Wednesday, 12 October 2016

been away for a few days

only to weston super mare but stayed in a lovely hotel. met up with dave and jenny after 25 years............  where did 25 years go. good to meet up. spent a lot of money too. gotta spend less again now..... my wardrobes come on 25th .............. still got loads decorating to do and absolutely no help whatsoever !!!!! and at the moment now enthusiasm either!!!!

and cheddar gorge was fantastic

I look at my beautiful daughter

and feel sadness................because she needs someone lovely in her life, not necessarily a man as a partner but someone who is there for her, take her for a meal, take her to the zoo, come round for a sit and chat, someone to laugh with etc.  She has no one really, her so called best friend only ever contacts her when SHE needs korin.  i feel so sorry for Korin, I wish I could buy friends i would buy her a couple of really decent ones.

AND then, i would also like her to meet someone really nice who would love her as much as she loves them.  Someone to set up home with, someone to have holidays with, someone to relax with and maybe have children with.  I hope I see the day.

i look at my beautiful son

and feel sadness................I don't think he is doing well - the stress of waiting for the house to go through and the baby on the way and his GF not doing much in the house.  I feel sorry for him that she doesn' cook him a meal to come home to - I'm not the old fashioned type that thinks he should have a meal to come home to every night of the week, but it really wouldn't hurt one or two nights a week to think'what shall I cook for him tonight to come home to' - and he hasn't been doing much cooking either at the weekends for her to come home to.  I hope they are happy, I really do.

Saturday, 24 September 2016

Another hectic Saturday

and I ache all over ................... the vinyl finally put down in the en-suite - 12 months ago we had that leak and it ruined the old vinyl.  We have done so much in the house over the last few months, I say 'we' that is the Royal we because it really is me that does everything - or arranges for men to come in and do the work etc.  Nightmare really as I would love some help.  Finding things difficult recently, and as I said today I ache all over after dismantling the bed to clean underneath as my bed is so heavy it is difficult to move much easier to dismantle it and put it back together again;  ha ha 'she says'.

Tomorrow ordering the mosaic tiles for the splash back in the kitchen as its not tiled and has marked badly with cooking etc.................something else that I have to sort but at least Key will have to tile I don't think I could do that.

Still waiting on the wardrobes.....................and still have the en-suite to emulsion and decorate the half bedroom where the wardrobes are going.  Have to do things bit by bit these days.  Wish I had the energy to do it all - and do as much as I used to do.  Even when I have booked days off work to do decorating I don't have the energy to decorate all day.  Ah well, such is life.

Love the floor but still got to paint the wall.

how beautiful are these mosaics 

Wednesday, 21 September 2016

you cant have good things all the time you have to have balance

Poor Sebastian Died today - a car hit him right by Keirs and Alis home,  they didnt know, they didn't sleep well and this morning at 8 am someone contacted them to tell them they had took his body to the vets locally.  how sad, he was such a lovely cat.


Sunday, 11 September 2016


you do not realise when you get older how much 'work' takes it out of you.  So I tied myself in knots trying to get in my little en-suite to decorate (gloss paint) all around the woodwork and under the sink etc, my goodness last night and this morning i really ached.

then today had the vinyl man come to quote as the floor (after the leak) drove me mad for the last 6 months - can't wait until it's all done, going to give it a real blast this week to get everything finished before the vinyl fitting on Saturday - I hope.

Then me and Korin went to Argos to get her a new mattress - one of these that folds into my small car - you unwrap it and it springs to life as it's a foam one - very comfortable but don't know if it will last very long.

Then we went to the baby scan to find our FIRST grandchild will be a girl.  I pray things are OK and they move into their new little house and have a wonderful family life together.

Then we went to the Harvester for a meal - my goodness I was almost knackered by then.

THEN we went to mothercare and we (Key and I) bought them the bedroom furniture for the nursery, beautiful items - which I hope they appreciate.  Well Keir rang and said thank you - we can't keep doing this though - we aren't a bottomless pit of money.

Then I had to come home and walk dog.  Cook for Key, Morrisons order and finally relax.

knackered as the heading says.

It's a GIRL

and I don't mind one little bit.  Alison was so happy to have a girl......... all I pray is that the baby is fine and well and a beautiful little girl will make the family complete for them - well for now.  A few weeks and they will be settled in their new home and a number of weeks later they will be welcoming their baby girl.  Can't wait.