Thursday, 27 July 2017

it's arrived

my badge maker - i love it and making loads of badges, although a lot of the images i have used are not royalty free so cannot resell them, whatever i am going to do with all these badges is nobodies business.  I have though also made lots from my own drawings and pieces of paper from patterned paper stacks so I can give them away as RAKS when I return inchies in swaps etc.  I don't know why i bought the machine really - although i love it and will not resell it - and make loads of badges and badges and badges, I will never use them all up.  I think I may have to package them up and sell some on ebay.  IF I can.

here are some I made the first 20 minutes of having my badge maker .................

Friday, 21 July 2017

Well I been and gone and done it

I absolutely LOVE flair/buttons - or UK Badges I should say .............. but they are expensive online for 5 or 6 around 3.99 but then P&P on top.  sooooooooooooooooooo  I been and gone and done it and ordered my OWN button/badge maker, hope it's as good as it says its going to be on you tube, I shall scream if I've shelled out £120 and it's crap.

Fingers crossed.

panicking now that I've spent that much money on another craft equipment but you can make these ......... or similar 

Keir and Ali on holiday with baby luna.