Sunday, 31 July 2016

Keirs little house. Love it.

wish it were mine actually

12.3 !!!!

just seen on my old blogger account that back in april 2012 I was 12,3 so haven't changed, how frustrating.

Got my new laptop.


not done an awful lot except helping keir to get a house - more news to come can't yet.

and July is over quickly has this year gone

this is my 'betwinchie' a day for a whole year - have kept up to date but struggling to do it - just seem to have lost a lot of my mojo again again again.  since I moved up to this scrap room I think - too far to walk up two flights of stairs I think - lazy cow.  

got to get back on to slimming world and lose a stone - really really really want to lose a stone.

Friday, 1 July 2016

So lost without my laptop

Hope to get a new one this weekend so I can print again and upload some pics again etc it has been awful. Have been on holiday to new quay Cornwall it was rainy but lovely and so needed ..... came home and it's full steam ahead to get keir and Ali a new home now really.  Love them can't wait for them to be settled they may have to move in with us for a while too. Just finished my more than inches for June may have to upload when I have a laptop. Anyway just a quick update.