Friday, 28 August 2015

things have gone a little astray

annoyed is an understatement that i have been called for jury duty at birmingham crown court !  it may be a month off work - which isn't so bad, but 2.5 hours travelling by bus every day is going to send me doo-lally PLUS just got started on my Reflexology business again and getting customers to rebook after first treatments and now may have to cancel them because of doing the jury service so so annoyed.  PLUS just got into decorating and tidying the house up etc and will be too knackered to do it at weekends.

Ah well, it is a Bank holiday weekend this weekend so before i start jury service on tuesday i am going to have a relaxing weekend - although getting the double bed down for Key and new covers and new blinds etc - it will be a little hectic - plus we have to go over to DFS again - the sofas were shite and they said to come and rechoose, could be doing without all this.

hopefully in a months time i shall be relaxed and won't be so uptight about everything agian.

Good news is that my reflexology business is doing great already - and i haven't advertised or done leaflet drops etc yet........fingers crossed it continues to build.

Sunday, 9 August 2015

2nd week Reflexology

so very happy with my 2nd week too on reflexology - earned around £400 + on reflexology in two weeks - BUT  it's short lived - have nothing booked apart from one treatment tomorrow night and only a couple of treatments for the next week - but it has to build.

done a leaflet to take into the secretaries tomorrow then unfortunately I have Jury Duty which I'm not looking forward will then put some leaflets out locally and advertise in the local paper - hope it builds and I can pack up at the hospital by end of November.  that would be wonderful.

DFS - Rubbish sofas = so very disappointed

catalogue of rubbish stitching, stitching coming undone, white suede coming through from back side of leather - if it is leather, doesn't look like leather all over.  creaking arm rests on 2 seater sofa.  horrible rotten stinking suite.

i am proud

Keir and ali moved today and they have a lovely home

they have worked so hard to get here