Sunday, 31 December 2017

Bit of a difference in 7 weeks



Sunday, 24 December 2017


Lovely Day...........relaxing wrapping - well wrapping.

sewed an old top for tomorrow with a bit of glitter on it - but it's a bit small i think.

Got into a blouse that i bought 4 years ago and was never able to wear - but had our usual Christmas Eve Chinese Meal which was lovely from Peninsula and then loads of chocolate ice cream and then chocolates.  probably gained a stone.  Feeling sick.

Christmas eh.  Was 11.3 this morning though.

Won't go so mad tomorrow - and will weigh myself on Wednesday and then have wednesday, thursday Friday before weigh in on Saturday morning.  Do not want to gain any wait.

Saturday, 23 December 2017

Saturday 23rd December 2017 ! SW weigh in before Christmas

I could not believe that I lost exactly 1.5lb's and got my 1 stone award at class today !!!  Didn't stop to class as per usual.................don't know if I ever want to stop to class -  IF I get to or should I say when I get to 10.10 (8lb's away) I won't have to pay and only need to go to class once a month to weigh in, so that is what I am aiming for.  So all in all for Christmas I am 1stone and 1.5lb's lighter in 7.5 weeks and very happy about that.

HOWEVER, i do not want to regain loads of weight over christmas and have to get 3lb's or more back off to get back to a stone - and I haven't been very marvellous today 'chocolate wise' - BUT iF I am good tomorrow Christmas Eve and watch what I have Chinese wise - then I really only have Christmas Day to contend with this week - Boxing Day I never seem to eat much anyway.  THEN I will have Wednesday, Thursday and Friday to be back on track - I HOPE to lose AT LEAST a pound next week 30th December .................... that would be bloody marvellous and only leave me half a stone to target.  EXCELLENT

Friday, 22 December 2017

weight up and down !

have found that i have gained a couple pounds and then down a couple pounds etc....... hoping above all hope that i am only 12.4 at slimming world tomorrow and get my 1 stone certificate.  FINGERS CROSSED yet again.  DO NOT WANT TO REGAIN LOADS OF WEIGHT, feeling panicky.

Wednesday, 20 December 2017


Doctors rang and said that I didn't have to go to my appointment tomorrow which was to tell me whether or not they were going to increase my medication to 'doubled' as my diabetes points have come down (i think) considerably and that i just needed to get retested in 3 months time.  This is great news......just shows that you can do it when you HAVE to.  My weight was showing 11.3 yesterday which was fantastic - but today (yes I am a serial weigher) was 11.5 but I did have  carb heavy day yesterday which isn't good as a diabetic. 

Anyway.  IT still means that in 7 weeks I have lost over a stone - a stone and 1lb or at best a stone and 3lb's.  I go to Slimming World on Saturdays just for an official weigh in and reckon I will have EITHER stayed the same this week or maybe got my one stone certificate as the scales are totally different every bloody week to my own.  Never mind, I know I am a lot lower than I was and feeling so much better in myself.

There is mountains of food in this house for Christmas.  I am allowing myself Christmas Eve EVENING off - when we have a take away - and Christmas Day I shall have a mince pie some trifle and chocolates - BUT DETERMINED NOT TO GO BANANAS !  and then Boxing Day to have a nice buffet tea like we normally do - yes I will have little pastries and dessert and choccies and nuts etc - then BACK TO EATING PROPERLY ON 27TH.  I won't throw the food away, things like the little snacky bits I can have with salad in the new year - as I really am not in to chicken portions etc again at the moment.

All in all I am very happy again with my weight.  Want to be 10.10 by end of January 2018 and get to 10;7 by the middle of the year so there is no pressure on me.  Enjoying doing more exercise too !

Tuesday, 19 December 2017

We had the works hamper today

it was lovely  -  I also had the 2nd delivery from Morrisons food and still more to get on Saturday - how silly !!!!  I've lost around 1 stone 3lb's and have all this food in the house.  immediately we opened the hamper I ate two chocolate biscuits  I hope I don't gain too much weight over the christmas period.

