Friday, 26 December 2014

ATC's sent to Lyndee for Advent Dec 14

Now they've all been opened apart from New Years Day I can upload them

christmas crafting

photo's of ATC's, Twinchies and Inchies received in Advent Swaps



Christmas eve was busy going to crem and cemetery and getting last bits etc but at least I didn't have to go into work - thank goodness.  There doesn't seem to be the spirit of Christmas though like it used to be.

What was nice was Christmas eve evening Keir and Alison decided to look at the old VHS videos of our Christmases past - it was so lovely to see the kids small - ripping loads of present open, they were so sweet and lovely to each other - not like these days.  Having said that they've been very pleasant with each other so long may it continue - I hope.


Wednesday, 3 December 2014

And so this is Christmas. Well, we're on the last leg run up to it.

'O' Christmas Tree

3.12.14 put the tree up tonight

I always think back to putting the tree up and Gunner sitting by it like a really good boy having his photo taken. Miss him so much still, wish I didn't. 2nd Christmas without him.
All presents got..................well almost all - Christmas cards written ready to send.  Just cooker and fridge/freezer to clean and hair to die and the jobs a 'good - un ' as they say.

Sunday, 23 November 2014

1 month or therabouts to Christmas ! OMGoodness................

list as long as my arm.........................which includes the usual.  Clean oven, defrost fridge/freezer, clean all my cupboards out.

This weekend I have cleaned out my treatment room to make a Dining Room for Christmas Day and the fact that I don't know if I shall ever be able to do reflexology ever again - my thumb is fused straight :(

Loads and loads of junk to be gotten rid of.................and Christmas presents still to get - but I managed to clean my bedroom windows this weekend and last weekend I cleaned all under my bed etc. 

Accounts to be finished off and sent to the Accountant tomorrow - and STILL more washing to be done, sick of the amount of washing and tryng hard to get it all dry - might end up at the laundrette this month.

Carpets being fitted next Saturday and going out with Marian on the Sunday to get some new decorations, I hope.

14th we are off to Caulke Abbey but to be truthful it sounds a bit childish - OK if we had children to take, but we don't.

All in all I am panicking.....................I wanted to decorate too before Christmas and have my ensuite 'fitted' out but really it's too much now before Christmas will have to be done in the New Year.

All this for two or three days, how stupid are we all.

Although I do like Christmas.

Wednesday, 5 November 2014

it's beginning to look a lot like Christmas(yes again) ha ha

received from lynne - my ATC Advent Calendar - so looking forward to opening all these !

when open will be put into this ..............

Friday, 31 October 2014

Happy Halloween


Korin and Lliam going out on the town tonight !
I did nothing for Halloween.  Last year we had no callers !  ended up eating all the chocolate and was miserable with myself for doing so.  Tonight I bought no sweets, no chocolate - then got Korin to bring some back when she nipped to the local shop - just for me and dad.  She did bring a little for the kids when they called - we had about 4 visitors in total - and ran out of chocolate as fast as we had it in the hallway - never mind eh.

Little bit of crafting

I am expecting 25 Advent inchies, 25 Advent Twinchies & 25 Advent ATC's................was going to put string on them and them on the Christmas tree this year but then decided that I would 'house' them in concertina style books - I got the idea from a woman on the Netherlands Inchie group site - although I have sent a couple of people Birthday Inchies in this form this year but forgotten about them.  Anyway, here are the twinchie and inchie concertinas - and then I shall get onto the ATC's over the weekend.

I will photograph each inchie, each twinchie and each ATC as I open them daily to put into my little concertina books...................quite looking forward to it all now.

still have the Twinchie concertina book to embellish yet with Christmas papers but will do so over the weekend. I hope.