Saturday, 24 October 2015

Forgot to post - good news for once

I will be doing 3 hours per day at work in the next month or so - fingers crossed they replace the ones that  have left soon so I can go more than part time.

Bling it on - inchie swap of 15 inchies with bling bling bling

In real life these look so nice - and sparkly and shiny and just blingy really.

Slimming World ............. 24.10.15

I have lost 3lb's in two weeks - I'm OK with that - 8lb's in total...........although at home weighs show I am 10lb's lighter - STILL going down is a good thing - and with diabetes i have to really keep my weight down and watch what I eat..............I hope this time I can keep it up.  Well I have to, I am eating for life now - not just to look and feel better.  Fingers crossed for me.

Friday, 16 October 2015

more than inchies

1.5" square - either 'betweenies' or as I like to call them More Than a gift to Margreet as she has all year again sent swaps to me - and all the advent ones will be coming soon - at no cost.  So a big thank you to Margreet.  I hope you like them.

Friday, 9 October 2015

Christmas is definitely on it's way

Rinchies done and will sent this week - all my Christmas crafting done already.......... well not quite, but not doing a lot this year

Saturday, 3 October 2015

These went in the post today -

now I'm onto my rinchies.

Slimming World - 2nd week - 1st weight loss

4lb's down - brilliant.  on my diabetes tablets - gotta up them today to 2 per day and then next week to 3 per day........

hope i can lose 3lb's this week and get half a stone next week - bring it on, feeling so much better just eating better.


or rather mornings - as of monday I will be back on mornings - gotta get up early but will finish at 1 pm and then i can do my reflexology - cook and do a treatment on the night time too - whoopydooooooooooooo

still waiting to hear if i can reduce my hours to 15 per week