Saturday, 29 April 2017

And now it has the little canopy on the front too !

loving this little house, I would love one too

not long now............................... we hope ................................ fingers crossed etc.  Can't wait for her to move in, will miss her terribly but looking forward to her being a houseowner.  whoop whoop we thought it was never going to happen, IT IS NoW.

Monday, 24 April 2017


Korin has been offered a mortgage - a Mortgage Offer - Yes Yes Yes ............ I cannot believe it has finally happened. it has taken 14 weeks, 14 very very long weeks.  Stress levels were so high, feel as if a weight has been taken off my shoulders and Korin must be totally and utterly elated.

Little house you now belong to my DD (well almost).

Sunday, 23 April 2017

I made these for a swap with Nederlands group. Twinchies.

Saturday 22nd April, 2017

Keys birthday - he had lots of presents and he was happy with his presents too - and we Korin, Key and I watched a film in the afternoon and then Keir Ali and baby luna came round around 3 pm and we went out for a meal at 6 pm to Frankie and Bennys in Tamworth and had a big cake too - it was a good day.

Korins chap Johnno came too.

Friday 21st & and we are STILL WATIING

They said (the mortgage advisors) that she would have an update today regarding her mortgage - did she NO she didn't - sto we are STILL WAITING.  OMG why do they drag it out so much.

Thursday, 20 April 2017

Thursday 20th April, 2017 - STILL WAITING - annual leave today

But the good news is that the valuation has passed - so another hurdle over...............suppose to have an update tomorrow.  What that means ????  is it to say that she has the mortgage or just updated to say that it has gone to the underwriters.  Korin supposed to move in on 1st May !!  that is not going to happen, her solicitor is now on holiday until middle may !  there is a stand in - but these are the solicitors that were VERY slow when they acted for Keirs house.  I am praying that tomorrow it is going to be a big fat YES !  if it is we can go and get a bit of shopping - all the little nik naks that you need in a home.  Love her little house - IF it is her little house.

Had annual leave today just to get my head less stressed really !  did have a little play with crafting, stuff I did I wasn't really happy with.  must get my room tidied up can't stand the mess at the moment.


Korin still does not know if she has a mortgage or not, this is absolutely bloody ridiculous, yes we had two days out for Easter but my God how long do people have to wait to get answers, its a week today that the valuation was done and we havent heard anything.  Please let her hear today or early tomorrow so she can at least start getting a few bits and bobs for her house at the weekend.  Praying it's going to be a yes, but all this waiting waiting waiting makes you really jittery.  Fingers crossed, I hope its today she gets a yes.

Friday, 14 April 2017

Good Friday

It was a Good Friday ......  Good Friday

Went to The Range to buy korin a stoneware pan, the kind that you don't need any oil in it, and as they were half price bought two as we needed a new stir fry pan, maybe i shall start to lose some weight now?

then to her house, we still haven't heard if she has a mortgage - GOD FORBID give the girl a break please and let he know she has the mortgage, as they have done the Valuation it is probable that she does have the mortgage, but we take nothing for granted as we have had just one knock back after another since January 7th or thereabouts.  But they have done the pavements and her car parking spaces now so the house must be very close to completion.  Can't wait to hear if she has a mortgage AND finally have  a look around the house, if she gets to look around her house, we don't know if any carpets or flooring or tiles or whatever is included yet - hopefully she will have carpets and fencing and grass in the back garden too !

my husband was talkative !!! at the restaurant - Christophers Tamworth, it was a lovely meal, but very bloated.  came home to have an hour kip as i felt so bloated and tired.

and then we went to Keirs to see them and the beautiful Luna darling.  I love that baby so so much, she is so aware now and smiling 

and then we went to the Garrick Theatre in lichfield to see a Farce called 'Haywire'  Key was asleep from the moment the actors arrived in the Studio and snored a little and my stomach was hurting and rumbling because of the huge meal at lunch time and so at the interval we came home, I would liked to have seen the rest of it but sadly I daren't have risked my stomach any longer and Key snoring any more all the way throughl.


Wednesday, 12 April 2017

Happy Birthday again mom and thanks

i say thanks mom because Korin got a text from Nationwide that they are doing a valuation on her property tomorrow 13th .............. fingers, toes and everything else crossed they hopefully have sorted all her paperwork and with all intents and purposes she should know that she has a mortgage provided they say her property is worth £150,000 fingers crossed again.  Thank you mom if you are looking down upon us.  Felt the best today than i have in a long long time.

Tuesday, 11 April 2017

Kinda good news

I've been asked to change my days at work to Thursdays and Fridays - all day both days - but that means I have 5 whole days off to do what I want when I want - kinda happy about it as i really wanted to do 3 days at 5 hours a day initially, but they wanted me to do my 15 hours over 5 days so this is a bit of a turnaround, I know I am only doing it to help them out - but really with 5 days I can take Benny out early and get housework done by lunch time and craft more maybe and return to Slimming World and do a couple of reflexology treatments earlier in the day  Fingers crossed it all works out OK.

I may have to work 8.5 hours each day though to come home at lunch time to see to the dog and cats, but we'll see.

12.4.17 Moms birthday today

she would have been 94 - 32 years without her and i still miss her today as much as i did the first day she died.  I loved her with all my heart.  i wish she could have seen my kids.  Maybe she did.  Enjoy your birthday mom, have a party.

AND if at all you can help your granddaughter get a result of 'yes' for a mortgage offer tomorrow that would be absolutely fantastic, or at least we know that they are doing a valuation which means we are almost there.  it has been an exceptionally FRAUGHT (to say the least) 3 months,  stress city, anxiety all over buying a house.  That house is beautiful.  I hope she gets it.

Goodnight - hope tomorrow brings good news.


OMG I cannot believe how long tings take to sort.  Not heard a thing they didn't put the official application in until last thursday and now we are waiting to here if they do a Valuation.  IF they do the mortgage looks like it's a goer - well 90% pray the house is worth £150,000.  we went up to see it and it's a lovely little house.  Will post a pic when she gets the mortgage.  Must be positive, but time isn't on our side.

Sunday, 2 April 2017

2.4.17 and we are still waiting

another new application.............. if this is a no, then she will have to let the house go but she has a mortgage in principle so it'slooking better than it has done since 7th January, fingers and toes crossed, no more fight in us and only 4 weeks until she officially should move in, well that isn't going to happen is it !  it's been an absolute nightmare.  maybe we should have let it go long ago.  Fingers crossed this time.