Tuesday, 31 January 2012

UKS 365 photo's - Day31 - WHEELS - last day of January ALREADY ! Blimey

on my drive into work this morning - it was massively cold - quite icy - quite horrible. I saw a woman on a bike cycling towards me on the pavement.................I thought, blimey YOU'RE brave lady ! Then I thought that maybe THAT was her only way to get to work THAT she HAD to cycle every day.........it also crossed my mind that she was probably 2 stones lighter than me and would probably be exceptionally fitter than me. I might even go seek out my DD's bike from the shed and get it done up a bit and start doing a bit of cycling - NOT to work - I think that might just finish me off completely .................

Monday, 30 January 2012

UKS 365 photo's - Day 30 - Collection/s & some ATC's I've made for the UKS trail

Collection/s - I used to collect ceramic cats - and make saltdough cats and sell them to make money for the cats protection league around 1994/1995 - then I seriously got into collection beautifully coloured glass paperweights - I had them EVERYWHERE in the house, along windowsills and on coffee tables and sideboards etc. prior to these collections I collected Liliput Lane Cottages and had about 60 of them. When we moved 2 years ago from Fradley to Tamworth we had to seriously downsize - drastic !! All my collections had to go - sad to see them go, but now I am into scrapbooking and papercrafting and so my collections have to be all things crafty ..................what am I like eh. CURRENT COLLECTIONS ARE ATC's ........... lovely

Sunday, 29 January 2012

UKS 365 photo's - Day 29 - Kitchen Utensil - 'Can you see what it is yet'?

this utensil was bought for us as a wedding present by people unknown (now) - so it's 35 years old. It came as a set from Brabantia - and it has been worth it's weight in gold - my poor old mom who died in 1985 always wanted one because it was soooooo useful. I haven't got a clue what it's called - it's just an opener - it opens bottles and takes caps off - but it also opens jars of all sizes and takes tops of bottles off so eezee peezee..................do they still sell them ? I wonder how many more years it will serve me ? Heres another pic of it...................

Saturday, 28 January 2012

UKS 365 photo's - Day 28 - Fluffy

My DD went as a cat to a fancy dress party last night - i just LOVED the FLUFFY gloves she bought - and fluffy ears, she didn't get round to having a tail though - but I thought she looked pretty lovely.

Friday, 27 January 2012

UKS 365 photo's - Day 27 - Amazing

My DD took this beautiful picture - it was broad daylight (Blackpool) back in May 2011. She's going to be a professional photographer and I am so proud of her.

UKS 365 photo's - Day 26 - ' Free Choice '

This was taken about 4 years ago - at Branston Water Park, we regularly took Gunner to the park too relax on a Saturday or Sunday - back then we didn't have to work work work - I just did my reflexology from home - and you love were at home at weekends relaxing............how our lives have changed. I didn't want this 365 photo blog to be negative, I just feel that things are pretty grim at the moment. & my beautiful dog - how you would love to go to Branston Water Park like we used to.

UKS 365 photo's - Day 25 - Motionless

ANOTHER PICTURE - LESS DAY TODAY - motionless relates so much to the others I work with ! Especially one particular lady, she seems to make 'motionless' her artform as I hardly EVER see her working - it drives me nuts but nothing I can do about it - I am sure the boss knows, but doesn't say a word, whilst I work work work my arse off...................I'm saying no more.

UKS 365 photo's - Day 24 - Motion

Each day I go through the motion - being at work. I just do what I have to do - I do it well - I do it to get paid and to be able topay my bills. BUT it doesn't make me happy. I really have got to work on this this year - I need to do something different, something that inspires me, something that makes a difference. I hope I find what I'm looking for.

Monday, 23 January 2012

UKS 365 photo's - Day 23 - Hot

Another photoless day today - subject word - Hot - I have just finished the cooking for dinner and by the time I finish I am as hot and red as a turkey cocks arse - as my cousin used to say......didn't want to take a photo of my red / bloated face again ! enough I hear you shout.

Tee hee.

Sunday, 22 January 2012

couple of AJ pages

never happy with my art journaled pages but they are getting a bit better - not a lot, but a bit.

UKS 365 photo's - Day 22 - Glowing

This pic was taken in April/May 2011 when I was around 11 stones in weight and I felt GLOWING - I really must get back there and a little lower because I felt wonderful - I don't feel wonderful now.

Saturday, 21 January 2012


well, I don't know if I'm excited or what - I should be - I applied to reduce my hours at work under the cost improvement programme and go from 28 to 25 hours a week. BIG BOSS LADY came to see me on Friday and said that it will be possible but they don't want to lose the hours in the department - I don't really understand this at all, they have 3 in our office alone who are full time and sit there each afternoon doing little in the way of work - and yet they dont' want to lose the 3 hours per week in the department - it's crazy. Anyway, this equates to approximately £89 per month I shall be worse off.....................it isn't a lot but my reflexology has decreased too per month, I reckon that I shall be around £120 worse off altogether. I will definitely have to cut my spending down quite considerably...............

