Sunday, 21 January 2018


Slimming world.  was showing 11.1 on my scales and hoped I woud be the same at class but alas I was 11.2/5 ..... but I haven't been this light since Christmas 2010.  Hope this time I can keep it off and lose nother 10lbs and get my Diabetes points down and they stay down and i am good at what I eat.

now having said all that i have had a bad weekend with chocolate and cakes and a take away and stuffed my face.  HOW STUPID. 

I have about 6.5 weeks before I get my bloods checked again and as \i reduced them previously from 64 to 52 I would LOVE to find they are now around 45'ish.  Maybe the doctor will then take me off medication and see if i can keep it low.

Exercise.  I am loving it.  yes before i start I think don't really fancy doing this but once I get started I find it's OK - yes I would love to lie on the sofa and do nothing - woujldn't everyone, but I know I have to do it to keep those points and my weight down.

i am mini trampolining for 15 -20 mins every morning or night and /or doing a 2 x 15 mins walking and exercise video off of you tube so around 45 mins or so exercising EVERY day apart from Saturdays.  PLUS using the bottom step on my stairs stepping up and down for 5 minutes AND twice 3 times a week walking two and from over the bottom part of my house - i watched a you tube video and you can just walk and walk and walk around your house and lose weight.  i feel so much fitter and better in myself apart from sinus problems at the moment.

AND today I went to Asda to buy Gym wear.  Nothing special just black leggins black tee shirt and black pumps to go join a gym with Key and Korin once korin has returned to work.

All in all, I feel much better, and you never know we might meet people by going out together and might get more of a social life.  That aside - I want to feel better for the rest of my life s much as I possibly can.

Watch this space.

Wednesday, 17 January 2018

Beautiful Luna

I love this child with all my heart and more - I cannot believe how she is growing and knowing and clever (and noisy) but she is so beautiful and i love having her.  I don't like the committment of having to have her every week, it would be nice to having my 3 days to myself again to craft and enjoy my time more BUT generally she is good and happy and lovely.

Thursday, 11 January 2018

What a GREAT Birthday

thank you to my family i had a lovely Birthday.  Korin cooked a homemade SW lasagne to come in to with hassleback potatoes and (unfortunately) Keir and Ali got me a chocolate cake which i had two pieces of, but hey ho it's my birthday !  Had lovely presents and enjoyed my night.  ~Didn't enjoy the day so much as I was stuck at work (no time left to take) and on Requests and Post and it was manic.  Thankfully jen helped me a bit, but i've got a load to go in to today as I kinda took my time yesterday.

Really worried about Korin.  Wasting her days at home and she needs to focus on getting  new job and moving on.  I hope today (12th) her firm come back with something for her to enable her to stay in her present place.  that would be nice.

my presents.....................oh and I had a mascara and a lipstick off Korin too.

Lovely lovely lovely night.  But feeling fat and gross. 

Sunday, 7 January 2018

Finally got to play with my Fuse Tool

Finally got to play with my Fuse tool and made a double sided page for my JYC or the December Daily whatever you want to call it !  -  Need to get quite  a bit of crafting done already 7th January nd stuff to get crafting (inchies) and get sent off to Nederlands.  Ah well, I can only try my best.

Tuesday, 2 January 2018

For my upcoming birthday

I wanted a HoMedics foot massager.  Was thinking of having regular reflexology - but didn't really want to spend £30 odd with people i didn't know - and didn't want to offer swapped treatments as I don't really do reflexology these days./

Anyway, the literature says not good for Diabetics and so I rang the diabetic nurse at the GP's surgery to see if I could have one.  She was the same nurse I saw before Christmas and said that as my feet were OK as she had examined them and that i had lowered my diabetic points - that it shouldn't be a problem but not to use it long term and often.  I was thinking of 10 mins per night ot so.

She also said at the appointment before Chtristmas that my points may not have come down very much in just 6 weeks - but on the phone today actually told me they had come down by 12 points from 64 to 52.... I was over the moon.

She said if I was to lose more weight and kept up the exercise and watched what I was eating them there would be no doubt I could reduce my medication even more - i am aiming for just one tablet each day instead of two AND by the end of the year to no diabetic medication at all - need to plan ahead regarding the statins but if I am just on that then so be it.

Very pleased overall.

Monday, 1 January 2018

Everything kinda rolled into one !

Christmas Day was good.  Korin came early to open her presents.  We opened them altogether.  Then Keir and Ali arrived at around 12 noon and we opened presents and Me and Key cooked dinner together although key got pissed up on gin and tonic and ended up having to go to bed before dinner !  no room in our lounge really for the table and i swear in JANUARY i am getting rid of a load of junk and cleaning up my rooms

Not as good a day this year than last year as we had the game to play and luna got a bit crankey and so no games were played and then Keir and Ali had to go to the other Nanna's.

Boxing Day was real boring.  Keir and Ali didn't come and all of us were far too full to eat anything.  I strayed off Slimming World more than I wanted to - and end of Boxing night was 11.9!  which meant around 5lb's or 6 pounds on, but by Saturday I was back down to 11.6 on my scales which meant i still had a stone off - but would have gained around 2 pounds at Slimming World weigh in.  I didn't go  to class.  backed out because I did have sinus problems at work on #Thursday and Friday and knowingly I had gained  a couple of pounds  VoWeD I would be good all weekend and really wasn't.  WASN'T exceptionally bad but certainly wasn't good and when I weighed myself this moring (New Years Day) I was 11.6 AGAIN.  So was disappointed.

New Years Eve was very quiet.  Korin didn't go out and I didn't drink.  Korin went home at around 10.30............Key and I sat up and watched Hootenanny (with Jools Holland) he wasn't here you understand. ha ha ha ha ...............actually the programme was, as usual, very good.

AND so today.  New Years Day ................ keir and luna came for lunch and Key cooked it - what a terrible mess in the kitchen, but at least he cooked.  My new oven after the Christmas festivities and cooking etc it is already disgusting so must get that cleaned every couple of months or so.

Tonight we watched The Zookeepers Wife.  What a fantastic film.  puts everything into perspective.

i am very worried about korin and her job but there is nothing i can do, hope she starts to feel better soon and they don't make life difficult for her.

Thats all Folks !

Sunday, 31 December 2017

Bit of a difference in 7 weeks