Friday, 29 April 2016

Time flies by ................... hate work with a vengeance

Really bad at work again.  Sick sick sick of it.  but have to go unfortunately.

Have had quotes for electrician to do fans in bathroom and ensuite - and fit CCTV before the summer and the kids playing on our driveway all the time.  Over £500

Booked our Holiday for a week in Cornwall, don't know if Key is overly impressed but it was me as per usual that had to book it.

Feel really down in the dumps maybe just because of work, but feeling very fat and ugly too.

Have participated in two swaps on Netherlands Inchies - this one is little houses which had to be drawn and painted or coloured................... I liked this swap.

Saturday, 16 April 2016

This Craft room move has nearly killed me - but it is now done

feels very strange nothing seems to fit like it did downstairs - but I'm here at last.

Thursday, 14 April 2016

craft room move - a little bit further further

but then my bedroom and other rooms are getting into a worse mess too - remind me why i started this

doesn't look that messy from this pic but it really is quite messy

the other side stuff all along the floor 


half way through moving stuff off my craft desk dusting it down - really was quite disgusting 

Moving up here - going to be tight but I can get my bedroom looking like a bedroom again - all those boxes were previously on a 6' bookcase - but is tidy enough up this corner - must keep it that way

New unit i bought previously had a 6' tall bookcase - have had to downsize my stuff quite considerably

this is where my desk will go - I hope IF I have measured it properly - could have done with decorating the wall too but haven't got the time - and that black mark will be obscured when the desk is in place, plus the rest of the room is quite clean and tidy 

The mega move !

from my bedroom to the 'junk' room - 4th bedroom (dressing room).....................not a lot of room up there but so sick of my bedroom looking like a tip ............... will get a couple of nice wardrobes to finish off my bedroom once everything is moved - however the top room gets very warm so I'm hoping I don't have to move it all back down again....................the start of the big clean up - clear out, oh and I had my old record player playing away - The Birmingham Train is one of my moms favourites, I managed to track down a copy as hers had been thrown away many years ago and it cost me £22 to buy it and have it shipped from Italy !

Tuesday, 12 April 2016

How Shiny !

my eternity ring came back from the jewellers (cost me £90) to have it cleaned, reset with a stone that was missing and some of the claws re done.  looks so lovely - love it - certainly doesn't look 30 years old does it.

I am worried & Monthly inchie book with The Netherlands Group

my DD is in pain again, her stomach etc, it is all the time, don't know if it's stress as her job is stressful and working 42.5 hours a week it's too much for her.

Here is my monthly for April - we upload on 15th of each month.................

Friday, 8 April 2016

And another layout

this photo is 5 years old - can't believe how slim i was in comparison to how i am now.  must get back to it properly.

not good photographs

Thursday, 7 April 2016

my weight is out of control again

OK I have probably ONLY gained a couple more pounds, but added to the 3 - 4 I gained over christmas, my birthday, alisons birthday, mothers day and the last 3 months then it's half a stone heavier again and I feel so lumpy and awful and uncomfortable.  Horrible.

It stops tonight - Friday tomorrow I am going to start over again again again again again, I say it most weekends but I relaly need to get back to SW - can't bring myself to pay at a class again though, but I will try my hardest now to keep on the straight and narrow, could easily lost 3 - 4lb's in a week sticking to it properly and half a stone to 10lb's by the time we go away in June.  FINGERS CROSSED.

Tuesday, 5 April 2016

Little concertina books - Birthday / card

I made one for Dee - Denise who's 60th was yesterday and who I used to work with and whom I was never very sure of but she has kinda redeemed herself with me although she doesn't admit to being a friend of mine at work ???  so I  am still not sure.  She lost her life partner a few weeks ago and has been devastated poor thing, I do feel sorry for her.  But can I trust her 100% I would doubt it very much.

AND then I've made this one for Angela a customer of mine who truly has a heart of gold.......I hope she likes it - people don't normally value 'hand made' stuff as much as shop bought stuff although she is a 'crafty' and creative type of person so maybe she will - hope so anyway.

Monday, 4 April 2016

tonights offering

another layout whoopee doo -

this was a lovely place to visit and i loved the photograph i took - although dark.  how wonderful to live right next to these falls, although it was quite deafening towards the top of the falls and like everything I suppose if you lived there you wouldn't appreciate them as much as when visiting.  I'd like to go back though for another visit - relaxing day - loved it

Sunday, 3 April 2016

more than inchies 3 monthly update

Sunday night - 11.30 pm - 3.4.16

Where has the weekend gone.

work again in the morning - OK I ONLY do 3 hours but it seems such a waste of time going in for just 3 hours, I thought I would love it - but I don't would prefer to do 3 days at 5 hours a day - would be much better for everyone, but no they wanted me to go in every day - and it's not good.

BUT I have to be thankful I have a job - I suppose - because money dribbles through your fingers so easily these days.

£200 a month for my bloody car - so I'm only left with £350 to contribute to the household bills.

Hopefully back at Reflexology again from this week so may top that up with another couple of hundred pounds.

Not been a good weekend.

Key has per usual worked all weekend, he seems very distant, very sad about a lot of stuff, how I wish we could win the lottery and he could go back into the shop like Martin each day, don;t think that will ever be.

Korins happy that she is earning and she's now really into the job, but it's long hours of 45 a week in total and she hates being away from Ben all that time.  BUT needs must eh.

Keir is down in the dumps because his car is rubbish - brand new but in the work shop more often than not and coupled with him being totally over the top about everything and everything has to be absolutely perfect he's making his own life a misery.  He also does such long long hours and I wish I could help him too.

I've put weight on and feeling really fat - although it's only 4 - 5 pounds it's still too many on - rather than coming off - I wanted to be down to 11 stones for June for our holiday and that doesn't look like it's going to happen any time soon.

AND we haven't booked our holiday, feeling a bit fed up really - hope to get myself sorted this week.