Sunday, 25 December 2016

Christmas Day = Wnere the hell did this year go and the last 7 days in particuar

I wish wish wish we had Christmas parties and outings etc to go to - but we don't - we do have the theatre on Thursday and looking forward to that but what its called I cannot remember, it's a Farce - a spin off of 12 days of christmas meets agatha christie and the 39th steps.  looking forward to it actually.

so had lots of pressies and love them.  AND korin was very happy with all her presents too !  amazing.  Key was happy with his presents but he had only a couple to open.

Benny made us laugh trying to open the presents with us.  Keir and Alison loved their presents as well and we loved their presents also.

All in all it was a fantastic day.

Too too too much food, and was 12.2 yesterday for Christmas eve, I reckon I will be 12.5 again today, but not weighing myself again now for a week until new year - then the serious losing weigh will start, my diabetic nurse wants me to lose a stone - so i will and feel great.

Never heard from Marian and so she is now completely and utterly DEAD to me.  I would love her to contact me so I can tell her that too.........................having said that i feel so much more in control of my life without her, she was so so negative, a complete drain on my energy AND critisised EVERYTHING I put on facebook, I can truly say there is definitely a very very thin line between love and hate and I really hate her for what she has done to me.  to put it politely I woudn't piss on her if she was on fire.

And so it's 11 pm and I am in bed with Benny boy lying next to me, we are all stuffed as stuffed as the turkey was....................... ha ha.  feel sick and reckon I won;'t get much sleep because of acid.

TV was rubbish, but we (keir ali korin key and me) played Speak out and it was hillarious.  All in all a great day.  heres some pics


Just after dinner 

As we started to play 'Speak out'

Everyone was in hysterics 

The Farce we are going to see at the Garrick in Lichfield

Benny Opening his own presents and trying to open everyone elses too it was funny 

My beautiful boots and watch and perfume and purse !  and more perfume off Keir and Ali  x x x x love you all.

so funny today 

Saturday, 17 December 2016

well i lost 2lb's whoop whoop

But had a terrible day food wise ...............

went out with korin and we got the last bits and pieces.  I've eaten lots of chocolate and panini and a sheek kebab from the indian and a naan bread too - OMFG !  I probably put that 2lb's back on.

So gotta be good from tomorrow would love to be 11.12 next Saturday morning, I can do this I know I can.

Took the Benny Boo to Paw Pounders again, it was a lot calmer than the last time but it was so lovely letting him off the lead again to walk around and relax a bit.  He loved it and me and Korin Loved it too.

Still got quite a bit to do before Christmas and wrap the presents - still haven't got nything for keir but I think he may want a sound bar, we'll see.  if not I'm puitting £100 into an envelope for him.

8 sleeps to Christmas day ............ this year has rushed by.  had a snidey text from Janet about sending sisters cards !  yet she never contacts me anymore.  i am fed up people thinking they can say and do what they like to me and get away with it.  I want to reply quite nastily but I know i wont, and yet again just take another jibe at me like I always take time and time and time agian.

Monday, 12 December 2016

two days back on a kind of diet

was 12.3 again again again ..................... cannot stick to SW at all - but doing a kind of diet, certainly not eating what I have been eating over the last few months and although I have stayed the same I would have loved to have lost at least a stone for Christmas.  Obviously in two weeks that is NOT going to happen but I could could could be half a stone lighter by Christmas day.  FINGERS CROSSED.

Sunday, 11 December 2016

Had a wonderful afternoon yesterday

firstly Key was off and cleaned behind my fridge/freezer and all down the walls and on top of the cupboards etc - a job I hate doing and didn't have to do for the first Christmas in 40 years - I have always done it before.#

Then walking Benny he was so good with me and Korin (have booked up for paw pounders again next week) as a pre christmas treat for him as he loved it so much before.

Then at 3 pm we went to Keirs - and Key helped Keir put their stuff up in the loft and then we went to the 3D scan of Luna Rose Antoinette - beautiful name for a beautiful baby, I couldn't help my eyes running again ha ha .

