Wednesday, 23 March 2016

2nd day back to work

my toes had gone completely purple - really dark !  pain wasn't so bad as it had been - and definitely improving

back at work and another couple of layouts

back at work.  I don't know what it is but working with a 21 year old and a 24 year old and another 24 'ish year old and supervisor who is probably 24'ish -  it just isn't working.  I think they would prefer me to leave.................but I only do 3 hours a day and can cope for the time being, want to get the rest of this small mortgage paid off fully and my £500 or so per month really helps.  But they are all late for work only by minutes but non the less it's nearly every bloody day and i cannot abide lateness !  AND they sit on their mobile phones checking them all the time - when the supervisor has clearly said no mobile.  OK call me old fashioned but if the supervisor says no phones then it's no bloody phones.  scream, shout and getting annoyed.

AND again another few layouts later - have done 3 I think in the last couple of days although haven't took pics again, maybe a pic of the latest one I did ...............................

this is a 2nd scrap of this photo - threw the other layout away it was an early attempt at scrapbooking - like this one better but the rings didn't stick well and the glue is all showing - maybe one day i will do something about it - just feel the need to get loads of scrapping done.  Love the photo, Keir looks so happy, all before all his illnesses and worries and stresses and anxieties.  Love you son with all my heart.

Monday, 21 March 2016

Didn't go back to work today

not so bad 'pain' wise- but foot still very swollen and I just feel really down and tired - hip on right leg hurting suppose it's because of using the leg more taking the weight off the left leg.  Oh the joys of getting old - don't get me wrong I want to get old - it's denied of many, but I just have aches and pains all over the place and how easily I sprained/damaged this leg - it;s quite worrying.

did a bit of tidying out of my desk drawers at home today - two black bin liners later - had to get key to collect it all up as my foot was well and truly achey by the time I finished.  BUT feel better for it, must start doing a bit of feng shui again - help a better flow of energy in the house, I feel the need to get decorating done etc - so as soon as my ankle is better that is it - decorating time - want to get the lounge completely up to date and looking nice again.

Sunday, 20 March 2016

Horrible Sunday...............

bored, in pain with ankle - tired and worn out - think I have to go back to work tomorrow if I can get my shoes on - if I can drive.  will have to see at 8 am.

pictures show still swollen, black around back of ankle and toes.

Thursday, 17 March 2016

Suddenly gone mad doing Layouts again

will photograph them all and get them uploaded onto this post !  Didn't realise how many I had done until I photographed them, here they are ...............(12 layouts in around 3 weeks - hadn't done any for 2 years maybe even longer !)

Happy Birthday to you Korin at 25

my baby 25 .................. cannot believe how quickly that has happened.  happy Birthday to you hope you have  wonderful day (well she did) and a wonderful year ahead.

Michael Kors watch - a new LED nail light for Gel Nails - a new vape atomiser - Benny cake, breakfast McDonalds, lunch Subway, and tea Chinese.  with a sticky toffee pudding dessert 
and the cake, OMGoodness we are stuffed and feeling sick sick sick.  But a great day for Kozzies birthday despite my bad ankle.

and a bit of a close up

Ankle oh the pain !

so I get out the shower and my left foot just kinda buckled under me !  don't know if I slipped or it just 'went' and within a second of looking down and being in terrible pain it blew up like this.  Alison took me to the Minor Injuries Unit at Sir Robert peel the next day, thankfully it wasn't broken but by God it s very painful and they said to rest it for a few days, continue with cold compresses - or a bag of peas and do a few exercises which they recommended.  Off work, typing this on the third day but ankle still painful so more than likely won't be going into work tomorrow either.

This is how the ankle is now, less swollen but rather bruised around the back etc 


wowsers !!  I rang for the result of my cholesterol blood test and liver function test and both came back - normal no further action.  I am over the moon, it means I don't have to increase my cholesterol tablet which is low anyway, but I really do need to start watching what I have been eating again.

Wednesday, 9 March 2016

Not inchie'ing at the moment but .............

have found a new love again for scrapbooking............... I am doing my monthly more than inchies which are 1.5" x 1.5" squares of daily going on . quite enjoying them.  AND will be doing the monthly book with the nederlands group on a topic chosen by Henny/Margaret.  But other than I find that I am happy doing layouts again.

