Tuesday, 31 December 2013

couldn't choose which one I liked the best so put a few up - HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE !

New Years Eve - how quickly that has come around again.

End of 2013 and it's NOT been a marvellous year - although I thought I was diabetic AGAIN and haven't been - so that's good.

Hubby was told he had had a heart attack - he hadn't - so that was good.

Keir split with O - wasn't good - but is with A and is happy(ish) so that is good.

I wish My DD could find someone nice to be happy with - someone to make her laugh and look after her - shower her with gifts like she always does to her boyfriends.................but generally someone who will treat her well and love her.

I hope work is good for hubby.  BUT above all hope the shop takes off like it initially started out in 2007 pre recession..................it is looking promising.

I hope my work continues to improve and I don't feel so panicky about it all the time.  However it is 90% better than it ever was at SJH.

My hopes for 2014...............that we ALL have a happy and above all Healthy Year.

Thursday, 26 December 2013

Happy Christmas everbody ! Lovely Christmas Day

Spent a small fortune - but it was a lovely day - been a long time since we all had really decent presents - so it was nice...................we deserve to be treated and treat one another.

ring from Key, watch from Keir, bracelet from Korin
wowsers for my beautiful ring - he knows I love bling
and lucky me I also had a Pandora bracelet - with an extra charm
love it - and I had a gorgeous handbag which I'd seen ages ago and wanted - fortunately DD remembered and got it for DH  - plus Hobbycraft vouchers for £25 in total - and lots and lots of other things..................exceptionally lucky lady today.
Kozzies into bling and owls
glitter everywhere off this ipone purse case - I love it - bought for DD
she also had a iphone docking station - which is brilliant.
AND a new Jacket and New boots - storage boxes for her bedroom and a throw for the bed and quite a few other things too - she's a lucky girl
hubby was very happy with his 'Samsung Tablet' - and tablet case and slippers and aftershave etc.
AS I said we have all done exceptionally well this year - very happy indeed all of us.

Saturday, 14 December 2013

For Lorraine - my friend at work

An Exploding box - as you open it the chocolates roll out - only some of them as most of them are stuck in with double sided tape - there is also a jewellery box mechanism inside when the handle is turned it plays 'Silent Night'

Christmas is Finally happening in our house

I normally put my Christmas tree up on 1st December but with hubby being poorly and so much going on with son and his breakup with long term girlfriend etc - I'm two weeks behind schedule.  Really ONLY have my cooker to clean now (defrosted my freezer last night) - GOT TO GET MY WASHING MACHINE repaired - nightmare - dirty washing everywhere and so fed up handwashing things......................anyway heres my tree, not as good a job as previous years I started off with very good intentions and got fed up half way through and ended up kinda throwing it all together in the end.  Never mind - it's up and that's the main thing 'smiley face'.

went with colourful again - next year will get loads of different colours to mix in with my mainly gold and red scheme and silver schemes from previous years.
this is 'Ivy cottage' in memory of my mom (Ivy) - it's a Lilliput lane cottage miniature I bought quite a few years ago.
New Santa Clause Baubles I bought this year thought they were rather cute.
loved these stars I bought a number of years ago
Had these bells x 2 for many years, I used to hang them by the fireplace at our old house either side bought for the kids - they used to ring them when they wanted me - Christmas was fun back then.
top right bauble is one of two I have remaining from my mothers Christmas tree, these baubles must be 50 years old I have left the cotton on that she strung on all those years ago - always brings tears to my eyes when I put these two baubles on my tree each year - and I was horrified when I dropped one of them this year but thankfully it didn't smash.  Loved you mom (& dad), wish you were here with us to have a really happy Christmas day - you were both such fun.
& our Angel who is probably 17 - 18 years old she's still shining bright even though she is a little musty.
AND sadly this year I put the tree up without MY BUNNY BOY being with me - my beautiful dog died in July and I still miss him every day and remembered last year when I was putting the tree up and he kept coming round me and I kept having to tell him to go lie down as he was getting in the way, HOW I WISH HE WAS GETTING IN THE WAY TODAY.  Merry Christmas Bunny Gunny, Merry Christmas to everyone - IF anyone reads my bloggy.

Tuesday, 10 December 2013

Henny in Holland Birthday today

I think it's great they have a birthday list and we send 5 inchies or rinchies for birthdays - these are mine to her

I so love rinchies.  Happy Birthday Henny.

