Tuesday, 22 July 2014

A Year Ago today Gunny Bunny

I walked you for the very very last time.  10 years of morning and afternoon walks came to an end.  You were so poorly the last few days and little did I know a year ago that it was your final walk.  I still miss you EVERY SINGLE DAY, I still think about you every single day and I still cry as my heart is still broken..................

you were so healthy and well here - I wish I could turn back time.

Sunday, 20 July 2014

Updating - it's been a while .....

We had the new car this week - about 6 weeks late

I drove it today.  Drives LOVELY.

Back at Slimming World as of two weeks ago - first week only lost 1.5lb's and was very disappointed.  Normally in your first week you lose loads more.  However, kept at it and last week won Slimmer of the Week - with 4lb's loss - so 5.5lb's in two weeks isn't so bad.  However, don't seem to have lost anything yet this week - but I still have two whole days of slimming world = shouldn't really weigh myself but old habits die hard.

Work has been diabolical.  So so hard to keep up all the time.  BUT I do - thankfully.  Loads of people off sick at times.

I was two days off sick this week with bad knee again - went to Warwick Castle last weekend and walked up the turrets to the battlements - my GOD I thought I was going to die and half way up my knee gives way - everyone was stuck I couldn't go back - took me forever to get to the top and then I had to come back down.  NIGHTMARE.

in between my last post and this post we went to Wales for a week - had a further week off to rest at home (poor Key had to work at the shop) - and Becky got married.  Must admit she did look lovely.  AND I had my nails done for the first time (and the last) - although I loved them in the beginning - just when I returned back to work I couldn't cope with them and picking up all the patient notes, some of them exceptionally heavy - they just broke off - ah well.  It's been a good couple of months.

The weather was absolutely gorgeous the week we were away, infact it was too hot.  We stayed in Pencynwc just outside New Quay Wales - we travelled around quite a bit

Cenarth falls was absolutely beautiful.  We also went to Aberystwyth, Tenby, Borth etc etc.  Glorious week, REALLY REALLY enjoyed it, pity we have to wait until next year to go enjoy it again.  OH how wonderful would it be to win the lottery and be able to travel around every few weeks to different places.

my nails for the wedding

Think that's me up to date.  Must keep my blog updated more.