Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Happy Halloween - tomorrow !

How quickly does that come round then - where we used to live in Fradley Staffs the whole village came out on Halloween - and there were halloween parties at the weekends and it was such fun. When we moved over to Tamworth - it was kinda lost - where we are now you don't see many people wandering around in costume, such a shame - first year we were here we didn't have one caller - last year we had just one ! This year I don't know - I haven't got sweets in or chocolates because I am back on Slimming World- it sounds mean but if I have them in and no one calls - then we shall eat them. So I shall just have to explain. And .............. Another LO - just waiting for a plastic spider to arrive from Ebay to pop into the centre of that cobweb.
another unfinished halloween layout - my printer ink has ran out and I need to get some journalling on here and maybe another picture or two ?

Monday, 29 October 2012

sold ..................

Cuttlebug alphas Hippie Chick and Typewriter. AND Sizzix Doodle Block lowercase alphabars. on Ebay - raised £45 to spend on new crafting goodies. So have bought a new Xcut alphabet die - Rome AND some patterned papers and new cuttlebug B plates and a Tim Holtz alpha die decorative strip.......so far - still have about £10 to spend I think - little cough here, that £45 did include all the postage too - but I'e bought the postage out of my own money. Tee hee.

Sunday, 28 October 2012

Happy Birthday Son ! (tomorrow 29th)

Just in case I forget to update my blog tomorrow. 25 years ago you came into this world, you were the sweetest of babies - BUT you never slept - certainly made up for it in later life having M.E (or chronic fatigue syndrome) - you have slept the months and years away. You are though, getting better by the month - and coping with life so much better. Happy Birthday son, we love you, we always will.

Returned to SW - yesterday

STILL haven't been excessively good on the plan - but much better than I have been. I gotta be good from now - I return to work (more than likely) a week tomorrow. Dreading it and need to try my clothes on to see if anything fits me ! Buy hey ho - I knew the day was fast approaching. My leg is still bad at times - as I sit typing this I have pain on the inner thigh from knee to top of leg - and a pain in my food and right inside the knee joint (left). BUT it's not agonising. I have just gotten over (although I am still cough, cough, coughing) a terrible bout of flu (it was definitely flu or a very very heavy cold) - was heaving with coughing and ached all over - 3 days in bed. PLUS Wednesday and Thursday last week I had the sicky bug too to contend with - last week was awful, and on top of my leg problem. Going to doctors tomorrow to get signed off this week and back to work on monday if she will, she was adament I wouldn't return until I see the knee consultant, that appointment has come through but not until 8th - so returning I think on 5th. I have a week to get myself out of the doldrums and back into some kind of normality.

Friday, 26 October 2012

feeling excessively fat - back to SW tomorrow

8 weeks to christmas - I could lose a stone - could ????? Must try anyway. went and bought some storage - only to find it doesn't fit in the drawers where I intended it to go - I measured it and all :( but then realised it says 'internal' measurements. Me is a numpty. Anyway, I'll use it for something else - stupid me took the tags and stickers off before trying it - must get my brain into order.

Thursday, 25 October 2012

It was so so lovely

to be treated to a meal - going out and someone picking up the bill - wonderful. AND the place was so lovely to ................ http://www.thewinehouselichfield.co.uk/
Great company too - hope they are new friends.

Wednesday, 24 October 2012

Theres more !

oh yes there is .....
Another layout - can't quite believe it. BUT I did another one tonight. Really enjoyed it too. I think what prompted me to do this was selling the alphabet die (cuttlebug hippie chick) on ebay - thought I'd get one more title out of it - having said that I think I bought it for around £20 have had about 8 titles out of it and sold it for £18 including p&p so not bad. NEVER going to buy an expensive alpha again though - trying t sell my doodle block and cuttlebug typewriter tooo - hardly ever use them at all...............total waste of money really.

Had a whole morning crafting !

No one in to bother me - felt rather down in the dumps but decided on making a Layout - YES another layout. Can't quite believe it - I have probably done around 5 Layouts in about 5 weeks............they're all very basic Layouts - but OK for me - I'm not one for trying to win any prizes - just plain and simple layouts for me. AND a first for me, I felt compelled to journal a lot with this layout so I just but headings onto the photo's and typed up an A4 page of journaling about the photo's and stuck it on the back. I feel I need to journal more so the kids can remember a bit about their young life. I have NO photo's of when I was young, so want the kids to have more than I have been left with, if you know what I mean. anyway here it is ..........

Monday, 22 October 2012

Formal Sickness review with boss

& HR manager and team leader (IF) you can call her that .,,,,,,,,,, questionable. Anyway, they obviously don't believe me, want me to go see GP and ask her to sign me back to work..............all they did was keep going on about going back to work. I voiced my concerns that my leg might not be good going back, promised me the earth that I can rest it (some hope with my team leader) I know that won't happen. BUT reckon I will be back (unfortunately) W/c 5th. Do have a consultants appointment for 8th (I believe if sorted today) - I just hope that I can get back up to speed and leg sorted for Christmas - I think they will really put pressure on me when I am back. Nightmare really.

Saturday, 20 October 2012

Had the flu this week

feeling really rough and got a Formal meeting for sickness on Monday - dreading it - but can only go by what my doctor says to do.

