Saturday, 30 January 2016

Another meal !

this time with korin at the fox in Tamworth - then home and ate 3 bloody chocolate cream eggs !  this has to stop, I am being s stupid although I was still ONLY one pound heavier than Christmas eve.

Wednesday, 27 January 2016

Christmas Meal at work - well at the Longwood

It wasn't a bad per usual i talk too much, must stop that, i also cancelled a treatment again and had a cancellation for tonight.

doing only 3 hours a day at work i am finding it hard just doing bits and pieces etc.  But I picked up my salary and I am only £300 down for the month - thats £75 a week - OK I really should be earning more but at 60 I feel I need to cut back and relax more.  Have had a relaxing afternoon.

Tuesday, 26 January 2016

Korin started her new job

Yay - and it was OK - Yay - I hope she continues to like it - I am so pleased.  she actually said it was the best first day at a new job that she has ever had......................thank F*** for that

Saturday, 23 January 2016

Any Size Swap

I suggested it - on the Netherlands group on Facebook.................two lots of 10 mini art works to be sent by the middle of February..................mine are being sent to Lucy and Rona hope they like them

start again tomorrow .............. :(

Need I say anything more ! Dominoes and Malibu and Cokes for Dinner - after my birthday and drinking Malibu and coke I've really got the taste for it.  Back on Slimming World definitely definitely definitely tomorrow.

Friday, 22 January 2016

Really have to give myself a big big big kick up the bum

I have probably gained about 4lb's over Christmas, New Year and my Birthday and EVEN this week too with too much chocolate and extra's and back in bad habits at work munching on sweeties and biscuits - not as bad as I was but reckon I am back up to only 10lb' off ANNOYED and FRUSTRATED with myself.   it stops here and now and as of tomorrow i am going out walking more again and eating small but regular meals - I will not be a Mrs Blobby !  Want to be 11 stones for Easter - it can be done, Gill just do it.


Tuesday, 19 January 2016

Korin has a job

wow wow wow - she has had a difficult 12 months and vowed that she would have a job by the end of January.  WELL DONE KOZZIE you did it - I hope it's a great job, I hope you like it, I hope the people are lovely, I hope you can stick at it.  It's what you wanted (what you needed) an office job.  Love you.  Well done again.

Monday, 11 January 2016

To top things off today 11th January,

received the BLING inchies from the Netherlands group


I cannot believe how quickly my 60th Birthday has come around.  I remember mom saying when I was 21 look after the years because before you know where you are you will be 41 and wondering where time has gone...................the next birthday I have with a 1 in it is 61 and that is JUST next year.  I am glad I have reached 60 I hope I make 70 and 80 and maybe 90 providing I am well enough and can get around and know what I am doing etc.................but the years certainly spin by at a rate of knots.

I have had THE MOST WONDERFUL DAY and thank you to everyone.  Well I had a lovely weekend, went to THE ALBERT for a Meal on Saturday and then a relaxing day on Sunday but had a McDonalds (I lurve McDonalds) for tea and the biggest Chocolate Cake I ever saw - I know I shouldn't but I did and I thoroughly enjoyed it.  Didn't sleep well though because of feeling so sick, and then ONLY had to do 3 hours at work today................IF I hadn't used all my bloody annual leave up I could have booked a day off and rested and then gone into Lichfield with Korin, but it WAS only 3 hours and when I got to work to find my desk all dressed up and the outer door with 60 banners and my desk sprinkled with 60's sequins and Happy Birthday and Balloons galore I couldn't believe how they had gone to town.  Maybe because I had always said that no one had ever bothered about my birthday at work before.  Well they did today, and I had a beautiful card and a card later from the girls in New Appointments which was dropped off by Carole I would think as she lives close by me - how nice was that.  A Hobbycraft gift voucher from my office colleagues (yes I am still in shock) - and flowers.

and these are my presents..................totally over the moon or should I say out of this world (where the star is concerned) have shed a few tears today.  So I am 60 - must now get back to Slimming World and lose another stone and feel much better in myself - I hope.  Bad news is that Keith (brother in law) is pretty poorly AND David Bowie died today..................that is sad. :(

From Korin, Keir and Ali - beautiful

from Key - this is so blingy and beautiful and expensive.  Love love love it.

Lots of cards - more came after this photograph was taken

Flowers from work were lovely and a voucher for £25 for Hobbycraft couldn't really believe it.

Adult colouring, can't wait until my promarkers arrive from ebay !

From Martin at the shop - some great projects to make 

From Keir and Ali as Keir hadn't been able to get me anything came late on the night after he finished work.

And this is so beautiful, to name a star after me, to think that the kids can look up in the sky many years from now after I have gone and think that THAT star is me, crying now.  

I have had such a beautiful wonderful lovely birthday, I am a very lucky lady.  

Sunday, 10 January 2016

Be Mine - Valentine. Valentine Inchies for Nederlands

Enjoyed making these

Birthday Cake

OMG I feel really sick, too much cake afternoon and then I had a McDonalds, all the foods I should avoid as a diabetic = and I have just pigged out after the Birthday meal yesterday too = I need to get back onto Slimming World NOW !

Saturday, 9 January 2016

Happy Birthday to Me - well Happy Birthday Meal

went out with Family for my 60th Birthday meal - too too much to eat, too too much to drink, but it was a lovely meal again at The Albert.

Saturday, 2 January 2016

Nederlands - annual tile a day

Well I wasn;t going to do it this year, then I was, then I wasn't.  Sheila on the Nederlands group did an inchie a day for 12 months but I found the size too small - and a whole 12 months has whipped by again already.

2" (twinchies) seem a bit big to store so I'm doing a 1.5" x 1.5" per day.  and this is the start obviously 1st and 2nd Jan.  I don't know if I shall manage every day - where I don,t I shall write down a prompt and here and there I may do a double tile (like 2nd Jan) for those that I miss along the way - and make the whole thing look a bit more 'scrapped' if you know what I mean.

anyway, here is the start - I will show maybe at the end of each month............

Friday, 1 January 2016

ATC's to & from Lyndee

from Lyndee 

Happy New Year = 2016 already

Very Very cold today - had Keir and Ali round for another Turkey dinner, it was a good day


Well I sincerely hope it is................time flies by so quickly and in 11 days time - well 10 days time I shall be  60 I cannot believe it really, it's gone by so quickly.

We went for a meal at The Albert = it was a good meal and we will go again for my birthday as it was so nice.  Got to book up.  We are then thinking of going away for a weekend early February (waiting for all the rain and floods everywhere to die down a bit) - fell like going to Stonehenge to have a nosey and staying for a couple of nights.  And I have asked for a proper good leather coat - but I will have to try it on and choose it for myself.

AND because I reckon I shall be 5lb's heavier over Christmas I really want to be 'at least' 10lb's down before I buy it and buy one that is just slightly tight on me so when I lose a further few pounds it won#t look too big.  Thats a plan, hope it comes together.

But finally I have had a photo taken that doesn't make me look too bad as a 60 year old.