Saturday, 31 July 2010

I AM loving Docrafts

A very busy community forum and everyone is so welcoming and lovely. I joined about february but didn't do much ATC wise - however, have done 2 private swap of 3 in the last 2 weeks and joined in the smelli-swap - this is the one below post to this - protractor size and shape & similar to ATC's and embellished. I said that I didn't know IF I liked the shape but it's really grown on me making these 3 and I hope to join in similar swaps very soon.

Gotta get on. It's Saturday again and done nothing so far at 10.30 am !!! Better buck my ideas up.

Thursday, 29 July 2010


the first - but I don't think of many - don't know if I like the size - and shape of it?
the background was inked with my new stamp I spent a whole 99p on off ebay - it was a used one but in excellent conditon. blinged it with sakura glitter gel pens - of course.

Yep I wondered what they were too - but they're embellished like an ATC, named after the person on the docrafts site who 'invented' them and swapped like an ATC - here is my first of a 3 swap -oh and they are the size and shape of a protractor. I didnt; have a protractor and was told by a woman on UKS that the straight edge was indeed 3.5 " so the same length as an ATC.

Friday, 23 July 2010

Got a lot of crafting to do !

Must make two cards for work - both birthdays - got this swap to get into the post - and in another 3 swap on Docrafts also. I don't like feeling under pressure so getting all this done before rejoining anything. SHE SAYS!

& Same swap - 'Make much of time' the background was a printed picture and the two clock faces made by printing off the faces and covering in glossy accents - great way to make very cheap embellishments.

Same swap - I used holographic fine black glitter on this one - the background has been sprayed on cartridge paper with Tim Holtz reinkers and cosmic pearl powder and water - came out just like sparkly leather - it's gorgeous. The 'moo' - 3"x 1" topper was painted with copper paint and again glittered. Added metal charm 'Life is measured by moments'.

'Fairy Glade' a swap on Docrafts. The image was stamped by someone else - they swapped an ATC with me and this was the little card they enclosed with the ATC to say 'hope you like the ATC' with their permission and it was a long time ago and I cannot remember who it was they said I could reuse the stamp. So here it is. This is very sparkly IRL as it supposed to represent fairy dust.

Saturday, 17 July 2010

Saturday again already and I am shattered

And miracles above all miracles - Another LO - I say another LO it's a 2nd one in about 2 months - haven't had a mojo for LO's for about 18 months and now two in 2 months and tonight - I am thinking, yes thinking, of doing another. THIS LO is a jokey one. As the journalling says, everytime I come onto my computer, now DD is sharing my computer - and my camera is on the desk - she jokingly leaves me silly pictures on the camera and whenever I upload the pics to the computer I find loads of these silly pic's - SHE WOULD KILL ME IF SHE KNEW I WAS SHARING THESE SILLY PIC's - but heyho, lets live dangerously. LOL.
Yes this IS the tidied up version ! and a 6' bookcase to the left side of this pic holds lots of storage boxes now with my stash in - so it's hidden away and much tidier. I want to go buy lots of matching boxes for this area - but haven't got the spare cash at the mo.

Monday Tuesday and Wednesday I was off this week with a raging ear infection - which caused lots of dizziness - had to go to doc's - and a visit to the hospital in August for a Glucose Tolerance Test - not happy, but it has to be done. Today the ear infection is much much improved. Went into work on Thursday and felt really rough - but Friday was much better. Had to look after the office on my own and coped exceptionally well, so I was chuffed about that really.

Today - well my bedroom is a disgrace - should say WAS a disgrace as my craft stuff was in such a mess - I have tidied it up and got rid of a load of stuff and it looks much better. I would prefer to have it in a separate room but I can't here, so I have to put up with it. Hope to take a pic of the tidier area later.

Tuesday, 6 July 2010

Theres more ..................

NOW BEFORE YOU SAY ANYTHING ! - This ATC was sent as a 'bad taste ATC' - Christmas in July AND a peel off. You either love em or hate em................well I don't particularly like Peel Offs and decided to throw the ones I had remaining from my early days of card making away - but kept this last one as a jokey ATC for Honeypip (lyn) hope she likes it - yep that was said tongue in cheek. AND I got my glass paints out but they've gone rather thick and gloopy. Never mind eh, adds to the bad taste.
So into bling of all kinds at the moment again - my UKS team name used to be Gillybling and I kinda went off blingy stuff but I am so so into it again - anyway - another ATC with crystal glitter and glitter sakura gel pens ! (of course)

This is an acetate ATC - really loving these at the mo - one I sent for a swap.

I decided I needed to display the lovely ATC's the girls keep swapping with me and so have done a run of acetate and stick the ATC's on with just a couple of little foam pads - I shall change the display every month or so with newer ones and a selection from the older ones too.

Friday, 2 July 2010

And another couple of ATC's I'm sending

This is very much more blingy and vibrant colour IRL - and is a bit of everything - metal (hand) embossing, acetate, bling (stickles) - everything I love about crafting really

Thursday, 1 July 2010

Showing off the talents of some of the ladies on UKS

More Orangey - lovey - from fatmonica - I'm not being rude that's her UKS name - love it.
Glittery and Orangey - scrumptious, my favourite colours and BLING ! Yummy

Orange and glittery looking a digi ATC - from Frances

This is a Nettyb's - cogee's - lovely stuff, so beautifully made.

How beautiful is this ATC from Nettyb - acetate, really love this one