Friday, 30 September 2011

I went into other office for training today

It was all very rushed but that is how our jobs are - rush rush rush ............. plus M didn't go into Med Rec's - I think she was 'listening' to whether I was taking it in or not - actually I remembered quite a bit from when I was training briefly last year sometime, probably about 10 months ago.

Wasn't good news that the last hour I have to go back into Med Rec's to work and the radio was EXCEPTIONALLY LOUD and I couldn't concentrate on my job. ah well, can't have it all ways.

BUT it was nice to be AWAY from them - leapfrogging today and exercising - having breakfast and talking and wasting time, all in NHS time! disgusting really disgusting. THANKFULLY I'M NOT PART OF IT.

Thursday, 29 September 2011

Is this good news or not?

Michelle said ' you still up for swapsee's' - meaning swapping hours with her from med recs to clinic prep. I said yes straight away. I NEED to get away from the music blasting from the radio all day long - and need to get away from one particular person. SHE came back to work today and the atmosphere in the office wasn't nice.

So from monday I do 20 hours of my 28 hours in clinic prep - I hope I like - I hope I can do it without making too many mistakes - I should be able to do it - the other girls are only the same as me - I have to stop putting myself down.

BUT Fi and Charl and Michelle wanted me to go do training in there today - I felt that once again I hadn;'t been consulted and they just wanted me to go - so I shall just go along with it but if things aren't good in there I shall just tell Michelle it's not working and we need to go back to how we were. Don't think my work colleagues are happy about how it's worked out - but you know, I don't give a kipper dick !

Saturday, 24 September 2011

Olivia came to stay for the weekend

Plants are dying in the garden - winter is on it's way.

house is lovely n clean .......

Love the new 'top' floss - both top & head - highlights ! wow

My beautiful boy - Gunny Bunny

Melt art UTEE poured onto some embossing plates I bought - I thought they would frazzle and shrink as they are flimsy plastic but NO they can be used over and over - I hope. Will need to alcohol ink these though

A background for an ATC on the trail on UKS - metal embossed. Scrumptious eh !

A few new craft items to have a play with - IF I get any time that is !

the view from my window today - pleasant sunny day too.

more of my kitty pic's

Keir bit his tongue badly - ouch !

Saturday, 17 September 2011

Bad week -

work was awful ................ really awful.

Both me and Korin going to sign up to do some volunteer work - for the people of TAMWORTH don't really know where I will get the time, but I really fancy doing something.


Worn out. My stomach not good.

AND big news - I rejoined SW - this time at Strykers Saturday am - 9.30 - they seem a good lot and not so much happy clapping. BUT I was 11.13/5 - thank goodness I wasn't 12 stone......that means I am a stone heavier than Christmas - and I have therefore gained 8lb's or thereabouts since my April holiday - but I was HALF A POUND lighter than I was this time last year and still 20lb's lighter than I was when I started back at Slimming World 15 months ago. Just gotta get to 10.7 for Christmas Day - I hope I can do it.

Saturday, 10 September 2011

Finally finished my bathroom with a nautical look

My last purchase today from The Range - love that shop............I think I may still embellish my bathroom ordinary mirror which was a brown pine, painted white - and I may stick some shells onto the corner to make it look a little more nautical/beachy theme.

Loved this picture of a beach-hut, again off ebay, when it arrived though I didn't think it was worth the £10 I had bid for it - told the seller but they didn't bother to reply.

Loved this little boat.

Pleased with this lighthouse online until I saw them half the price in Devon whilst we were away last week - story of my life. The large shell was from Keir on my very first Mothers Day - I have kept it all these years.

loved this hanging off ebay - where-else?

Wednesday, 7 September 2011

Wonderful 5 days in Devon - my favourite place in the world

Ilfracombe, our lovely family holidays were spent here - many a year - and Woolacombe, didn't get back to Woolacombe this year though, wish we had, but didn't have enough time and did a lot of sightseeing this year - came home refreshed and really enjoyed it.

Clovelly, of course, my legs were wobbly going down and I ruined a new pair of shoes into the bargain - coming back up, a bit out of puff but not too bad. Don't think I shall ever go again, again it was quite boring having no one around really.

Didn't stay long in Appledore, again it was so very quiet, but we went beginning of September and their season had already finished according to the shopkeepers.

A walk along the beachfront at Lynton - and by the river which was really flowing - a picnic by the side of the river, all in all a lovely day.

The Lynmouth/Lynton rail - up the hill, fantastic how this works, by water replacement, so clever for all those years ago.

this was simply scrumptious, but I gained 4lb's whilst away to add to the other 5lb's I have gained from previous hoidays and bad weekends, got to knuckle down now and do something about my weight again.

Instow - Loved it as a kid, pretty drab and dreary the late afternoon we went, but it brought back lots of lovely memories of mom and dad and times gone by