She is the spit of Alison, with mine and Keirs nose - I hope that she also looks a bit like Keir, I miss my kids being kids - being babies.

then on the early evening we went to the Ladybridge again for a meal - with Keir and Ali and baby bump - it wasn't a marvellous meal - but it was a festive atmosphere and everyone else enjoyed their meals, but it was also pretty expensive.  No other Christmas meals then.

just got to get keir his christmas present now and a couple of things for one for ali and a couple more for Key for his christmas stocking, then next weekend i have to get them all wrapped.  Korin has the most presents which is normal as she still lives at home.

all in all it's been a lovely weekend.  

Happy Christmas to everyone - and me and mine.  I hope it's a good one.

Thursday, 8 December 2016

In January 2016...................

Henny and Margeet on the Netherlands Inchies Group were arranging to do a book each month of 10 inchies themed for the month and show each other on 15th of the month what they had come up with - well we all got involved and so each 15th of the month we showed our 10 inchies with the theme.

January - Winter
February - Valentine (of course)
March - Afternoon Tea
April - Flowers
May Animals.
June - Stamping
July - Summer-time
August - The Best of Holland/Brittain
September - Magazines/Media
October - Halloween (of course)
November - Black and White
December - Whatever happens in December !

here are mine - still need to make the front and back covers but doubt that will EVER be done.

New book starts on 15th December for January upload.

Monday, 5 December 2016

Monday I got Friday on my mind !

Can't wait until Christmas to have a week off work, I know I only do 3 hours a day but it's so bloody miserable working in that fucking office.

Monday morning and I am already fed up knowing I am prepping again and that they will have left loads for me to do in those 3 hours.  I wish I could pack up work, but know that my £600 a month helps considerably, although I could cut down drastically if I didn't have it, however, my wrist and thumb are hurting again and so I couldn't do my reflexology.  Fate has a habit of giving us lots of twists and turns.

Anyway, better get showered I supposed and get my arse to work as it's now 8 oclock and I should be drying my hair let alone sitting on this bloody computer typing away/

Key at shop for 3 days !  -  bloody iced up big time out there too.

good news is that Keir and Ali did the baby nursery and it looks good already.  I worry though she is doing too much being 7.5 months pregnant.

love their house too - wish I was settled in a little house like this too, hardly any cleaning and basic and keep everything to a minimum.

Saturday, 3 December 2016

Feeling Christmasy

So we went shopping at the Fort shopping centre in Birmingham................ got there early and it was GREAT .............. everything just seemed to gel and we managed to buy quite a bit which we needed as Christmas presents.  Korin has bought me some lovely boots can't wait to be able to wear them.  Got all of Korins and part of Keys and know what we are getting Keir and Ali and that is all we buy, so nothing to worry about at all.

Then we came home for a quick sarnie and then took Benny to Paw Pounders - OMG he loved being off the lead he looked like a proper sheep dog and ran and ran and ran - he LOVED LOVED LOVED it and we loved being there with him, it was quite emotional.

The Mr Benny Boo Boo 

Friday, 2 December 2016

Friday night and not everything is OK

Every Friday afternoon Marian and I would have an hour long chat - or thereabouts.  Obviously that isn't going to be ever again and I must admit I missed the chat this afternoon.  I will not be sad, she is the liar and untrustworthy.  Love and hate are so closely linked and at this moment in time I really hate her for what she has done.

Thursday, 1 December 2016

I really have got to got to got to lose some weight

Felt really big although I wasn't according to the scales.

Feel better for being less negative without Marian in my life, I didn't realise what a loser she was all those years and all that moaning to me making me feel negative every bloody day, she had a sad life - not a bad life, but a sad life being married to that bastard - well two bastards together eh.

1st December, in the past I have lost 6lb's in one week on Slimming world the week before Christmas so I could if I really tried lose 8 - 10lb's before Christmas if I just stuck at it properly.  Got to try so hard.

Denise came over today to work.  I rang that woman every other day after her partner died and she always said I will ring you and she never did ..................... and again I would ring her to make sure she was OK.  Why do I give people so many chances ????  NO MORE.  She said again, I will ring you Yeah Yeah Yeah - I'm NOT ringing her she can go spin on it.

No more chances for people who treat me like shit.