Showing 11.3

on the scales this morning so that means I have lost 1 stone 3lb's at home.  BUT definitely 1 stone or just over at Slimming World.  I have to admit I feel very hungry today and it doesn't help to have all this EXTRA Christmas food in the house, but I will be good - and only have Christmas Eve and Christmas Day and Boxing Day off and then New Years Eve and New Years Day off - and when I say OFF  am determined NOT to go stupid an gain half a stone etc

I hope everyone likes their presents..........I feel I have spent  fortune but the presents don't really look a lot ! 

I hope we have a happy Christmas.

I really hope we have a happy Christmas

Saturday, 16 December 2017


Unofficially I am one stone lighter in 6.5 weeks.  I started back on Slimming World as the doctor said I needed to take control over my diabetes otherwise i would have to have my medication doubled.  BUT with a 2.5lbs loss at group today I am 1.5lb's off the stone - either either I am a stone'ish lighter.

In the new year I may start staying to class on a saturday morning - MIGHT meet new people you never know.

Fingers crossed I don't regain too much weight over Christmas AND manage to keep the weight off after New Year and lose even more.  Would love to be 10.10 by End of January.

Final Personal Achievement Target is 10.7.

Friday, 15 December 2017

Christmas Buffet at work

And for the first time in a long long time the photo of me isn't too bad !

It was nice to see Sally as I hadn't seen her for a long time.

And Lisa said we could have an hour off as a special for Christmas and then Debbie let us leave half hour early.  Result.

Pity S is so huge in the foreground and in the background on the photo though

Saturday, 9 December 2017

Well I am chuffed to bits

was hoping for a 2lb lost this week at Slimming World, only managed 1.5lb's BUT with 1.5lb's at home the first week in just about 6 weeks I have lost da da daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

                              11.5 lb's

so just 2.5lb's to a stone for Christmas, although I would prefer to be exactly a stone light at group for Christmas and get my certificate - I will not over indulge at Christmas either.  I'm not going to be exceptional (never can anyway) but I am not going to gorge myself on mince pies and cake and custard etc.

On Tuesday this week I have my blood tests at the doctors to establish if I have managed to get my points down with regard to my diabetes.  FINGERS CROSSED - I hope I have and IF I haven't there is nothing more I could have done to help those points.  I have lost weight, I have been exercising as IF it is going out of fashion, walking more, even jogging around whilst drying my hair !  Obviously watching what I have been eating AND hardly any chocolate or biscuits or cakes.  I have had the odd one.  I hope above all hope I have brought my points down because IF I haven't I think I might cave in and just go back to old habits.  I hope not.  I have had to alter a lot of my clothes from size 18 to 16's again - can't alter them back !!!  Crossing everything that I have improved my health.

Thursday, 7 December 2017

my cutie baby Luna

Lichfield shopping for nanny's handbag for Christmas

Poorly baby fell sleep on nanny 

got home from shopping bobba asleep again with her nasty cold and granddad couldn't keep his eyes open either

I love these close-ups when she crawls all over me grabbing my clothes and nestling into me for cuddles.  Love her so so much.  

Saturday, 25 November 2017

9lbs in total in just under 5 weeks

At Slimming World I have lost 7.5 pounds but a further 1.5lbs before rejoining (for about the 10th time or more maybe)!  but pleased that I feel so much slimmer already.

Hope to be down to 11stones  again for Christmas.................but at least I am near there. 

More worries in the household K is so under pressure financially, we did warn her and not getting a mortgage for so long and each time they said financially viable - now she is so worried because work is costing her so much in petrol.  Pray that she gets a new job very soon locally to save her at least £50 a month.  AND maybe a £500 increase per year would help considerably.  Hope hope hope. Stress levels are through the roof AGAIN.#

Monday, 30 October 2017

Happy Birthday Keir.. 30 years old 29th - where did the time go.

Love you always son.  Keir and Ali had a lovely day at Drayton Manor on Saturday and I have Luna on Tuesday whilst they go to Alton Towers for Scarefest - for his Birthday.

We went to Whittington Arms for his 30th Birthday meal and it was nice except for a mix up on the desserts and they weren't apologetic.

