Monday, 31 March 2014

Monday morning.

Not looking forward to work - prepping time cut from 87.5 hours to 82.5 hours and now with me and C just 52.5 hours - it is ridiculous.

Korin started her earlies I felt so sorry for her getting up at 4 am...............but hope it's better for her.

I had a treatment and thought I wouldn't be able to go food shopping - being mothers day yesterday I didn't do much at all over the weekend - which was nice - relaxing and enjoyable - so had a food shop to do today.  Anyway treatment cancelled - so going to ring about son and 'My Car' and then go food shopping before work.

Talking of mothers day, had some nice pressies - two books, £10 cash, a little teddy, a purse and a pot plant.  AND Korin took me to Costa Coffee for a breakfast muffin and a big bowl of tea - SUPER.

I loved this mural on the wall of Costa - so I've printed it off and will use it as a background on a layout of my Mothers Day yesterday.

Horrible picture of me - but the best picture I have had taken in a long time ! 

The start of our breakfast at Costa - I actually had a granola slice - so fattening but so moist and juicy - loved it - and considering I supposed to be on a diet - again again again.

Korin HATES her photo taken and just about let me take this one.
All in all it was a lovely day, would have been even better though IF my dog was still with me - but Korin and I went for a walk up the golf course and the weather was beautiful.

Wednesday, 26 March 2014

wonderful rinchies arrived today from Diane (craftyvonx)

but still looks like my rinchies to her have gone astray - how upsetting as crafting takes a lot of time - very therapeutic but non the less - takes a lot of time and to go missing, especially when you've gone to the post office to ensure that you have put the correct postage on the envelope - very annoying and frustrating...............anyway, to cheer me up - these arrived and they are GORGEOUS !  thank you Diane if you read this at all..........

You;ve been tagged ! well - actually - tag-inchied...............

I came up with a swap on the Netherlands Inchie site of 'tags and inchies'  you basically make a tag and attach an inchie.  Initially the inchie was to match the background tag but now we've modified it to just being a tag with an inchie - it doesn't have to match if you don't wish it to ................ I matched mine and here they are below..................... as I'm in the UK and my first contact and now friend Henny has volunteered to be the swap host in the Netherlands...............thank you Henny for doing the hosting if you get to read this at all................................& I have to say now much I love this group.

very shiny in real life - typically me - gillybling

A Christmas tag-inchie - sorry it's blurred

A newspaper background tag & 3 inchie with charms

A flower 'Summer' Taginchie

A gold and black tag-inchie

A love (valentines) taginchie

A music taginchie

A cupcake taginchie - just because I LOVE cupcakes.
& number 9 -  a black and white one
Number 10 - a Sewing Taginchie.

Sunday, 23 March 2014

where do the weeks go ?

Korin off to Amsterdam this week - I am worried to death as she's driving to Leeds then meeting mate and going by train to Hull then a ferry to Amsterdam - overnight on the Ferry - I will be sick with worry all the time she is away....................I know its stupid but she's not well travelled and I know it panics her too to travel, so I try and keep calm so as not to heighten her panic - if you know what I mean.

oh bless, I found this pic of when she was a baby - she's only a few weeks old here, such a tiny dot.  AND hubby with beautiful auburn hair, can't remember when he turned white headed but it wasn't long after this - maybe it was me = ha ha .

off to look at two cars today - Key wants the Qashqai - I fancy the Mercedes - but as he will be driving it most of the time - then I suppose I should let him go with what he needs to be comfortable.

we are grateful that we have a choice of either and lucky also..........thank you to 'the secret'.

Sunday, 16 March 2014

Happy Birthday Korin & Great night at Gresley Old Hall with Haunted Evenings.

Went on a Ghost hunt (or paranormal investigation) with Haunted Evenings - it was brilliant at Gresley Old Hall in Derbyshire......................excellent night, would highly recommend.


Happy birthday to my DD - who is 23 today !  23 years old and you are my baby.  Time flies by, enjoy your 23rd Year.

Monday, 10 March 2014

ATC swap-a-smile - Docrafts with Lisa. Monthly - March is Vintage.

I usually send two ATC's but only one is required letting Lisa choose one as a RAK for hosting. You can't really see in the picture but the lady is decoupaged - hence the title.
AND as the title says 'How times have changed' - I wish it was a case that I had to put a bit of weight on - rather than have 2 stones AGAIN AGAIN AGAIN to lose - I think I have lost 2 stones about 8 times now and slowly - gradually regaining it - how stupid !

Friday, 7 March 2014

Summer Time Rinchie Swap with Crafty Vonx (Diane).

We've done all the seasons now - hers to me are lovely too.  Here are my summer ones to her.  Wishing you a wonderful Summer-time Diane if you do read this.

Wednesday, 5 March 2014

more goodies to cheer me up

Stampin up - Envelope Punch Board - love it - although a lot smaller than I thought it was going to be.
& the Stampin Up Artisan Punch - I Lurve this punch - brilliant results - great for finishing off envelopes.

Tuesday, 4 March 2014

Feeling very sad today

The daffodils are sprouting up !  sprouting through?  coming through, whatever way you want to say it - on the main road there is a very large area where the council have planted daffodils = hundreds of them.  I used to walk my wonderful friend 'Gunner' there since we moved here 4.5 years ago.  This time last year every time I walked him through the daffodils I thought 'I don't think you will be with me this time next year matey' - and every couple of days whilst the daffodils were here I thought - I must bring my camera and take a picture of my boy in the daffodils, because I kinda knew he wouldn't be with me this year.  Well, he isn't with me, he died last July.  We had to have him put to sleep because he was very old and very poorly and it still breaks my heart to think about him. 

Tonight when I came past the main road and it wasn't dark and all the heads of the daffodils have come through and I thought about my wonderful dog.....................I wish I'd taken that photo Gunner, more than anything else I wish you were still with me.  I miss you every day. 

Sunday, 2 March 2014