Saturday, 30 April 2011

J&C's Ruby Wedding Memory Exploding Box

Top of the box again - have a lot of work to do on this, but getting there slowly but surely.

Titled each side of the CD cases as 40 years of music - sounds of the 60's, sounds of 70's etc

These open to reveal 4 CD cases each containing 2 discs for each of the 10 years - 60's, 70's, 80's & 90's - decided against doing 70-s to 2000's because I thought they'd prefer the older music.

This will hopefully explode open with loads of photographs when I've cropped all 40 - YES 40 pic's to represent the years they've been married.

Friday, 29 April 2011

Back on Slimming World

Hoping to return on Tuesday albeit it'll probably cost me £15 to pay up to date, but I know I shall just regain all the weight IF I don't do something about it all.

Was showing 11.4/5 this morning - that means about 5.6 lb's up on my personal best.

Emotional day for THE wedding.

Emotional day watching the Royal Wedding - it was good for England - her dress was so elegant and beautiful...........& showing the box I made as a birth card for Niece Alison & her partner Elaines bautiful baby girl

The little birth book - was hoping to incorporate loads of baby photo's but haven't been sent any yet & had to get it finished to take over on Bank Holiday Monday with the pressies.

Thursday, 28 April 2011

William and Kate get married tomorrow

Thinking about wedding photo's heres one of our wedding pic's - 20.08.1977 - long long time ago, wish I was still as young and as slim.........

& heres A UKS thread I created - hope to see loads of lovely wedding pic's

Wednesday, 27 April 2011

A card for Christina (nan Birch)

Rough day at work after tooth extraction and feeling low and tired after 12 days of pain, pain and more pain. After a sleep after work - little walk of the dog - sat and made a card for Christina's birthday.

Hope she likes it.

Got so much crafting to do - it's unreal. Alisons baby box next - then her birthday card.

THEN the exploding box for J&C which will takes forever - I think - have about 40 photo's to mount and crop and put DST on - not looking forward to it - but hope it's nice when it's finished.

Tuesday, 26 April 2011

Tuesday 26th April 2011

So much for buying my skirt last night and sitting for over an hour altering the length - it's been pretty cold today. Back at work after 12 days off - it was quite awful, we are really under pressure to do overtime - I hate leaving colleagues when I leave early knowing they're going to be rushed off their feet - BUT - I applied for this job as part time - 28 hours a week - and that is ALL I really want to do - I am so tired and worn out doing overtime, having the holiday and having nothing but pain the whole bloody week, DD now going to Uni - so we have loads to do, DS still struggling too'ing and fro'ing Olivia's - Hubby bogged under with shop & a full time job. Blimey I thought as we got older we'd be less stressed.

I am so so so tired - and supposed to be doing 8 - 5 tomorrow - with this infection I really don't want to go in at all - HAD MY TOOTH EXTRACTED as the jaw bone has the infection and has eaten away at the bone of my jaw - the tooth was loose and so when it moved on top of this infection - hence the pain. AND BLIMEY WAS IT PAINFUL.

I am fed up, tired and worn out. Wish I could win the lottery and go on a fortnights holiday away from everything - sun, sea and sand. Some bloody's just work, work, work and more work for us.

Suppose we have to be grateful we have jobs, but it's so hard when I feel so tired and worn out.

WAS 11.3 today - so just 3lb's up on what I was - WANT to lose that and another 3lb's for J&C's Ruby WEdding Meal in 4 weeks time.


Monday, 25 April 2011

Holidays over and back to work tomorrow

Very nearly 11 pm so so tired and still in pain from mouth abscess - awful.

My diet went out the window when on holiday and came home on Thursday night at 11.8 (late evening - full of food - and rubbish that I'd had in Weymouth that day) - Friday morning I was weighing in at 11.7 - which meant 8lb's up on my personal best - and 7lb's gain whilst on holiday.

Today I weighed in at 11.2 - then 11.3 then 11.4 - stopped weighing myself after that, my scales are usually quite trustworthy. NOT going to SW tomorrow night as we are exceptionally strapped for cash this month - with the holiday and everything else we've paid out = we've basically been paid and have just £500 to last us the month - dare not keep dipping into savings and the shopping bills get higher and higher.

