Wednesday, 30 September 2015


to reduce my hours at work.  Found out that Sue at work is leaving us - she is mornings and only 20 hours a week - I want to transfer to mornings and would prefer to drop even more to 15 hours a week just 3 hours a day would be fantastic -  9 til 12 noon ...................... reflexology in the afternoons and bobs your uncle as the saying goes.

It's always a problem at work though - so we shall see.  they also make you feel as if you are causing troubles.



not happy with myself or my doctors really.  They cock things up - was told today I have been diabetic since 2012 ?  They are such dreadful doctors need to move away..............

Anyway must do something about it and rejoined slimming world - how many times do i do this, this time though it needs to be for life to keep my weight down and hopefully need very little medication and keep my blood sugars in check.

So unhappy about this other medical condition - they do deem it as 'older age' diabetes and not obese diabetes although OBVIOUSLY I have in the past munched on too many sugary foods !

Gillian - you need to look after yourself now.

Advent Inchie

all done for nederlands group advent inchies - just rinchies to make now too - have enjoyed crafting again.

Tuesday, 22 September 2015

Twinchie Advent with Netherlands Group

Sunday 13/9/15

Am pleased that I have lost 2lb's over the weekend.

Gotta stick at SW for a fortnight - really well, then we can see what we have lost.

Korin is very down about jobs and boredom, Rhian doesn't really bother with her at weekends because she has loads of family and other friends to see.

Keir is lonely too because Ali works until late every day 10 days out of 12  - wish I could win the lottery and set them all straight.

We went for a walk - Korin and I but ended up only walking down to Keirs house - they'd just come home with the kittens, they are so gorgeous.  Love them.

Have got a few treatments of reflexology over the next fortnight whilst I'm off work - will try and tidy them up so I have a few days to do what I want to do rather than trying to fit everything in as usual.

treatment in the morning early.

Want to get paint and paint Key's bedroom, as the walls are very bad.  Keir and Olivias - Keir and Alisons legacy.

Where do the weeks go to ?

Ikea dropped off the desk and chest of drawers last Friday and I cannot be arsed to erect them - I hate flat packs and there isn't much room in that room to get it done............

wish I'd ordered stuff already assembled now!

2nd week of my annual leave and NOT looking forward to returning to work next week.  HOWEVER - there has been some troubles at work which we can't talk about and one of the ladies has put her notice in....................she is my other half.

She does mornings and just 20 hours to my 22.5 hours................ideally I would love to drop to 15 hours a week and 3 days a week but I don't think they'd allow me to reduce to 3 days but they may reduce me to 15 hours a week over the five days - and maybe I could do mornings.  My other halfs hours would then increase to 27.5 hours and afternoons !  I would love to work 9 am to 12 noon each day and then I could continue on with my reflexology 1 pm, 3 pm, 5 pm and 7 pm treatments 3 days a week.

My reflexology has become a bit busier again, after the Jury Service it had dropped off again a bit, but it has increased.  I've had 3 new ladies this week who have all rebooked for next month.  However, two of my older customers have ceased coming, so it's a bit swings and roundabouts again at the moment.  I remember it well from when I was busy busy busy with reflexology in the early days, it does settle down and I know that if I am doing 3 - 4 treatments a day 3 days a week earning around £200 a week that would be just wonderful on top of my £500 or so from my new morning job - being positive they will allow me to reduce my hours.

Well I suddenly felt the urge to do some crafting and decided to join the Netherlands Advent swaps for Rinchies, Inchies and Twinchies -  I made the 25 twinchies in just 3 - 4 days - and envelopes etc.
Really enjoyed doing these.  Hope they are enjoyed by the receivees in December.


Friday, 11 September 2015

aldi shop

Korin has gone on at me for weeks to shop at Aldi.  I have no objections to shopping at Aldi used to do it all the time when the kids were young and occasionally in recent years but at Morrisons I can get absolutely everything I need so don't need to shop at two stores.  Shopping at Aldi the cats will only eat Whiskas food - and I don't particularly like their cooked meats - but needs must, we have to cut down on our shopping bill someway or other.

So the shop came to £72 - when we got back we added up what I would normally spend like the 5% mince is £1. 30 cheaper at Aldi - so a saving of £2.60 saving and again another £.1.30 on a whole chicken........................we reckon we saved around £20 or just under - but I'm happy with that.

Got all the foods we need for a massive attack on Slimming World over the next fornight.  we have weighed and we shall see what we are in two weeks time - fingers crossed.

Thursday, 10 September 2015

10th September................last day of Jury Service

Well I certainly did not expect to feel down about finishing Jury Service at all !  totally unexpected.

The little group of us 15 had gelled so well together.  The men were all very much gentlemen and walked me to the bus stop on the 2nd case we were on.  And the girls all chatted together and got on so well - just a pity I don't work with them as it was so nice having NORMAL conversations.  no one talks at my normal work which i find really unbelieveable.

we were sent home early yesterday and thought that we were going to be on a small 1 day - 1,5 day case today which would finish lunch time tomorrow but at 12.30 pm we were sent home again for good.  It was sad.  Everyone kinda rushed off with a 'cheery-o' and that was it.  I felt very deflated.  I don't think I expected to be embracing people, but it was suddenly  'all over'.

And I really wouldn't mind doing it all again - HOWEVER I do not think the NHS would allow me to - but when I am doing reflexology again and IF I am called then I could claim loss of income and I would definitely do it all again.  Then again, maybe next time the people wouldn't be as nice.

Back to the shithole work again tomorrow at 1 pm - wish I didn't have to, but I do.  AND then a fortnight holiday or at least 10 days and going to give Slimming world a really really good go - and I have Keys desk and chest of drawers arriving = flat pack from Ikea so will need to get them done and maybe do a bit of decorating.

Hope to go to Ironbridge and Stratford upon Avon on 19th / 20th - so that will be nice.

Fingers crossed for my slimming campaign want to be 11 stone for Christmas.  BIG WANT but I know I can do it - I've done it before.

Wednesday, 2 September 2015

2nd day of jury service

it's a fraud case but that is all i an say..................met a lovely indian lady on my first day by the end of the day it was like we had known each other for ever !!  but I got onto this case which is 4 days and she didn't - we started the 2nd day today at 10.30 and didn't come back out until 1 pm - she wasn't around so asked Sophie the Clerk to the Courts and she said they had been sent home again as they hadn't got  case to go to...............lucky beggars eh.  first day though we sat around from 10.30 to 3 pm with nothing to do, so i would rather be in a case than sitting around being bored and getting a numb bum.

so the bank holiday weekend came and went and it wasn't nice weather but it gave me time to get Keys bedroom done - it looks much better but still have to order his desk and chest of drawers, the spare bedroom come dressing room is now just a junk room although korin is using it as her dressing room now as it's oposite her bedroom.

so from this empty shell to


to a proper bedroom ..................... still has to be decorated and get some pictures on the wall to make it look more lived in.