Monday, 9 December 2013

its starting to feel like Christmas (I think)

some decorations up tonight and only the cooker to clean and the freezer to defrost and I think I am ready (IF I can get my washing machine fixed before Christmas and the washing up to date would be wonderful too) -

couldn't decide which picture I liked the best so you've got two to view

Wednesday, 4 December 2013

Updating Hubby

What wonderful news that Key is fine - no heart attack.  A little bit of furring up of the arteries but for his age and size etc he is absolutely fine.  THAT is my Christmas pressie - I don't need no more, I still love him after 38 years together - I am just so glad for him.

I just hope that I can lose some weight and keep my pre-diabetes at bay - maybe even become NON pre-diabetic - if that is possible.

Fingers crossed.

Christmas is coming ................. only two days off work so it's not really going to be exceptionally exciting, but looking forward to it now we have had this GREAT news.

Very emotional 10 days................

DS has split with his long term girlfriend. they were together for 5 years.............they helped each other through some very difficult times and I really thought they would be together forever.  We (hubby and I) had seen lots of cracks in the relationship over the last couple of years - the last 12 months maybe moreso............I never felt that his GF really liked us as a family but I am very sad that they have finished - she rang me and sounded so so sad on the phone, just wanting to tell me that we had been very kind to her.  I think she wanted me to say 'I'll tell him he's made a big mistake and MUST go back to you immediately' - but of course, I cannot do that.  I just wished her well.  She had said that she cannot get over the fact that she WILL NEVER SEE HIM AGAIN, and I suppose after 5 years of treating her more like a daughter than sons GF I feel the same about never seeing her again.

DS is with a new girl - and she is very nice - but I can't help but feel very sad for his ex because I know she loved/loves him still.

Sunday, 24 November 2013

Twinchie Challenge

Feeling really rough with Flu - thought I'd concentrate on a little something - Twinchies Challenge Blog here I come - haven't uploaded anything for  a while.  Was only a quick one though.

Friday, 15 November 2013

Every Inchie Monday - Mouth

Well I decided to apply my lippy - kiss a piece of plain paper -  photograph it - like this

then make it into an inchie - the photo came out pretty dark though - so lost a lot of the vibrancy of my super red sexy lippy - I WISH !  tee hee.  
Thanks for looking.

Wednesday, 13 November 2013

Dreadful awful rotten week

my poor hubby - giddy turns and feeling rough.  doctors said it could have been a stroke  - thank goodness it wasn't, BUT good news turns bad when GP recommends a cardio appointment  in case  of heart troubles - went privately to Cardio within 2 days - to be told IT LOOKS LIKE you have had a minor heart attack in the past but cannot understand why hubby hasn't had any pains - todays appointment with Cardio specialist was exercising ECG and an Echo Cardiogram - but again inconclusive - have put him forward for an Angio-gramme - worried but it has to be done.  Poor man, one thing after another. 

I'd just settled at work - and feeling more 'with in' less stress and now this happens.  What a nightmare for us both.  Hope he is OK though.

Sunday, 3 November 2013

Only a small amount of crafting - my mojo seems to have slowed considerably

especially since I started working afternoons, by the time I;m home and cooked and sat and watched a little bit of TV - maybe tidied the kitchen, done the dishwasher - it's gone 7.30 pm and then the dark nights too to contend with - so I don't craft.

Anyhoooooooooo - there is a challenge on the Yahoo Inchies (Holland) to make some inchie books - one theme all the way through - 4 pages - we don't know how many participants at this moment in time but I have so far made 4 - they take a while to make even though they are so tiny.  Here are the fronts and just one of the internal pages.......................


Entitled 'Silver'
Entitled 'Flowers'

Entitled Black and Gold

Entitled 'BE LUCKY'

Friday, 1 November 2013

Swap a smile - Lisa

my monthly 'swap-a-smile' with Lisa from Docrafts...............this month is FESTIVE OR INCHIES - I decided on both festive and inchies - one ATC only in the swap but send two so Lisa can choose one for herself for hosting.

this looks rather dull in the picture - but IRL it is actually exceptionally shiny - and I entitled the ATC 'Little black dress' as it so reminds me of the shiny sparkly clothes we like to wear at Christmas-time.

& a Festive Inchie ATC which speaks for itself.  Christmas is fast approaching.

Wednesday, 30 October 2013

Moo Mania - 'Cat/s'

I'm really into silhouettes at the moment - and put this Moo together for the Moo Mania Challenge.

I know it's not exactly cat/s (only) but the silhouette is very very much like my 'salem-boy' male cat and I could very much imagine him sitting there looking at a little mouse and saying 'hello there'... tee hee.  Love the little moo mania challenges.  thank you for the inspiration.

Sunday, 27 October 2013

ATC's for Lyndee

for our monthly swap 4/4 swap - 2x2 inchies and 2x2 anything goes.
Love hers that arrive for me -we were only swapping until Decembers but have decided to keep it going so I'm happy about that.