Good news about my diet though was that I had to go buy a skirt as I only have trousers for work having thrown out my size 18 skirts when I lost some weight and it was winter when I usually wear all trousers new skirt was a size 14 and fits lovely but had to take 4 inches off the bottom - short arse.

My cousins finished exploding 50th Birthday memory box

The finished box .....

Sunday, 24 April 2011

It's a wrap - Alison - my Niece has given birth to a daughter this is what I am making for her......

The usual box - which is a lid from the exploding boxes I make.......simple

The wrap around.

Bottom - inside

Gotta think about a closure ?

Got to have quite a bit of embellishment and a little baby girlie album popped inside - when I get some more photo's of the baby.

Saturday, 23 April 2011

Not happy .....

Had to make the 'big' sentiments around the outside of the lid to cover the 'glossy accents' mistake of earlier - finially got this done by nearly midnight - got to start on the inside of the box tomorrow now - have only got 12 photo's though so may have to pad out the journalling - include characteristics of her birth sign - her birthsign - numerology etc etc .............. not too happy with the outside of the box though so hope the inside works out a bit better - MIGHT make a little box for inside and include a little pressie - something like a keyring or something????

Such a lot of crafting to do ......

Top of the box for our Marian - was looking OK, but it's got messed up - - - - - -

Around the box it said 'Our Marian, my cousin, more like ..... , My Sister' then found that the glossy accents I had used to hold the flowers in place had ran down the side with 'my sister' - tried to scrape it away whilst it wasn't quite fully dry and it pulled all the card off - don't have any more card that colour - don't know what to do now - will have to leave it until tomorrow, I think.

Really pleased with how this '50' came out - was going to buy at Hobbycraft at £2.49? - made this with card on acetate strips to stand it up - glittered with Stickles - for about 20p (maybe).

Holiday in Weymouth

Just a few pic's from our Holiday in Weymouth. Beautiful Weather - don't suppose we'll get another holiday though this year with Korin going to Uni at Blackpool - having said that we could go down and bunk with her ! now theres a thought.

West Bay - many a few 'volcano's' - (do'nuts with swirled soft icecream and chocolate sauce and sprinkles - yummy - BUT I came home half a stone heavier - DESPITE a really bad tooth and and a jaw abscess - painful - very painful - still managed to eat though. 'blush'

Fishing at Bradpole.

Lyme Regis - it was a beautiful day.

A bit of architecture at Lyme Regis - took loads of photo's last year so only a couple this year.

A dressed up street in Weymouth, I think for the Royal Wedding.

journey to Lyme Regis - lovely place

Quite a way to this Reservoir - wasn't an awful lot doing but it passed an hour or so - again before the nice weather started.

Took these pic's to print and put into J&C's Ruby Wedding exploding box - started ages ago, been waiting for pic's from their kids - finally got them and can now get on with finishing it for their 40th Wedding Anniversary Meal on 20th May.

The view from our Johnnies caravan - breathtaking really. As he's getting rid of it next year don't suppose we'll go again now though.

Little stream that fed into the sea at Lower Eype - pretty chilly this first day - but lovely.

Roy Orbison has NOTHIN on me ! Crikey, didn't realise I look so OLD.

Sunday, 10 April 2011

Our Marian is 50 on 8.5.2011

Too close - bit overexposed - me thinks ! Happy Birthday to you - going to incorporate these pic's into an exploding box you have heard me speak about - I have such a lot of crafting to do at the moment, but want to do you something special for your 50th - we have been more like sisters than cousins. Happy Birthday again.
Having a quiet word - whilst we were in Spain
My bridesmaid.
Me dragging you in front of the camera - AGAIN - at Aunt Roses (I think) Birthday party at your house.
Remember when I dragged you with jme to have my hair cut - my FIRST cut and blow dry at Browne's in Birmingham - all they did was cut 18" off and I wanted to look like Cilla Black - what a hoot.
This is such a lovely pic - I think
taken at Koz's 10th birthday party - so you'd be about 40.
We were absolutely sloshed at one of our parties back in 1986 !
Oh Yeah - this pic doesn't seem that long ago Maz - but it's about 26 years ago !
One of my 3 bridesmaids - the 3rd one and you aren't speaking so thought I'd better cut her out !
Breathe IN .........hold .....& breathe out !
Nice close-up dear

And SHE says she doesn't drink !