis too - beautiful weather all week and such fantastic scenery and very relaxing

Down at the harbour at West Point (West Bay) calm and peaceful.

A trip to Liberties Birds of Prey rescue in Rollingwood? This is Liberty & Popcorn (I think) - beautiful birds.

Catch of the day - just 5 minutes more mom Keir said and promptly caught this big fish.

This monkey at Monkey World kept following DH up and down and down and up for the picnic - holding his hand out, it was so sad - obviously we didn't feed but a lot of people were feeding them.

Just Beautiful Scenery ............quite proud of this pic actually.