Saturday, 21 July 2018

how gorgeous

Another couple !

Really enjoying crafting, but spending far too much money !  hey ho, i gotta enjoy myself, don't spend on anything else, even stopped buying clothing now I haven;t moved on the scales for weeks and weeks except gaining a few pounds x

Tuesday, 3 July 2018

Here we are again, another couple layouts - I am on a roll

I bought the Simple Stories paper pad and embellishments, loved the layout the woman did on the video on You Tube but mine didn't turn out half as nice, although I think it's OK. 

I bought a monthly kit from Crafts for Eternity, loved these papers etc as they brought back lovely memories.  AND found a photo of my mom, didnt' know I had any that I hadn;t scrapped.

I have also ordered a monthly kit for 6 months from Lottie loves paper - it's £20 a month, I feel a bit uneasy as I am spending far too much on crafting stuff again, I went through this a few years ago where I just could not stop buying craft items.  I think although I have bought some craft things I really haven;t bought an awful lot for a couple of years and so the stuff I have is very outdated and I just love all this new ephemera stuff - ah well, hubby has vape stuff -  LOVE this layout even though I say so myself.

Sunday, 1 July 2018

couple more and a day out at The Adventure Farm at Burton upon Trent x

Lovely day out but OMGoodness it was so so hot, too hot to move around in comfortably, was glad to get home and have a sleepy - must be getting old x 

Wednesday, 27 June 2018

Forgot I had Safestyle UK coming out

to quote for a composite door - same old crap of £2545 bringing it down to £1445 and then when I said no, got it down to £1300 - but I reckoned it was going to cost me around £1100 and good news is it is interest free credit - we were going to pay cash but really we won't miss £50 a month and two years go by so quickly.  I did the same with my mirrored wardrobes and they come to an end in September so it'll work out about the same.

this is the door I am having, just hope and pray they are a decent company and that the door looks good - reviews were really good but there were also a lot of bad reviews !  BUT who can you trust?

Another couple layouts

First things first it's my last day before I go back to work tomorrow after 20 days off - OMG I do not want to go back at all, and tried my clothes on and those 4 extra pounds really do make a difference so have had to go buy some knee length shorts as I couldn't find a skirt to fit me properly - fits on waist doesn't fit on hips !  Still only a size 14 so I am still 2 sizes down, but those two size 13's I bought dont go anywhere near - and then I come home and eat 4 yoghurts ! because they were thick and creamy ones, I knew when I bought them I was going to eat them - now I feel sick.  Supposed to ahve gone to gym this morning and didn't go so I think I MAY HAVE TO GO THIS EVENING !!

I bought this little pushchair for Luna and she absolutely loves it !  She has grown up so much and understands so much now - hard to believe she is ONLY 16 months old, but how quickly has that 16 months gone.

Didn't really get any decent pics though of her with the pushchair, do have a couple of good videos though.

Whilst we were away, Korin had Lexi and Kali (Rhians dogs) round in the evenings, and they played lovely together, since we got back it hasn't happened, although Lexi did come to Korins BBQ which wasn't a BBQ for her 12 months in her own home.  I love the 'LOVE' stamp, I have that to use over and over, it looks like a rub on - it came out so well x 

AND today, 27.6.18 the day before I go back to work after 20 days off - dreading tomorrow and my stomach isn't good - probably nerves.  I really don't want to go to work ever again, but I know that IF I didn't go back I would miss the £600 I earn, especially as I've been spending spending spending like I don't know what.  So this is today, going to do a bit of cleaning and tidying up and then may make another offering.  I hope I can.  

Saturday, 23 June 2018

more layouts again x 9 in total

There are a few in here that I'#m not that happy with but whilst I am scrapping I am happy to include them, they will probably be done again in the next few months.  I have also subscribed to a monthly kit.  Key has his vaping and spend a fortune on it - so I am having my crafting stuff agian.  fair is fair.