Sunday, 24 July 2011

Sunday - it was a SUN - DAY

Gosh it's hot out there today - really was TOO hot to be doing the patio up - but it was kinda desperate as it had sunk really badly since we moved in 18 months ago..............just a few plants in my pots from Denyer Court and the patio lifted and swept - love it - must make more of an effort to USE this area now - would like to get a chiminea & a BBQ now and do a little more al fresco (sp?) dining - me thinks. I miss my beautiful garden from Denyer Court that one cost us thousands of pounds - so I can't grumble with about £100 today !

Might only be small but I am well chuffed at how much better the patio looks now it's finished.

Finally planted some plants in my pots - the pots had stood on the end of the patio from the day we moved in - completely empty.

Friday, 22 July 2011

Here we are again - Friday Night

background with Inktense block colour - washed, dried & then glittered all over with Sparkle and Shine - dried - written on with white pen - lyrics to Neil Sedaka's song - my favourite - heart done with duct tape scrumpled on card - alcohol inked and cuttlebugged heart. Enjoyed this one.

This is a background done with my new Inktense colours - they're a bit flat - so I think I need to mix in some perfect pearls - or something - experimenting

A bit more art journalling.....

It finished up like this

more art journalling.

Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Back to SW last week -

lost a pound - wasn't very good this week with the car accidnt and two days off annual leave to sort Korin and Uni - Student Finance, Tamworth Castle, UCas - and 1001 things that I normally have to do too. The interview last week and not getting the job has made me realise that I REALLY need to be ONLY working for 3 days a week - I know the money will be missed BUT I need time at home to walk Gunner - to get the house done, the garden up to date and just being able to sit and do a bit of crafting and up my reflexology treatments - I NEED MORE TIME AT HOME (although I don't want to lose my job completely).........................I have applied for SRP 22.5 hours a week over 3 days - I HOPE I get an interview - I HOPE I get the job. Fingers and everything else crossed.

Trying to do Fast Forward this week - hope to lose 5lb's like everyone else has -- but a good 3lb's loss would be fantastic then I'd be getting ever closer to target. FINGERS crossed again.

Monday, 18 July 2011

I won

on SUE'S (miniowners) Blog on UKS - lovely summery looking kits - will have to make up a LO to do it justice. I never win so didn't check back - someone on UKS notified me that I had won the blog candy - I am so cuffed - thanks to Sue (miniowner).

Here is her bloggy : & the pic of me being drawn from the hat - or the glitter tray as the case may be. tee hee - smiling.

Saturday, 16 July 2011

Not been good since the accident

This is such a basic AJ page but I loved how the glimmer mists just misted the page - and it didn't seem like it needed any journaling really.........

this ones background was folded and inked and then used stickles on the lines so it's a 'raised' effect - having said that it took forages to dry before I could stick on the pics and journal.

Thursday, 14 July 2011

not a nice day today

BUMPED INTO THE BACK OF A CAR at the island up the was kinda the chaps fault as he 'went' and I was 'going' too - he had stopped - hesitated because a car came around the island - the island is a big island and I was going anyway so there must have been enough time to go for us two cars - but he must have panicked too much and slammed his breaks on resulting in me bashing him up the backside and being my first accident in 20 years of driving - really shook me up. Felt really fed up and down about it. BUT the good news is that i didn't resort to food, in the past I would have.

I am back on SW properly this time and determined to lose 3 - 4lb's this week - I hope. Ended up that we are with the same insurance company and they assured me that it will all be sorted - forms filled in over the telephone etc - so hopefuly things will be OK.

WHY DO I FEEL SO RETISCENT (sp?) - spose I shall hear from Injury Lawyers 4 U soon and this nice man will be trying to take me to the cleaners. I hope not.

Sunday, 10 July 2011

Another LO.

2nd LO in a month - whoopeedoo to me. Ok again only very basic. Have decoupaged the bigger picture black and white background and colour forground - pleased how that came out - dispensed with a title - LOVING gesso, so easy to write on.

Other pic is of me (old aunty) with baby Mackenzie (Nieces baby) - and the difference in the two pic's - 2 stones in weight although I prefer my fatter face - but hate the fatter body !


Friday, 8 July 2011

so sad

although I didn't want DD to go to uni - I was extremely worried about her, she doesn't cope well on her own and the accommodation she has was a pile of .... but I felt that it would do her the world of good. I know that she has had a lot of doubts and I do feel that once again she has panicked about it - worried of how much debt she will be in in 3 years time (I was worried too) AND she's hoping to get through her driving test too in the next month - I just think her mind is overloaded and she's made, yet another, snap decision 'I am not going to UNI afterall'.

I am taking monday off work - the morning I want to sit down with her and try and help her sort her life out a bit - the afternoon I have a treatment and on the evening too - then Tuesday I have my interview for a band three in Burton - I hope I get it, in some ways, but the money will be less despite being a band higher as it's less hours, BUT I KNOW I NEED TO CUT DOWN AND MAYBE HAVE A BIT OF TIME TO MYSELF, now that would be lovely - could you imagine having a bit more time at home...................havn't managed that since 2008 when I returned to work.

I get quite down how my life has changed since 22nd December 2008 - 14 years working for myself, having time to sit and do nothing, if I wished, nip to the shops and shop, if I wished, bake a cake, IF I wished - and plod along doing just my reflexology - well, YES my life has changed BIG TIME.

Never mind, onwards & forwards, praying that better things are on their way - and for DD too, I hope she doesn't regret this latest snap decision.

Love ya.

Thursday, 7 July 2011


Whole new experience for me - Wowsee so Loving it - at the moment, only done about 7 pages - kinda samey, finding it diffficult to move away from scrapbooking and not adding embellishments - as such..................but definitely enjoying it and finding it relaxing.

Sunday, 3 July 2011

Just look at my crafty purchase !

This has cost me 20 quid ! - but GREAT, I think for my art journalling - I hope...............

Who would have thought that in 2011 I would be purchasing a portable MANUAL typewriter - tee hee. I gave two away in the late 70's - early 80's one was mine which mom and dad got me when I first started to learn to type and the other one was a smith corona which was Mom in Laws after she died it came to me.....................just hope this one works, may have to purchase a ribbon which will cost about 10 quid - so not a cheap crafty purchase afterall - but it looks nice don'tcha think !