Sunday, 14 October 2012

Mini Book - Memories Flash By

I sorted loads of photo's from spare room...............going to make lots of mini books to use up some of the photo's - there are hundreds and hundreds.......
there will be around 40 photo's in this mini book.

Friday, 12 October 2012

my GP wasn't happy ..................

said I shouldn#t go back to work until i see a consultant about the leg to avoid causing it any more harm doing work that may cause me more problems. ANOTHER month off, I am quite concerned.................but will chase consultant on monday to see if i can get to be seen quicker.

Thursday, 11 October 2012

sliced my finger and it's so sore

have had to keep plasters on it for 3 days because it was so sore and still bleeding - today as I was in all day long I thought I would leave the plasters off to let it dry up a bit - hope it's not going sceptic as it is very painful - and hurts to touch. It doesnt' look very deep in the picture but it is quite deep. ouch.

Tuesday, 9 October 2012

Yikes - returning to work is imminent.

Had to go see boss lady - trying to get me to return on Monday - I feel that I might be able to return on Monday 22nd ! but have to see my GP first - occy health are recommending 18th ish. and phased return just 2.5 hours per day for the first week then I can't remember what else she said. All I know is that the staff were all saying how horrible it was - absolutely dreading it - since the change it's just so vile apparently. Awful thoughts, but I know I have to return. Sad. found out tonight that my old boss has been finished off on Friday - and a couple of other people from the old regime going too - that's what boss lady meant then that I may be redeployed if I can't do the job - I reckon they're gunning for me - but my health is more important than the job anyway.

Monday, 8 October 2012

Made a start on the photo organisation .................

I say made a start - actually I realise this morning that I probably sat for around 3 hours - my leg is killing me today because of sitting in the one position for lengthy periods - not 3 hours in one go - but it's not done me any good. Have physio today - don't feel like going............but I have to............don't know if it does me any good to be honest, but they can't say I haven't tried to get my leg better. Boss meeting tomorrow - quite dreading it because I know they'll want me back asap - and I REALLY don't know if I can cope................but I suppose I will have to.

Sunday, 7 October 2012

Photos photos everywhere ................

Finally the spare bedroom is being sorted and a chest of drawers cleared out and sold on ebay .............. yah, awaiting collection and payment though :( - but at least it's sold in theory............still in hallway, hope he collects it tomorrow. The new shower in the bathroom has been fitted - yah, but the glass screen was damaged so we're awaiting a replacement.............should be monday or tuesday and hopefully the bathroom will then be finished by the middle of the week.......fingers crossed. The new wardrobe was started but half the pieces were missing and some panels damaged so that has gone back for a full refund. What a nightmare flat packed stuff is. FOUND the 4 drawer cabinet at the back of the room STUFFED - and I mean STUFFED with photo's .............. all jumbled up together, can't make out what dates the photo's and felt really overwhelmed. BUT the ladies on UKS have suggested getting some shoe boxes and putting all the photo's into 'events' like Christmas, holidays, birthdays etc etc and then try and sort them into some kind of assemblance regarding dates etc. I think it's the best thing to do so will start on that today. Sorted out all my pre-kids photo's - blimey I was so young and THIN .......... might upload a couple.

Thursday, 4 October 2012

Whoop whoop

my christmas pressie arrived
It's my Record Player - how lovely is it that you just open the box plug it in turn it on and voila - music (with a record on the turntable, of course) ! & THE records being The Birmingham Trail which arrived yesterday from Italy............love it, already played it and it's made me 'happy sad'. AND Christmas is a coming and I saw this and had to buy it - Gillybling strikes again.

Really annoying .......................

You have a flat pack delivered - can't get to open it until around 10 days - then find that half of the fixing kit is missing and 3 of the panels are damaged ! So the nice clean tidy bedroom which is awaiting this wardrobe - cannot have it's wardrobe - I am really annoyed. Give 'The Range' their fair due - they are taking it back tomorrow and was replacing it = BUT no longer in stock - and so - I need to look around for something else. Fingers crossed I find something soon - that is decent enough without breaking the bank.

Monday, 1 October 2012

i can't believe it really !

The Birmingham Train - was a record that my mom bought way back in the 60's - may have been early 70's - she loved it and so did all her sisters and I remember getting in from work / or it could have been school and they were playing her records on her stereogram and dancing around - we had great fun at 'our moms' of course, the Birmingham Train..............oh yes, we are Brummies. The Birmingham referred to in the records is, we believe, is Birmingham Alabama - but that doesn't matter - Birmingham - where we lived and was born and bred and our mom loved it. So.................the weekend hubby and I (although I didnt do much because of my bad leg) - were sorting through some stuff in the spare bedroom - it was a disgusting mess and now looks a lot tidier...........anyway - we came accross my records - and his records - but we don't have a record player to play them on. On the evening I was searching this and that and the other on google and googled 'The Birmingham Train' - yes I got there eventually and lo and behold I traced a copy in Italy !!!! - and I bought it - cost me nearly £15 but I got a copy. I was so excited, then I realised that I won't be able to play it. Silly me. So .................hubby ordered me a record player via Ebay to play my records on and The Birmingham Train when I finally have it a arrive. I am so excited. Classing this as a very early Christmas pressie. Hope everything works ok - bet the records sound very tinny - but I cannot wait to try my old music out. 'sing along now' - oh the Birmingham Train runs a mighty long way, lordy lord give me one more day, one more day of this world of toil and pain - da da da da da 'smiley face'