Will upload them all in one post at the weekend, me thinks.

but here is my monthly inchie 'HIGH TEA' for March on the Netherlnds group.  Well I decided to upload all three months.  Three months already at this rate it will soon be Christmas.  Blimey.

Sunday, 6 March 2016

York - our 60th Birthday treat - and Mothering Sunday

Friday afternoon I finished work later as I had to go to docs re septic toe in the morning.

we didn't set off to york (by the time I had ironed some shirts and packed a case and quickly vacuumed around and had a sandwich and a cuppa etc) then got my prescription for my bad toe !

the weather whilst driving up there was absolutely diabolical i we had snow and torrential rain and sleet and hail and cold cold blasty icy winds freezing up the windscreen.

the sat nav took us off the motorway and around country and in more traffic jams and deadful weather and we didn't stop but it took us 4 whole hours to get there, consequently all we wanted to do was get something to eat and get to bed as we were so wacked.  We had a lovely meal at the Dormouse next door to the premier inn we were staying at

Saturday we spent the day in York and walked around for around 5 hours plus, absolutely exhausted and my poor poor toe !  The weather was so diabolical thank goodness I bought a new thick heavy coat to go in - I have been looking for a coat for weeks and walked into Asda to get key new jeans and spied that coat - if I hadn't had the coat I wouldn't ahve been able to walk around York, I don't think I have ever known it so cold.

and we went around the Yorkshire Museum 

which was a boring as hell and cost us £15 to go in.

But York Minster was beautiful, I think we went around it two years ago but it was just as spectacular this time truly beautiful.  too many pictures to show here will show just a couple.

and then all too quickly we went back to the premier inn with the intention of gettin a taxi to an Italian Restaurant but we were absolutely jaded all the walking and we decided just to go into the Dormouse again and have a few drinks and a meal and collapse again into bed.........and of course journey home sunday morning as apparently the dog had missed us so so much and we were exhaused anyway and I had so much to do to get ready for work and what have you Monday !

But today is Mothers Day and I had some absolutely beautiful presents from the kids and I was tryly spoilt.  Will hate to get on te scales to see what weight I have gained this week or two - but it's been a great time and today was very special.  Wish my beautuful mother was here with me but alas that is not to be.  Wherever you are mom and I hope you still look down upon me - I love you and always will.

wonderful gifts, I truly have wonderful children

lots of things & we changed over to the new system V6 )

Well once again last week at work Lorraine was quite funny with me.  I know that she had things on her mind regarding her old/ill dog but I am not standing for it any more, and told Jordan so.

Monday we had to get in early, well we didn't have to but was asked to do so so I said yes.........I got in for 8 instead of 9 as the system was going down pre change over at 11 am - so I had done my day by 11 am and could go home.  HOWEVER, I was very annoyed that Jordan had me and Lyndsay just on filing.  I had forgotten about my bad thumb and it started it playing up, still have niggles today (Sunday) and I had to cancel all my reflexology for the week - I didn't have to but didn't want to find I couldn't do anything at work because of my thumb but still did reflexology if you know what I mean.

Then Friday I realised I had a septic toe - had to go to the doctors as I am now diabetic and was a little worried, she reasured me that it was OK for now but we will have to keep an eye on it - whilst I was there she did a medication review and I asked if she could cut me down on the metformin - my diabetic medication and she was pleased with blood results so said yes, although she hadn;t had my cholesterol bloods done which is next week - dreading those as I have had a very indulgent weekend and a few weeks prior to that I wasn't as good as I should be - bloods for Cholesterol is next Friday and I need to repeat my diabetes bloods in 3 months time too.

Lorraine didn't come in to work on Friday - I knew exactly why, and when she didn't ring in and didn't text me I know that she is definitely being funny with me - around about 9.30 our old supervisor rang to say she had contacted her and yes the poor dog was being put to sleep that day - I do feel so sorry for her with regards to an animal as that is so very upsetting,  I texted her to say how sorry I was when I heard about it whilst I was sitting waiting at the doctors for my septic toe to be seen to.  She didn't text me back or over the weekend, so I am going to say she can go spin on it now as far as i am concerned.

and So the next post will be about Friday afternoon and us going to York