Thursday, 31 August 2017

Where do all these days go to ?

so frightening the speed of knots (spelling?) how quickly the days turn into weeks and the weeks into months and years ................... this is 1st September and SO the run up to Christmas really.  I never used to think about Christmas until after Keirs Birthday but as he's older now and not REALLY my responsibility then I don't think about it.  ALTHOUGH my little boy (tongue in cheek) is 30 this year, my oh my, that little beautiful boy of mine is a big chap - 6' tall and a daddy to baby Luna.

I worry about him and Alison, they argue, I want them to be happy, pressures of life and money and time - time is a dreadful thing, it all goes by too quickly.

Baby Luna is just THE best thing on this planet, she's grizzly a bit - but mostly a happy child and so so cute and she knows it.  Love her with my whole being.

I might be getting a new car - I just don't know what to do - I have to get it MOT'd if I don't change my car and I will lose another thousand pounds on it if I leave it until the 3.5 years is up (next March)that has also gone exceptionally quick.   Looking at a Kia Rio AGAIN, do I really want the hasstle of going for a test drive, feel a bit rail roaded into it again.  I can always say no.

Well it's nearly time to get ready for work again, doing two days later part of the week I am not enjoying.  I never enjoyed work anyway, suppose two days is better than every morning for 3 hours but at least then by Friday lunch time I was home to get eerything done.  TI:RED AND WORN OUT really.

some pictures:

Sunday, 20 August 2017

Our 40th Anniversary Celebrations (didn't quite go to plan) but it was nice in between

After cake at work ..... thought we could have a Chinese meal on Friday night but then thought against it as we were having afternoon tea at Coombe Abbey on the Saturday.  But did end up having chocolate and ice cream after a SW chips and chicken nuggets.  (naughty me).  Gotta get properly back to Slimming World on Monday and stick to it properly - NO EXCUSES.

So saturday morning we left at 10 am and got into Coventry for 12 noon'ish.  Went around Cathedral which is nice but I thought would be a lot bigger - only took 3/4 hour to look around it.  Went shopping but it wasn't a very nice shopping area (was this Coventry town centre ?) quite rough to say the least.

So on to Coombe Abbey.  Whilst paying car parking charges we encountered a drunk ..... druggie ?  a woman whom I wanted to help but thought IF I give her a tenner would she just spend it on drink/drugs probably, could this end up to be her last fix ?  I could kill her with a tenner.  Her image was with me all afternoon especially whilst I was eating my afternoon tea at Coombe Abbey.

So we checked in and paid for room and went for afternoon tea, which was nice.  I can't say it was exceptional, yes it was nicer than the one we had at Christophers two years ago, but it said smart casual and people were wearing jeans and t'shirts, so I was a bit surprised.  But it was nice.

went for a walk around the grounds.

Went and got key as the room wasn't ready earlier. Asked if we could book for restaurant was told it was fully booked but could get a meal in the bar up to 9.45 pm - menu showed cottage pie and chips, burgers and chips etc, that was OK for me as we din't know how long we would be full for after afternoon tea.

Room was lovely.  Really quite 'posh', had a little snooze and a cuppa and then another walk around Coombe Abbey country park back up the hotel etc.  back to room another cuppa and around 7 pm we decided to go downstairs and have a few drinks as we weren't driving and something to eat, although I wasn't overly hungry but could eat a lasagne or cottage pie etc.

No menus were now out in the bar and after ordering drinks found that we couldn't get a meal in the bar because it was too busy.  We had to cancel the drinks as we then had to decide to go out and get something to eat locally ?  Where ?  we didn't know the area.  AND we really wanted to just chill in the hotel with a few drinks before going to bed.

The deputy manager said he could see if the head chef would be prepared to cook us something but he doubted it as the hotel was full to bursting with people and the restaurant was OVER covered with extra guests for the weddings that were taking place.  he suggested we might get a sandwich via room service ?  We were very upset and decided to go home.  Hopefully getting a refund on monday.  I hope they offer us something like a free afternoon tea for the future etc - but I bet they wont.

so it was a real let down for our 40th Wedding Anniversary and to add insult to injury ended up having kentuky fried chicken which wasn't nice at all !!

We had a small lunch in this cafe a 1940's style it was quite lovely

And coventry cathedral.....

and coombe abbey  ... lovely afternoon tea and room everything fine initially