Ha ha ...................maybe another complaint coming on. 

Back at slimming World.  Stayed the same basically - can lose 10lb's or so before Christmas - hope so anyway,

Doctors tonight dreading it as I think my bloods weren't very good.

Ah well, can only do what I can do.

Will try a bit better on my food - well I have to.

Lovely meal.  Prev photo's of them at Drayton Manor.

Monday, 9 October 2017

And Korin got her new car too

Side by side Korin's left mine right - love em both.  we are happy.

cant wait till next week

holiday. but nothing booked.  was going to book the overnight stop at Coobe Abbey - but don't know if we shall have time.

Korin has booked us both a clairvoyant - looking forward to her she's £30 each so I hope she's good.

I also have the cooker being fitted on the Monday and Korin has her snagging list being done on the Wednesday.

Korin may have to take her car in and so each day we have something planned.

looking after luna today and wednesday and dentist tomorrow - tooth has been awful.  love that baby to pieces.

Tuesday, 26 September 2017


Keir and alis heating has broken and korins buying a new car too...................... i am so worried that she will be poor for the rest of her life.  just wish she could find someone lovely to love and share her life with - and have a bit more money to spend.  she's happy in her job, but the travelling is costing her a fortune.

Keir and ali now having to spend out on a new boiler etc.  I wish I could win the lottery and buy Ali a new car and pay of any debts they have.

dreaming away.  as usual.  love my family so much.

and little luna is just the very best thing that has ever happened to me in my life, apart from my own kids of course.  thank you Ali for this gift too.

and so my new car

love it love it love it ................. so much better than that bloody little blue Hyundai i20.

Monday, 4 September 2017

Monday Monday

was so positive this morning.................get up get out go do a bit of shopping.  Key didn't go out until late so made me late getting out 9.40 am....... Coop to take in trousers to be cleaned, and then a little shopping there, which I don;t like paying their prices but didn't want to have to travel to Morrisons and to be truthful don't find them much cheaper these days either.  Then on to The Range.  Only spent £12 but another SPEND.............I don't like taking these days off if I am going out spend spend spending.

Haven't got Luna until Wednesday.

Did weed front garden, and started back on Slimming World, OMG again, again, again,again got to keep at it.  Did Yuk Sung for Tea - Slimming World style and really enjoyed it too.

Well into crafting inchies again, doing a CRAZY 50 for the nederlands group.  Loving it at the moment doing inchies again, but probably be fed up when it comes to crafting inchies, rinchies, betwinchies and Twinchies for Christmas Advent, it gets a bit samey and boring.

OMGoodness, I have fallen in love with the Scan n Cut = saw angie who I used to work with, always thought of her as a bit dipsey - if you know what I mean, very nice woman and wouldn't hurt a fly but still a bit dipsey..............anyway she is a crafter too - AND a fly away comment of 'don't you have a Scan n Cut' - to be truthful I have NEVER ever thought about one of these machines, I have a little cuttlebug and way way way too many dies - and stamps rubber and acrylic coming out of my ears ! so why would I need a Scan n Cut ?  WELL I DO I REALLY DO !  I can't unsee it now.  You tube videos just show how easy it is to cut out stamped images, drawn images, images from the computer, pictures, anything you can scan in you can cut out - it's MARVELLOUS.  What isn't marvellous is how much they are - at around £400 it's an unnecessary purchase, but I really love it and would make my crafting so much easier.  I would love one but daren't think abut it yet,  Christmas is coming and Birthday I could say I wouldn't have ANYTHING else - not a single solitary purchase until next Christmas - that would make up for the around £30 a month I spend on crafting items I suppose - thats £360 a year, but could I do it ?

Tired and worn out.

Should be ordering my new car tomorrow, but don't know if Jake the salesman is in  - he might be off sick with Mumps - and I sat in the car with h im on Saturday having a test drive.  Lunas not well either, going to end up with yet another cold, cough etc.

