Friday, 31 August 2012

Treated myself, feeling really down.

my leg is still bad - infact it seems worse today than last weekend - have had quite a few bad days this week ? Don't know why, but I have - fed up and unhappy. So I treated myself to this:
It's fun to play with - actually tackling a LO using it now.

Don't know whether to go to SW this week ?

With Olivias 21st Birthday I've had chocolates and chocolate cake and a huge meal out at the World Buffet - that was a sight to behold I can tell you - how disgusting that our eyes light up when we see so much food ! So reckoning that I've gained - at least 2lb's - I've also had frosted shreddies in the house - NIGHTMARE havne't been able to leave them alone and have had 3 bowls and semi skimmed milk too !!! Plus for some reason this week I have longed after TOAST - and so I had it - with thick butter on the top. To say it was devine was an understatement - but I realy shouldn't have had it. Hopefully all the naughties are now out of my system and I can get back to Slimmning World Properly as of tomorrow after weigh in - Hope it's not as much as 2lb's on - but praying it's not more. See ya.

Monday, 27 August 2012

Dyed my hair - at long long last

still didn't feel like doing it - not just the doing of it (which i hate anyway) but standing up on my leg in one place whilst putting the dye on has been 'too much' to bear. Thankfully the leg is definitely improving and as it's Olivias 21st birthday tomorrow and we are going out for a meal - then I needed to get it done. I am 5 weeks behind doing it - it was disgraceful - was going to take a pic but don't think I could have beared to look at it myself. Whatever people have been thinking about me I do not know. Did try on two occasions to ring Korins hairdresser to get it done but it was always last minute and she couldn't fit me in. Ah well - hopefully it will turn out ok as I've only ever dyed it when it's only a cm roots - this time it was 2 and a bit cm roots - AWFUL.

Saturday, 25 August 2012

SW 6th weigh in = another loss - at last

struggled the last few weeks - week before last I stayed the same - week before than and the week before that ONLY lost a pound............last week I gained a half a pound even though I switched to red as I felt on EE I couldn't tolerate the carbs in with my meals. FINALLY today I lost 2.5lb's - so 10lb's in 6 weeks - not too bad. COULD - I hope be over a stone lighter by week ten - AND another half a stone lighter for Christmas although my goal would be 10.10 for Christmas Day - I am on track I think it's 17 weeks to Christmas so if I only lost a pound each week I would definitely be at my goal for Christmas Day. Fingers crossed eh.

Friday, 24 August 2012

Olivia is 21 - 28th...........

An exploding box for Olivias 21st Birthday. Front View.
The rear veiw
one of the side panels

Wednesday, 22 August 2012

Had the builders in !

We have a new house - well we've been here 2.5 years now and from day one the floors to the bedroom (above lounge) and the bedroom on 3rd floor above my bedroom the floors creek and crack something rotten..............impossible to sleep when my daughter gets out of bed or when my son and his GF get up to go watch some films on the 'big' TV downstairs - the floors wake me EVERYTIME. Anyway, cutting a long long story short I rang the house builder and apparently they've had the same problems on this small estate at other houses - and so they sent in the builders............... I dreaded them coming, the disruption (because of my bad leg and worried that I would be on the go all the time) but I needn't have worried they were very curtious and professional - got on with the job, cleaned up completely and have done an excellent job to the floors - THEY aren't 100% - didn't expect to be completely 'noise free' but I must admit that sons and GF's floor is probably 90% better and DD's floor is around 75-85% better - can't be bad eh. AND - although my leg is still bad - I was able to rest on my bed - at my computer and not do an awful lot really. Thanks chaps - you were excellent. Will have to send a report David Wilson.

Saturday, 18 August 2012

even more depressed - half a pound on at SW

6th weigh in and I gained half a pound - stayed the same last week - don't know what the hell is going on !!!!!! should be losing. BUT I'm not excercising. When I lost on SW before I was working 28 hours a week and with my job I'm on the go most of the day - so no exercise is definitely a contributing factor to maybe not losing as easily but to gain when I've basically had a very good week - can't say excellent or 100% but a very very good week. very disappointed in myself. Never mind eh, can but try a bit harder - see how next week goes. Will have more fruit and veg and cut down on meat and carbs - hope that helps a bit.

