Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Having difficulties adding anything to blogger -

AND it IS driving me mad. lets see if this add's shall we? Davy jones of the Monkees died today - brings back real good memories of 60's watching saturday morning TV and the BANANA SPLITZ AND today was the last day I work until 2pm. I hope. Well, I will just say that 1 pm is the ONLY time I can work until - and hope for the best.

Sunday, 26 February 2012

Another Sunday - on the go all day (as usual)

Sometimes you just hope that it will be more of a relaxing sunday - well, as per usual it was busy - busy yesterday too. Helped sort out the old wardrobe and move it into Koz's room - she's now happy with her matching bedroom furniture - and her room looks tidy - pity our 4th bedroom looks like a tip - we need to get some fitted wardrobes and sort all the rubbish. Funny how you are so exhausted doing these things but feel a great sense of achievement when it's all done. A little bit of scrapping too.

Sunday, 19 February 2012

Another art journaled page

Love the work of Rosie (zullebelle) on UKS - and she inspired me with the background on this one. It is one of my favourite positive mental attitude phrases - really makes me realise that we should all try to strive that little bit more - well I think so anyway.

Saturday, 18 February 2012

Just been on a lovely relaxing holiday to Scarborough. Went to Whitby and visited Goathland (Heartbeat location) - went to Bridlington, went to York. Went to the circus - not an animal one, wouldn't go to an animal circus - but the 'acts' were brilliant - and the clown really made me laugh - I mean a proper belly laugh. Gained about 3lb's (maybe more) can't bring myself to weigh myself until Tuesday which is back at Slimmming world group. All in all - a great week - not looking forward to monday - back at work..........but at least I have a job eh.

Sunday, 12 February 2012

Another journaled page

Did I say before that I love sunflowers - well yep I do.

A journaled page

love the colours in this background - it's just a rainbow inkpad. gorgeous.

Monday, 6 February 2012

Some ATC's

A couple more ATC's for sending - the first one - 3 leaves the background was done with dylusions ink sprays and sprayed over with Spray and Sparkle - irredescent - the glisteny, shiny backgrounds shine through the leaves as they are a metal mesh - gorgeous.

I love sunflowers & tonight watching Ashley Banjo's street dance programme and 'Feeling good' was being sung at the beginning of the dance made me want to incorporate it - you can see the reverse side of this ATC has some of the lyrics to the song typed out.........this sunflower has been decoupaged and glittered with stickles - shiny, blingy me !

the back-side of the ATC

Saturday, 4 February 2012

10 ways to cope with your job

1. Begin focusing on what you want instead of how much you want to escape. - I really want to rebuild my reflexology - maybe even teach again - contact BCC - the people that know me - how good I am at teaching alternative health - positive moves make positive results.

2. Create an image that describes you in your job. I am in control of my own actions - I am good at my job, I work doesn't matter that others don't.

3. Think of developing skills, not serving time. Seriously considering doing maternity reflexology and advertising my skills. Can find out from maternity nurses who do reflexology at work.

4. Focus on satisfactory, not superior performance. I have always given 100% - I can still give 100% but maybe ease off a bit - relax a bit when they have their breakfast rather than working through it whilst they eat - if they sit chatting - join in with the conversation (it kinda goes against the grain, but maybe this is what I have to do ??) CAN I??

5. What conflict are you escaping? Sheer lazyness - I know that little is done in the afternoons after I leave - soon I only work until 1 pm - they will have a little more to do and I can escape a little earlier and have some ME TIME.

6. Put on your shield and armor when you enter your workplace. As I arrive at work I will sit and put my armour on - it is a thick protective metal armour - NOTHING WILL PENETRATE IT ........ I will be protected all day long. How exciting.

7. Give yourself a gift every day. I do give myself gifts every day. My crafting and sitting at my home desk is a gift and I can spend as much time as I want doing it - my family are GREAT.

8. Find at least one thing in your life to appreciate. I appreciate such a lot. I Love my family dearly. My husband and I have been married for 35 years come August. I have a wonderful dog and two beautiful cats. AS I said, I appereciate SUCH A LOT.

9. Tune in to your intuition before deciding what to do next. I jumped into the frying pan out of the fire from Good Hope Hospital - I KNEW KNEW KNEW that this job would be boring - BOY IS IT BORING ! Things here aren't as bad as there....................I have to remember that.

10. Write this down somewhere - After I've left - AND I WILL SOMEDAY - all that time will seem to have gone in the blink of an eye. I will have trouble remembering what bothered me so much. The rest of my life is still ahead of me. I can be great again in whatever I do and I can be happy !

cold, icey, horrible weather - & a journaled page

Branston Water Park today for DD's university course project/assignment - absolutely no one around.

A brill pic took by my DD - it was absolutely freezing cold as we walked around the park

a picture I took at Branston Water Park today - I think this tree looks like it's just about to scoop me up - very sinister.

our road within an hour of snow starting to come down

background with dylusions, heart was gel mediumed onto the surface and then rubbed off with water - I could have stuck the picture on with glue - would have been the same effect although the picture could have peeled off - plus I sprayed with spray n sparkle - irridenscent - gorgously sparkly and shiney !

Thursday, 2 February 2012

UKS 365 photo's - is no more (for me anyway)

I did the whole of January and I enjoyed what I did, but there were a few days where I just couldn't think what photo to use - and I was panicking when I got behind by a few days - I couldn't start the month (February) and not finish it - that would be completely against the grain for me. So I have finished at the end of January.

Have decided to do February as a little scrapped book of what I did every day?? maybe - or a kind of Learn something new every day type of album. We'll see.