Sunday, 31 March 2013

Easter Day !

Hubby cooking - whoop whoop - such a relaxing weekend, have walked the dog together - but need to - to stop gaining weight all the time - feel huge. Anyway, another layout today - thoroughly enjoyed this.

Saturday, 30 March 2013

Another relaxing day today - whoop whoop

Although I did do some washing this morning and got that hung onto the clothes horse in the spare room - as it is very changeable weather outside............AND I vacuumed from bottom to top - all looks quite clean - OH and I also spot cleaned my carpet by the French window - where K&K go out for fags they walk in and MUST step in exactly the same place each time they enter into the house - consequently there is one very dirty foot print - although NOT no more as I've cleaned it away and surprisingly it did clean away - gotta get all my carpets cleaned though by a specialist soon as they look very grubby at the moment. So crafting - I did do a Layout this morning, of me when I was 17 years old - how I wish I could go back - only for 'my looks' how clear and beautiful my skin was - feeling really old now I've done this Layout - ah well.

Thursday, 28 March 2013

my Easter Pressie arrived

love it - cuts beautifully................will be playing over the weekend

Monday, 25 March 2013

I've ordered it

I have ordered it ! Wasn't going to as I have probably spent around £120 over the last 6 weeks on alphabet dies ! BUT it seems so nice and you can use it on chipboard so no sticking letters together etc - I bought it as an Easter gift to myself from hubby = no chocolate for me and NO MORE SPENDING now until the end of April - at least !

Sunday, 24 March 2013

Living Life in the Craft Lane !

And here is one I made earlier...............have done quite a few LO's recently but not uploaded them. So bloody cold, so sick of the snow and ice and worried that I might hurt my leg if I go out in it. DREADING going to work - driving in it again. Sick of it all now. but this weekend decided to basically have a craft weekend - I did go Morrisons yesterday morning but came home and left the house until around 3 pm - did craft all day long - BRILLIANT........around about 3 pm to 5 pm - cleaned and put washing on and tidied around etc. Then crafted last night too. Have basically crafted today all day so far (1 pm) with emptying the washing machine, loading the dishwasher and another quick vac around as the dog is shedding fur like there is no tomorrow. So all in all it's been good - BUT must finish the washing this afternoon and cook a nice dinner for tonight, I do lead such an exciting life don't I !.

Tuesday, 19 March 2013

Matalan moment AGAIN - I am annoyed

about 7 years ago I went to matalan one christmas and virtually nothing fitted - size 20's were tight and 22's just hung on me and made me look like a sack of spuds ! After a full week of annual leave and eating out most nights and indulgencies for Koz's birthday and chocolate etc etc - I gained 4lb's in weight - in one week - on top of the 1stone 4lb's I had already regained - and now size 18's are all I can get in to - and SOME matalan 20's were tight on me (the fitted ones) - I nearly cried. So as OF NOW I am back on Slimming world - plenty of fruit and veggies and small amounts of meat and carbs - it has to be done, I hate hate hate feeling like I do again.

Monday, 18 March 2013

More shopping at Hobbycraft ........

don't normally buy from Hobbycraft but wanted the Tim Holtz 12 x 12 cardstock pad - it was as expensive online as it was at Hobbycraft so went to collect it from there, I bought two 12 x 12 albums from there yesterfday and last week bought the rest of my RUB (really useful boxes) that I needed to finish off my storage in my craft area. All complete now. So have spent quite a bit this week on crafting but as we didn't make it to Chester for our mini break because the weather was so bad, it's ONLY what I would have spent there. I think. Also popped to the Range and bought a few other crafty goodies but back at work tomorrow so will be earning rather than spending.

Saturday, 16 March 2013

A Keir Layout - reminiscing about when the kids were little - it's all I seem to do these days

A layout of Keir on a bike with his daddy when he was about 18 months old.............I rode a bike too and we vowed we'd do it again as a family but we never did - Keir and Korin had bikes - well the journalling which is on the back of the layout says it all - didn't want to mess up the front with the journalling. AND the pics of the metal bikes - one of the embellishments will g o on the bottom left of the layout when they arrive from ebay. WHAT would I DO WITHOUT EBAY these days ?

Happy Birthday Korin

I wish that I could have given her the birthday pressie she most wished for - that would have been to be back with her ex boyfriend. She isn't over him, far from it. AND whilst he is currently in Barcelona enjoying himself - she is trying very hard to enjoy her birthday celebrations..............she says she is really happy now, but I don't think so and I know she would have dearly loved him to have been here this weekend to help her celebrate. Men eh, we can't live with em, but we can't do without em either. AND as the old saying goes - you can't help whom you fall in love with. Wishing you a very happy birthday - my baby is 22 years old. So we tried to compensate and bought her loads of gifts and she was happy with all her pressies., Including MORE cakes from Angela - very clever lady and these cakes were just devine - tasted that way too. Happy Birthday Korin we love you - hope you REALLY have had a great day and weekend.

Friday, 15 March 2013

Koz's Birthday Cake

my first attempt at a novelty birthday cake - and it will be my last ! It's not marvellous but I think DD will appreciate the effort and the amount of time it took to do.

got alpha from america

disappointed that it cost nearly £15 in extra charges for customs ! Not buying from america again. EVER.

Thursday, 14 March 2013

my square punch arrived today too

only waiting on my alpha and zutter round it all now - nice and fast delivery on all my other goodies.