I also asked if I could be moved to a different department - but I only really want to move if it means that I can do 8 am to 1 pm - so that I have every afternoon to myself.

So, as I said, I don't know if I'm excited or a bit nervous - I shouldn't be thinking about losing money - I should be making money, but I really need to relax a little bit more, and I think I can increase my reflexology a bit and those hours that I lose at around £7.50 an hour can be replaced with treatments at £20 an hour....................

I've got to do something different this year, I need to go learning again, I want to learn something new, I want to increase my business again - maybe even get back into teaching if they'll have me - that'd be very nice.

UKS 365 photo's - Day 21 - Fire

I so miss not having a fire in my new house, and no room to put one either - I think a lounge comes to life with a rip-rawing fire crackling away. Never mind eh.

Friday, 20 January 2012

UKS 365 photo's - Day 20 - Sign(s)

VIV on uks & doing the uks 365 photo a day had a similar plaque and it inspired me - this plaque on my wall in my scrapping area is covered as there is boxes in front of it - it always makes me think when I see it - and so I have uncovered it today again - hope I take on board what it actually says - gotta start living my journey - and NOW !

Thursday, 19 January 2012

UKS 365 photo's - Day 19 - Bad for you

We all know that all work and no play makes jack a very dull boy - Gill - a very dull girl. How do you get balance in your life - work every day (although I am only part time) - I do need to re-address my life this year, i'm 56 years old, I love challenges, I love newness and have boundless enthusiasm for learning. I need to get up off my backside and get something done. BUT first I need to sleep and rest 'me old bones' tee hee.

Wednesday, 18 January 2012

UKS 365 photo's - Day 18 - Pleasurable

Scrapping, crafting, writing, drawing, painting, sewing, crochet, x stitch, reading - anything creative. THESE ARE WHAT GIVES ME THE GREATEST OF PLEASURE.

I have exceptionally (mentally) hard days at work - tired and worn out but crafting of some kind gives me a real BUZZ

I just cannot believe it ! Using this as a non photo day for 17TH - NAUGHTY

two years I have given to collections at work, given to peoples birthdays, bought presents, given FREE reflexology treatments and FREE Indian Head Massage treatments, bunged to others gifts made my exploding boxes for WHAT THEY COST ME TO MAKE and no extra - I have given, given given and given more. Two Birthdays I have worked there - the first one they FORGOT completely - then got one of the girls to bring in a bunch of cheap flowers from Tesco. OK the thought counts - well, it doesn't in their case, but I gave them the benefit of the doubt. 2nd Birthday whilst I worked there was last week and I came in to birthday cards ONLY - Fi did say that they were going to DRESS UP MY DESK for me - with what ???? - but I was off on my birthday - so no presents again for me. It doesn't bother me at all, I am not upset about it one iota - just that I am pissed off putting to their birthdays etc and get nothing in return. So I had decided that this year I won't put to anyones at all........NADA and absolutely NO free treatments EVER again and NO making any exploding boxes which take hours to make either.

BUT today Dee comes up and says that they are collecting for Fi's birthday and they want to make it a birthday to remember - so I said that I wouldn't be contributing and Dee went quite funny. So when Fi was out the office and only Charlotte and Dee remained I said 'girls, I wasn't being funny about not putting to Fi's birthday, I won't be contributing to anyones birthday this year as I have had two birthdays whilst I've worked here and not had a single solitary birthday gift off anyone' - Charlotte hung her head and didn't say a word, Dee said 'well not everyone celebrates their birthdays Gill' - so I said 'I celebrate my birthday but I have worked here for 2 years and two birthdays and have contributed to and given presents to everyone on their birthdays for 2 years and haven't received a single present on my birthday - last year I was forgotten completely and this year I just had cards off you, so that is my reason I am not contributing to birthdays this year' and Dee said 'well IF you want to be like that you can be like that' - Charlotte remained completely stum - not a single word - no apology etc, so it was obviously all done on purpose ..................... they get nothing from me at all this year - they are stupid horrible women.

Monday, 16 January 2012

UKS 365 photo's - Day 16 - Snacks

My favourite above ALL favourites for a snack. Although I'm a lifer with regards to snacking, which saw me go all the way up to 13.5 stones in 2010 ! I got down to 10.13 by Feb 2011 - by cutting all naughty snacks out - but little by little after work and when I've been a bit stressed (which is regularly) I've snacked on naughties again - and gone back up to 11.13 - IT HAS TO STOP NOW - by Easter I want to be back down to 10.13...............here we go.

