Wednesday, 29 December 2010

Weigh in

I had gained 2.5lb's - BUM

Was hoping it would be no more than 1.5lb's but 2.5lb's for all those chocolates that went down my gullet - I don't suppose it was so bad afterall. AND the class was held at the C's house and it was more like a ladies night in and it was a good night - and now I have joined facebook too to be in touch more with the group.

I had literally joined facebook for 10 minutes when J messaged me to ask if I was the GB who was her neighbour at last house - Yep it was me. It was nice to catch up, but I have to remember that she moved first and didnt' contact me - she had all my phone numbers and details and then I moved - she still had my email addy and mobile etc they hadn't changed. So I think I will keep her at arms length, especially remembering how everyone fell out with each other at the last place and we (hubby and I) eventually just kept ourselves to ourselves. Think it's probably better that way.

So STILL 2 stones lighter than I was at the beginning of 2010 - want to go back to SW next week having lost 4lb's and be UNDER 11 stones - will THAT EVER HAPPEN?

Tuesday, 28 December 2010

Tuesday 28th December 2010

Just about off to Slimming World - DREADING WHAT I HAVE GAINED.................but hey ho it's Christmas.

Back at work tomorrow - poo - but glad I have a job and need to be thankful. Just hope it goes by quite quickly.

Finished off my 52 in 10 today - glad that is all over now too. Rather thick book too.

Well, 2010 almost at an end. Hope cousin and hubby are still coming over for New Years Eve as they have both had this flu and don't know if they will make it.

Will post later what my SW damage is :(

Sunday, 26 December 2010

Boxing Day today.

completely forgot to take any more photos for the rest of Christmas day - never mind eh.
my new boots off Key for Christmas - over my jeans - done up no problem - real chuffed.

thought I looked slimmer than this - opening Keirs Christmas gift of chocolates - they have all gone !Q

Horrible weather on the run up to christmas - it was thick snow for weeks and weeks

love this little money box sam bought korin for christmas

my christmas tree
Well. Finishing off my 52 in 10 - bit of an hodge podge but it's OK. Not done a lot of crafting over the last few weeks really,. Christmas kinda snook up and bit me bum also. AND the weather has been diabolical. Will upload some random pics of the last few weeks.
I got to 11 stones for Christmas Eve - which meant 2 stone and 3lb's lighter than when I first started slimming world. I haven't been very good over the last number of weeks and could have easily made 3 stones if I had tried that bit harder, but feel so much better than I did last year.
Having said that we had a lovely Christmas Eve and Christmas Day and I am showing 4lb's up already ! OK I can get rid of 2lb's before weigh in onTuesday, I thought they'd be closed but class is on ! - SO will have to go and face the music. Hope it's not too much of a shock because I haven't gained before.
Will have to do some exercise and hope to lose some weight before then.