Relaxing day today -

thursday - my week off is going too quickly. Dying my hair - getting clothes ready for interview tomorrow. Hope I get the job - don't think I will though as boss lady interviewing knows the other two candidates really well, there is two jobs - 3 of us - she knows them - doesn't take a mathematician to figure the 'odds'. Ah well. Have had a relaxing week - hope I'm relaxed tomorrow. Had my WRMK page protectors arrive and fitted nicely into my postbound album cover - now I need to fill it ! Have had my Layout mojo back for around 4 months now - hope it continues after I've bought all these alphas etc. Still awaiting my alpha from America - hope it comes soon.

Wednesday, 13 March 2013

today - Nuneaton & a meal out

Went over to Nuneaton for Keir to collect his college stuff from the college ...............and an asda shop. then a bit of playing with my new alphabet. went for a meal at the wolferston arms in tamworth. RUBBISH.

Where to start !

Key's off for two days - yippee. We supposed to have gone to Chester overnight - but the weather has been absolutely vile, colder than cold, artic conditions on the roads and snow in places. Plus he didn't get back from Cumbria until late on Monday night so I felt guilty getting him to drive to Chester early yesterday morning. So we decided not to go and got our money back from Travelodge and went for a World Buffet at the Boars head instead - it was nice but blimey were we full - came h0me and colapsed into bed for a sleep and then when we got up we didn't feel any better - still bloated and so so full. Later we went to the cinema to see 'Mama' it was a frightening film but a good film. Home and watched tv together - and a bit of crafting. BUT still full by the time I went to bed again. So today we have had a relaxing morning I've made a layout - for mothers day - and had a lot of relaxation. Finished getting my craft storage - all complete now - no more to get well in my current craft area anyway..................afternoon we are off to nuneaton to collect Keirs certificates from college and do a bit of shopping. All in all it's been a great two days and glad really we didnt go to Chester because we'd have had to come back to a messy house and no relaxation really. Oh and the postlady has just brought me my Xcut alphabet so more playing tonight, me thinks. and we are going for a meal at the Hussey arms - if they're not full - it's a very busy place.

Sunday, 10 March 2013

45 years apart / The wonders of new technology

I found a photo on my computer of me with mom and dad a day in 1968 when we visited Nanna Mason in Burnley Lancashire. The journey in our Ford Anglia took approximately 2 hours to get there - I remember Nanna Mason taking the photograph. Fast forward 45 years or so to present day. I opened my laptop and typed in Google Maps - then her address and within a few seconds I was VIRTUALLY looking through her front window. I really expected the houses (as they were the 2 up 2 down type back to back houses ) to have been knocked down and renamed roads and a new housing estate but it's EXACTLY the same even to the point of the old factory type buildings opposite. Spookily enough too there was only one pedestrian in the road on Google maps today and HE was kinda waving on the run up to the property - and actually at the address 13 shackleton Street he was sitting outside. Anyway, this is the Layout I did tonight. Need to get to bed - busy week - a week off work will post later.

My Mothers Day - & a Layout i did last night

You don;t realise how many 'cars' you have in your driving lifetime. I came across a few pictures of cars we have had in the past - how many 'car' pictures do you need. So I decided to scrap the ones I could find amongst my loose photo's - all in all I reckon in 36 years of married life we've had approximately 19 - 20 cars - that is quit a lot. I think there are about 12 on this Layout alone and the others we just never got round to photographing. THE best car I have driven out of the ones we;ve had has to be the Jaguar with plush leather upholstery it was just a dream car - IF I won the lottery I would definitely buy another one. And I can still remember the excitment of having my first BRAND NEW car - I have only ever had the one (although hubby has had about 5 new cars which, obviously, I drive too) but never the same as having a brand new car 'just for you'. And my mothers day 'gifts' today from my kids - the tenner is x two - so £20 to spend on crafty goodies whilst on holiday - and my DD paying towards me going to see the clairvoyant tomorrow ................ with going away to Chester on Tuesday too - and Korins Birthday at the end of the week - it should be a good week - a week off work - EVEN BETTER. Whoop whoop.

Happy Mothers Day to me and to my (late GREAT) Mother & best friend

I miss you MOM every single day of my life since 7.10.1985. I cannote believe it's been nearly 30 years since we shared a chat, a cuppa tea, your special egg and chips, a real belly laugh, you were so so funny and made me laugh all the time. I wish you could have met your grandchildren they would have loved you so so much.

Friday, 8 March 2013

Koz's birthday coming up

pandora clip £25 - Pandora Teddy (limited edition) = £60. £30 for clubbing. £30 meal. Chocolates and keyring £10. Dress £20. Hair colour £10 Hair extensions £65. Clairvoyant £20. £50 voucher for clothes. Totalling £320 not bad eh for an ordinary birthday. Still thinking of going and getting the lock and key for pandora too. Oh and making a birthday cake too. Was going to get Korin the pandora lock and key but she's had to have another £100 to help her out until she gets paid from her new job................may still get it her whilst we are away on Tuesday/Wednesday this week in Chester.

Thursday, 7 March 2013

this IS the last as this is the one I wanted

hope it's good when I get it - from America as MY mothers day gift to myself. Tee Hee.

Wednesday, 6 March 2013

New alpha and new picture - new hair for DD too

such a stressful awful day at work ...............nice to have a new alpha and a new photo (which is gorgeous) and my DD has new hair for her 22nd Birthday.................. my baby is 22 (almost) how quickly time rushes by eh.

Sunday, 3 March 2013

todays layout

a challenge on UKS asked for a photo-less layout - as I forgot to take photo's when I did my volunteering yesterday it was an ideal time to make a layout without a photo of the event.

won another

and this is the last for a while, have spent a small fortune updating my alpha die collection - now I have quite a few to keep me going and I am no officially on a stash diet for a couple of months - will try not to look on ebay and crafty websites for goodies - will just try and calm it all down a bit as I have been going totally OTT spending on crafty stuff. I can but try.