Monday, 30 May 2016

Bank Holiday Weekend again

nice 3 day weekend.

did a bit of crafting - finished the twinchies for the houses swap with Anky .............. Had a family BBQ on Saturday night and it was a good night everyone was happy.  Sunday got up to date with shopping and washing and houework and a bit more crafting ............... watched a film with Key

it was good - had a lie in til 9 am !  Key worked though.  Bank Holiday Monday had every intention of going to Weston Park again - I think I have said that for the last 4 - maybe 5 bank holidays and we never get there.  BUT it would mean 3-5 house away from Benny again and maybe £25 to go in and see around the house and there was a Food fesitval/market on meant eating too too much again and already struggling to lose a few pounds before we go away in a fortnights time.  Soooooooooooo decided to walk Benny in Dosthill park and he LOVED it !  got in and out and in and out the car easily and it was an enjoyable experience for everyone, well me and Korin as Key went fishing or NOT as the case may be, forgot it was the BOWER weekend at Lichfield so he had no where to park for Stowe Pool and then he drove back to Tamworth and didn't like the two places where he could fish - so he needs to go fishing next Sunday on his day off lets pray for better weather then, the sunday after we go on our holidays.  Looking forward to that,  I really am.

Benny in the car today, he was such a good boy !

A picture I bought from Argos for my craft room, it's like a 'scrapped' picture so it was ideal for the wall in there ........

Friday, 27 May 2016

Last Nederlands swap for a while

gotta get housework, decorating, a holiday and goodness knows what else done over the next couple of months and feel in the mood to do it !  so sending this Twinchie House Swap and then not doing anything more for a couple of months.

spooky house

Stripey House

love your house 

On the Beach

Happy Home

The Pink House

"The Cats Home"

Make a house into a home

Gliterarti - very shiney Twinchie

Circus Life 

Saturday, 21 May 2016

Last but one Nederlands Swap - Twinchie Silhouettes

Was going to do some stamping but found it really difficult - I'm not a good stamper despite hundreds of stamps, maybe I should get rid of them as I only end up really frustrated because they always turn out not very well.

But silhouettes so I printed them from the internet and made these - will send them in the next day or two.


just the twinchie houses to make now and then a 
rest for a few - number of weeks whilst I make the house tidy and decorated and the like, I hope. and have a nice relaxing holiday too.

Friday, 20 May 2016

another layout

always loved this photo of Key and Korin - she is such a cutie - can't believe 25 years has sped by but I say that about nearly every photo I scrap these days, time is just rushing by .............

Monday, 16 May 2016

work is still shite - and getting worse

with a supervisor who really doesn't know what he is doing,,,,,,,,,pathetic, has no people skills whatsoever has been told 3 times already he is condescending - I think I would question myself if that was the case.  Awful.  nearly 8 am and I really do not want to get ready and go to work and I only work 3  hours.

Sunday, 15 May 2016

Down in the dumps kinda weekend

I bought Curtains for the lounge and do not like them - I realy should take them back down and take them back to the shop I bought them from as there is a pull in one curtain which is very noticeable when the sun shines through but I changed the curtains over and the pull is now behind the TV so it's not noticeable, is it because I know it is there - or is it because I just dont like the curtains - I do not know - I think it could be that they are so plain in comparison to my normal choice - usually have flowers or stripes or darker colours for the winter etc - I just don't know what to do don't feel i have the energy to take the curtains down agian - I might go rescue the plastic bag they were from etc and then take them down next weekend, but I need curtains because of the dog - all a worry really, supposed could go to dunelm mill next weekend and buy more curtains before taking these down and taking them back,  what a dilema.

Thursday, 12 May 2016

Work is Shite

I cannot begin to tell you how I am NOT enjoying ANY day at work at the moment.  Some days are more tolerable than others but generally I am hating my job again.  I have to go to pay for my car which is nearly £200 a month .................. & the remainder £350 pays the shop loan ............. as I figure I can pack up my job in about 18 months time - so I just have to survive until then.  How the others cope every day in such a negative and sometimes hostile environment I do not know.  Watching the younger ones playing about and using mobiles phones all the time - checking messages and sending texts - going on Facebook on their phone etc - ridiculous.  I would join in but I know if I did I would be caught red handed and I've always been a bit of a wimp when it comes to 'tellings off' ha ha - I'm 60 and shouldn;t really give a flying FUCK if they want to sack me they can !

12 month book with Nederlands Inchie group (May) - Animals.

loved this butterfly papers which I found AFTER I did the butterfly swap, would have been great to use on that swap.  never mind

AND the first inchie was a butterfly one but didn't know if butterflies are 'animals' - probably not - more like creatures ???  non the less I enjoyed this little project for the 12 month book with the Nederlands Inchie Group ladies. 

Friday, 6 May 2016

Butterfly swap with the Nederlands.

here they are - BETWINCHIES - between an inchie and a twinchie - one and a half inchies - I always called these 'more than inchies' - they're butterflies - obviously and will be sending at the weeknd.

not doing Slimming World

but not gaining weight - but it's stressing me out - really want to lose another stone - holiday in 5 weeks time - could EASILY do half a stone, but keep messing about with the plan and eating stuff that I shouldn't.  MUST must must get on and do this, for my sanity.

work is slightly better !

But how long for I dont know, it's been nice that the supervisor hasn't been in all week, which makes me ask the question - do we REALLY need a supervisor ?  Although the 'young ones' in the office have played on their mobile phones and talked a lot and had copious amounts of coffee and tea and basically not done an awful lot - so the supervisor will be back next week - which is a pity as the atmosphere has been very much more relaxed...................he is a whirling dervish (very very hyper) and stresses me out when he is around me.

Thursday, 5 May 2016

Moved up to the top of the house and couldn't use the room because of the heat

had to shell out a further £170 to have this fitted so I can use the room, it was sweltering awful...... Hope it improves up 'here' now.

it has improved, but the right hand side of the blind has bowed and the wires come a bit loose - so now I have to recontact them to come back and tighten things up a bit