Sunday, 15 January 2012

and a few more pressies for my birthday

12x12 cardstock stack out of the £25 sent to me from Christina - still have £10 to spend too. It's been a fantastic time for pressies - never had so many for Christmas and my birthday. LOVE IT

lovely earrings off my DD

UKS 365 photo's - Day 15 - Generous

Generous - that IS my lovely hubby ! My crafting chair was well past its best, something I never thought to put on my christmas or birthday list, but it was dire...........hubby had a £50 shopping gift card from work at Christmas and even though it was my birthday this week and he bought me some lovely pressies - he went and bought me this leather chair too and put the £50 gift card towards it.............I'm a very lucky lady for having such a generous hubby.

Saturday, 14 January 2012

UKS 365 photo's - Day 14 - Guilty Pleasure

Remember this series in the 1970's ? I loved it and asked for the boxed set for Christmas - didn't get it.......but hubby remembered and got it for me for my birthday on 11th Jan ! So it's unusual for me to sit watching TV - I NEVER normally have the time - but I've been putting the discs on for an hour at a time enjoying EVERY second of it. Good old fashioned TV - thoroughly enjoying myself

Friday, 13 January 2012

UKS 365 photo's - Day 13 - Your Fridge

Well packed don't you think, I like to think that the family is well fed and .............................

Sorry I can lie no more - here is my REAL fridge:


UKS 365 photo's - Day 13 - Your fridge

fits of giggles over this one - FIRSTLY there is beer, well lager - we don't really drink, those cans have been there since Christmas in case someone called and we could offer a drink.

Two eggs in the egg box - a half can of sweetcorn which needs chucking because it's been there for 3 days, margarine and a block of cheese which needs to go back to Morrisons tomorrow as there is a toothpick skewered into it - gross ??and two slices of ham which hasn't been wrapped properly and has gone pretty dry and nasty.

Fish and chips tonight then - and desperately need to go shopping first thing in the morning.

Thursday, 12 January 2012

UKS 365 photo's - Day 12 - Translucent

Todays word is Translucent - this is one of the plastic folders within a book I bought from Morrisons to records 'projects' and things to do in my scrapbooking - crafting life - I love the colour - the colour turquoise is actually for communication and speach (colour therapy - for healing) - really love this colour - love this book - love this 365 photo year.

Wednesday, 11 January 2012

The long awaited journal for Christmas

My Journal Your Christmas, hand made 6x6 postbound album for 2011 December to New Years Day. This was a task and half. Infact I still have one day yet to scrap (29th) which I hope to finish off tonight and then the album is finished. I think this is the last journal I will do - I've done 3 Christmas ones now and found this one a real chore.

Happy Birthday to me - Happy Birthday to me

loving this craft light that hubby bought me - brilliant.................DD got me my blingyring (kinda as a jokey) - see it here http://justcraftystuff.blogspot.com/2012/01/uks-365-photos-day-11-item-of-clothing.html

and some nice everyday earings too ...................... a couple of pressies off customers, quite a few happy birthday texts too - and lovely birthday cards - I'm a lucky lady (except where work is concerned and I always seem to drawer the short straw) - as I'm off today, wonder if they've even bothered with a gift this year or a card - as they all completely, conveniently forgot my birthday last year yet I always contributed to all of theirs - we'll see tomorrow.

UKS 365 photo's - Day 11 - Item of Clothing

Cheating here - item of clothing was todays 365 word/s - as I have over induldged at and the run up to Christmas I can only just about get into any items of clothing - as I don't feel DRESSED without my jewellery - I thought this BLINGY ring from my DD for my Birthday today would be my pic of the day - OK the ring is so grotesque in size and blingyness - THAT I LOVE IT tee hee

Tuesday, 10 January 2012

UKS 365 photo's - Day 10 - Metallic

Love the word and love EVERYTHING (I think) metallic..........I have boxes of metal embellishments - these pictures are just a small selection of them, I have loads and loads and loads, NEVER really use them - just like looking at them and sorting through them - call me crazy - ONLY OTHER CRAFTERS WILL KNOW wink wink

Monday, 9 January 2012

UKS 365 photo's - Day 9 - Water

Water Water Water......what would we do without it ? I only drink water all day at work, yet at home I find I need to put some kind of squash with it - very rare to drink a glass of water at home, but at work, no problem. Strange person that I am !

Sunday, 8 January 2012

UKS 365 photo's - Day 8 - Cosy

Cosy - my two cats liked to sleep on my bed during the day - my cover was always covered in cat hair - drove me mad - so I put two boxes at the bottom of the bed each morning before I go to work and call down to my cats 'box'eee's' and they both come running like dogs to get into their cosy environment and stay there until I come home at 1.30 pm. Love em.

Saturday, 7 January 2012

UKS 365 photo's - Day 7 - Drink

My only tipple - I drink water all day at work and only have a cuppa first thing and then when I get home from work and then a couple in the evening. I used to drink an awful lot of tea. We rarely drink alcohol these days either - how different our lives have become.

UKS 365 photo's - Day 6 - Frost

two years ago in December as we moved in (16th) we had snow the following day - everything looked so lovely being so Frosty etc...............but I don't like snow/frost first thing in the morning having to drive to work etc.