Friday, 31 July 2015

Good News end of my first week with my new Reflexology Business

unbelievable is all I can say ...................... 4 new customers one of whom has booked her daughter and hubby in too - 2 old customers who have done the old 5 treatment - have earned about £250 in one week - like old times, I hope I can keep it up.

Tired though........................still doing 22.5 hours at the hospital................have approached simon and asked him if he will go full time which would take 7.5 hours off me - I could cope with 15 hours a week 2 - 5 each afternoon.  I could then do a 9.30 and an 11 am - not leaving here until 1.30 pm.  3 evenings, 3 mornings = £180 a week + my 15 hours at the hospital.  I hope he says yes today.

Fingers crossed, feeling lucky.

Bad news - DFS

sofa not being delivered due to it being stuck in Calais with all the disputes etc.


Monday, 27 July 2015

so tonight

hubby and I - well mainly hubby moved out the two and three seater sofas to the end of the drive for the bin collection tomorrow to take away, I could not believe how much fur off the dog was at the back of the sofas and down the sides etc it was absolutely disgusting and made me feel quite sick.  new sofas are being delivered on Saturday - will try very hard and find a pic, although I can take a pic when they are in situ - we have spent a lot of money getting these sofas, tidying up my treatment room and getting restarted, decorating the downstairs loo etc, but it all needs doing and when there is just me and hubby and DD then the place shouldn't get so messed up anymore!  Fingers crossed.

more exciting news - well

I have restarted my reflexology business !  been hard work over the last 3 weeks decorating the downstairs loo - tidying out my old treatment room which had become a complete dumping ground.  everything now shoved into keys room top floor which will be tidied up and thinned out - I am sure I won't need half the stuff that is in there - plus other stuff that we've tidied out for Keir and Alison going next week.  I will miss them.  Won't miss Keirs moods, but will miss them non the less.

So today was my first new customer new room etc, and I thoroughly enjoyed it.

heres my new tee-shirt and will get another few different logo's and my phone number on the back like 20 years ago when I first started, I had people ring me and say I took your number off the back of your tee shirt !

still got to paint the wall lime green and put all my certificates up.

Tuesday, 21 July 2015

Exciting News

Keir and Ali have their new home

so proud - so happy for them.  AND it will be great to get our house tidy and cleaned up and decorated.  whoopy dooooooooooooooooooo for them and us

Beginning July ......................... renewed energies !!! WT Hell has happened to me

After my holiday I finally realised that my longstanding chest infection/cough/sore throat since Christmas so it's been around 20 - 22 weeks of coughing and spluttering - 5 weeks off work - and just feeling totally and utterly NAFF - it has cleared up - YES completely, I feel like a new woman.

Plus my thumb (after 2nd injection) has cleared up I HOPE.

My energy level has increased to my 'old self' and I finally got the downstairs loo decorated and I felt happy.

I realised I had missed my reflexology - doing reflexology on people and making them feel happy and well always made me feel happy and well and I really missed it.

At Christmas I put my treatment bed away (was going to throw it away - thank goodness I didn't) anyway, the front room which was my treatment room had become a junk room so we're clearing it out and setting up shop again - I cannot wait.

I have contacted about 10 old customers 6 of whom have booked back in with me - I have regular days in the week that I shall work - and have every 4th week off - if it builds to £400 a month I can afford to pack up my job.  HOW wonderful would that be.

Having said that I have my sickness review meeting on Thursday they may already have plans to redeloy me - well if they do - it could take up to  3 months by which time I am hoping my reflexology has taken off and I can pack up anyways. 

But have to say that work has been much better - dare I say that !

Sunday 21st June ..................... a week in Devon

and it was lovely - we stopped at Paignton and went to a Butterfly farm and on the North Devon Railway, and went to Weston Super Mare and Torquay - it was a wonderful week, certainly DID not WANT to come home and go back to work - but that had to be done.  Shame but thankful.