Saturday, 13 November 2010

SW luciousness - a proper cake - came out well

16 syns for the whole cake - tasted lovely ate nearly half of it so classed it as 7 syns. Hope I lose a bit better this week than I have been doing - just a pound a week. BUT as someone said, a pound a week is 3.5 stones in a year ! wowsee eh.

pics of old pic's from MIL & FIL 60's bad photo's though

I have the exact same picture - only with me in it as Key and I went to school together this would be about 48 years ago - how sad where have all those years gone?

13th November - been playing

with my craft stuff. I should be thinking Christmas - I should be getting accounts ready for accountant - I should be getting my house in order as it;'s only 6 weeks to Christmas but you know I can't be arsed really.

Two ATC's I made, really enjoyed the friendly plastic and angel hair moulding - and then the angel hair ironed between two layers of fantasy film - gorgeous shiney stuff.

I've panicked myself now over Christmas - I really must get myself together - got an interview to prepare for too - I hope I get the job - I'm loathing the thought of going in on Monday to do filing, filing, filing, filing and more filing. My brain can't cope with the monotony !

Tuesday, 9 November 2010

SW 9.11.10

2 stone - 2 stone - 2 stone - OFFICIALLY whoop whoop

Monday, 8 November 2010


Have I been burying my head or what? OK we only have Keir and Olivia and Korin to buy for - and Christophers girls to send money for.............................maybe a secret santa at work - no doubt they'll have already chosen and I end up with someone difficult to buy for and I will get crap back - usually happens to me anyway.

We have FIL's and Aunty Lils Funerals next week. This week is holiday. I supposed to have had my teeth seen to today - and gone and got my hair cut - need to colour it before next week and a load of other things - I have done nothing. I don';t know if the stress has gotten to me, but I feel I have no energy and I am exhausted all the time. I don't want to go to slimming group tomorrow night either and know that IF I don't I will just start eating wrongly and regain my weight very easily.

I suppose I feel depressed. It's been an exceptionally stressful week - emotional and upsetting. I just wish we had been there for FIL and it's too late now to do anything about it.

took Keir to and fro college today and I just feel totally and utterly wacked.

Quite a few things to do again tomorrow - hope to get some Christmas Shopping done before the end of the week. Thankfully I don't send Christmas cards - give to charity instead so really I don't have that much to do, just suddenly decided to panic about it.

28th is our meal with John and Chris and Janet and Keith.

7th is our meal with Keir and Olivia.

I have invited Marian and Dom over for New Years Eve but she didnt' give me an answer so no doubt she doens't want to come.

Nothing else planned as yet - the girls at work are going to the dogs - I went years ago 'tee hee'.

Friday, 5 November 2010

Mixed emotions - dreadful week

guilt is a terrible thing. Not visiting FIL especially as he had been ill. We didn't know, of course, as he never told us anything, never rang us and unfortunately we didn't ring him. I had said to DH to ring him as it was his birthday last week - did he - NO - and now he's dead and nothing we can do. I felt this overwhelming sense of sadness at his home, of lonliness and unhappiness. He longed for C to come back - but, of course, she never did - never would. his home was very run down, partly because he didn't have a heart to put into the home anymore and partly because he was ill. I keep crying - for that sadness. I stood at the top of the garden from his shed where he whiled away many many hours - a shed that was filled to the rafters with tools and nic-nacs, 3 of every tool you could ever imagine. I looked at his little home and felt that overwhelming sadness. How I wish we could turn back time. Why don't we ever learn.

RIP Jim, in our own way we will miss you. I wish we had spent more time with you.

Tuesday, 2 November 2010

2.11.10 sad week

Jim died on Saturday. Wish we'd visited. Too late now.

Tired, headachey, boss said I couldn't have time off, why she has to be difficult I do not know.

SW I lost a pound which means I am still 1lb away from 2 stone shiney, but never mind eh, I am getting there. Feel so full after chinese and chocolate - bloated. 8lb's away now from my goal of 10.10 on Christmas day how cool would that be eh. Gotta knuckle down though.