Sunday, 23 October 2011

This could be the start of something big ........

or small as the case may be. It's a little tag book someone on UKS wanted the template and when I saw it I thought it was perfect for Linda's Christmas card/little something - we don't buy each other presents but I always send something that I have taken time over and she loves them. So this will be completely masked with Christmas papers and little tags made to go in the pockets and the 'twas the night before christmas' poem will be on the little tags - then I shall embellish the outside - hope she likes it. think she will.

Sunday, 16 October 2011

we went to meet 'our' George

Here he is and isn't he JUST gorgeous !

Saturday, 8 October 2011

How wonderful is this:

Brenda's FLORAL FANTASY - Blog, for some unknown reason blogger doesn't allow me to post pic's in my sidebar???? Anyway, anyone who crafts needs to go nosey at Brendas blog

she is running blog candy - I just came across this bloggy and it's wonderful - not just for the blog candy but the beautiful creations.



another week done - and I enjoyed this week much better than MR's - doing the clinics on my own, little errors but nothing major - but bad news that they are now saying this is only temporary so M can get experience in MR - I'm not happy - and will voice my unhappiness if they try and get me to go back. As I',m not in MR now theyhave the radio on really loudly and it's bad for my ear.............................ah well just see how things go. STILL desperately trying to find a new job away from them - away from NHS

Monday, 3 October 2011

my head is spinning

Bev is training me - but she's one of those who does things for you rather than letting you do things for yourself. BUT once I know what I'm doing I think I will enjoy being in CP much better than MR's. I hope - very hot in there though.

Went back into MR's for the last hour and again the radio is VERY loud - I just cannot concentrate.

AH WELL - lets see how it goes.

Fed up to the back teeth really.

Went to Welshpool to Marians caravan on Sunday it was a good day out, Key fished and we had a picnic by the side of the lake..........................dreadful journey home though as it was so so busy. END OF THE SUMMER NOW THOUGH so won't be going again.

Keir getting a bike tomorrow - dreading it - please God keep him safe.