Thursday, 16 August 2012

Watched Peter Kays the tour that didn't tour - tour

wanted to be there in person last year (think it was) - it was great and we had lots of belly laughs as a family - GREAT.

trying to cheer myself up a bit

half a syn slimming world victoria sponge - it's not at all bad.

Very Down In The Dumps !

Feeling very sorry for myself. Leg is probably 65% - 70% better than it was. At least I don;t have the diabolical pain all day every day as I was. Went to GP today as I should be back at work tomorrow was expecting her to say another fortnight off work (have had 3 weeks so far). To be honest and truthful I know I wouldn't cope with my job with the leg still being as it is, I know that IF I had gone back tomorrow within a few days I would be back to square one 'painwise' - and the physio also said I shouldn't go back just yet. BUT the GP has signed me off for a month. This was a shock. She did say 'see how it goes and ONLY IF your leg is completely better should you go back before the end of a month' - so we shall have to wait and see. Still tired and worn out though - tablets don't help and sick of pain every time I stand from a sitting position. BUT definitely improved.

Sunday, 12 August 2012

Think Monday Think ATC

for last monday - SHIPS - love the feel of this ATC - very Hercule Poirot type.

Saturday, 11 August 2012

disappointed with a STS

STayed the same this week - but Olivia lost 2lb's which meant she got her stone award ! Well done Olivia................I am going to try red days on SW and see if that helps my weight loss a bit.

Sunday, 5 August 2012

Dare I say it - Dare I?

although my leg is still painful - it is the best it has been in 6 weeks ! Dare I hope that it is getting better with rest ? DAre I? We'll see what it's like in the morning, just taken a painkiller to help me through the night. Fingers crossed

Saturday, 4 August 2012

a couple of ATC's

Have managed to do some ATC's - not been feeling well with this leg for such a long time but this afternoon actually felt like doing a bit of crafting.......hope to continue to improve.

Think Monday, Think ATC - it's been a while

Not been feeling well for a while so haven't participated. Had a bit of a better afternoon so decided to do TMTA - enjoyed it actually.

4th weigh in at Slimming World

on my own as Olivia is away today - she is though keeping up her SW regime - I hope. It;'s so easy to put weight on - much more difficult to lose it. BUT - although my own scales (which were exactly the same as SW on the last two weeks weigh in) showed me below 12 stones again - 11.13 (only just) - when I got to SW I was showing 12 stones - poo ! There is always next week I suppose. Got home quick weigh - yep definitely showing 11.13. I really question this. BUT - again another BUT - I am now officially 7.5lb's lighter than I was 4 weeks ago - and my clothes are starting to fit me again............and 1.5 stones lighter than I was when I first returned to slimming world August not too shabby really. However, my leg is still bad - I couldn't stay to class because the pain in the leg was really bad by the time I;m hobbled in there came home swigged a cuppa and painkillers (because I can't drive with the painkillers) and went to bed. FEELING much better this afternoon and leg (dare I say it) is feeling improved. BLOODY HOPE SO ANYWAY.

Friday, 3 August 2012

another two weeks off work

physio says its possibly my hamstring - or sciatic nerve - but more than likely arthritis which the GP says it is - gotta go back for some machine or other on my knee next tuesday - went to GP (was put back on crutches by the physio) and GP said immediately 2 weeks off - but possibly it'll be a long process as I've obviously done more damage than good. I went into work for 4 weeks hobbling around - in agony - running up and down stairs and to and fro outpatients dept etc etc - it was too much for the knee. So now I'm paying the price - hate taking so much time off work - especially when you are looking for a job, as soon as you say how many days you've had off sick - thats you done for ! Ah well, my main priority now is to get my leg better . ,