Thursday, 31 August 2017

Where do all these days go to ?

so frightening the speed of knots (spelling?) how quickly the days turn into weeks and the weeks into months and years ................... this is 1st September and SO the run up to Christmas really.  I never used to think about Christmas until after Keirs Birthday but as he's older now and not REALLY my responsibility then I don't think about it.  ALTHOUGH my little boy (tongue in cheek) is 30 this year, my oh my, that little beautiful boy of mine is a big chap - 6' tall and a daddy to baby Luna.

I worry about him and Alison, they argue, I want them to be happy, pressures of life and money and time - time is a dreadful thing, it all goes by too quickly.

Baby Luna is just THE best thing on this planet, she's grizzly a bit - but mostly a happy child and so so cute and she knows it.  Love her with my whole being.

I might be getting a new car - I just don't know what to do - I have to get it MOT'd if I don't change my car and I will lose another thousand pounds on it if I leave it until the 3.5 years is up (next March)that has also gone exceptionally quick.   Looking at a Kia Rio AGAIN, do I really want the hasstle of going for a test drive, feel a bit rail roaded into it again.  I can always say no.

Well it's nearly time to get ready for work again, doing two days later part of the week I am not enjoying.  I never enjoyed work anyway, suppose two days is better than every morning for 3 hours but at least then by Friday lunch time I was home to get eerything done.  TI:RED AND WORN OUT really.

some pictures:

Sunday, 20 August 2017

Our 40th Anniversary Celebrations (didn't quite go to plan) but it was nice in between

After cake at work ..... thought we could have a Chinese meal on Friday night but then thought against it as we were having afternoon tea at Coombe Abbey on the Saturday.  But did end up having chocolate and ice cream after a SW chips and chicken nuggets.  (naughty me).  Gotta get properly back to Slimming World on Monday and stick to it properly - NO EXCUSES.

So saturday morning we left at 10 am and got into Coventry for 12 noon'ish.  Went around Cathedral which is nice but I thought would be a lot bigger - only took 3/4 hour to look around it.  Went shopping but it wasn't a very nice shopping area (was this Coventry town centre ?) quite rough to say the least.

So on to Coombe Abbey.  Whilst paying car parking charges we encountered a drunk ..... druggie ?  a woman whom I wanted to help but thought IF I give her a tenner would she just spend it on drink/drugs probably, could this end up to be her last fix ?  I could kill her with a tenner.  Her image was with me all afternoon especially whilst I was eating my afternoon tea at Coombe Abbey.

So we checked in and paid for room and went for afternoon tea, which was nice.  I can't say it was exceptional, yes it was nicer than the one we had at Christophers two years ago, but it said smart casual and people were wearing jeans and t'shirts, so I was a bit surprised.  But it was nice.

went for a walk around the grounds.

Went and got key as the room wasn't ready earlier. Asked if we could book for restaurant was told it was fully booked but could get a meal in the bar up to 9.45 pm - menu showed cottage pie and chips, burgers and chips etc, that was OK for me as we din't know how long we would be full for after afternoon tea.

Room was lovely.  Really quite 'posh', had a little snooze and a cuppa and then another walk around Coombe Abbey country park back up the hotel etc.  back to room another cuppa and around 7 pm we decided to go downstairs and have a few drinks as we weren't driving and something to eat, although I wasn't overly hungry but could eat a lasagne or cottage pie etc.

No menus were now out in the bar and after ordering drinks found that we couldn't get a meal in the bar because it was too busy.  We had to cancel the drinks as we then had to decide to go out and get something to eat locally ?  Where ?  we didn't know the area.  AND we really wanted to just chill in the hotel with a few drinks before going to bed.

The deputy manager said he could see if the head chef would be prepared to cook us something but he doubted it as the hotel was full to bursting with people and the restaurant was OVER covered with extra guests for the weddings that were taking place.  he suggested we might get a sandwich via room service ?  We were very upset and decided to go home.  Hopefully getting a refund on monday.  I hope they offer us something like a free afternoon tea for the future etc - but I bet they wont.

so it was a real let down for our 40th Wedding Anniversary and to add insult to injury ended up having kentuky fried chicken which wasn't nice at all !!

We had a small lunch in this cafe a 1940's style it was quite lovely

And coventry cathedral.....

and coombe abbey  ... lovely afternoon tea and room everything fine initially