Wednesday, 28 June 2017

Back to work today

and I REALLY REALLY REALLY don't want to go, but hey ho have only worked 3 days in a month so I shouldn'[t grumble, problem is I hate it there, dislike a lot of the people and would rather be doing reflexology from my own home and not having to leave the dog for two whole days a week.  what a nightmare at 61 years old and soon, I think, i shall be having to look after Luna 3 days a week?  I don't know if they really want me to or whether Ali prefers her mom to look after her, I don't mind, so long as i see her regularly and she knows and loves me.

time marches on, I feel worn out and tired being up Korin's but now her dining table and chairs are almost erected, her bed is errected, her fridge freezer in situ and almost time for broadband - fingers crossed she hears today !

Tuesday, 27 June 2017

Been making !

UK Stampers forum, its very lively, and joining in the 6 x inchies and 3 x ATC's, was in the tag swap but time has ran out for me so had to withdraw will get the inchies and ATC's in the post today.  been a rush, but got it done.

and making Badges or Flair or Buttons as they call it in America.  WAS going to splash out on a badge making machine (maybe next month) but I don't think I will use it as much as I think I will, I think back to spending £50 on Fimo and a pasta machine to roll it all out and intended to make embellishments out of that it's still not used fully and I found it difficult to make things, people on You Tube make things look so easy.

Hayley got married the weekend and we couldn't go because of a sickly bug, I felt good for nothing.  Tired and worn out and now close to going back to work too.

Ah well.  Off to the post office now to post my swaps.  Up to Korins tomorrow to await her freezer delivery and carpet quotes - she's ordered her sofa - and dining table is at her house but has proven very difficult to put together !

these are off to Wanda as a thank you I made them

these are ones I made this morning

ATC's for Stampers forum 

back to work on Thursday 'boo hoo'

have enjoyed my time at home, but need the money unfortunately!  I worked Thursday/Friday 1st/2nd June and then just Friday 9th June and then on holiday until this Thursday 29th !  so have only worked 3 days in 26 days - lazy cow eh !

korins first night was Friday night in her own home and she looked a sorrowful little soul as we left her, I shed a tear, more than a tear on the way home and when I got home and looked at her empty bedroom - her bedroom is empty and I feel my life is now empty too.  I missed keir like mad when he first left us but he left with a partner and I knew he would be ok, korin has left on her own, struggling for money and says that she will probably be on her own forever.  I have to remember my customer who at nearly 40 years old suddenly told me she had met a man and that she was really happy and that she was pregnant - she has now had the baby.  i really hope that Korin finds someone who she can love and who loves her back equally and treats her well.  Bless her.  my baby 26 and now leaves just me and keiron on our own, I wonder if we shall cope not having anyone else to have to think about all the time.

Sunday, 25 June 2017


first meal

The bed that mom and koz built  !

ABSOLUTELY KNACKERED  -  but she is finally in her own home.  miss her like mad but it has to happen she is 26 years old.  So many ups and downs - tired and worn out too.

Friday, 23 June 2017

Todays the day - did we EVER think this would come about.

Korin moves out of our home today.............she is really happy and I am really happy for her - it has taken almost 6 months to get her into this house and by God it has been one struggle after another, one problem after another, very very much a negative time, but highs when she finally got her mortgage, mega lows when she heard from Cameron at the housing association that he MIGHT withdraw the property because the solicitors were at logger heads !  Well her solicitor was at a stale mate situation waiting for the WHG's solicitors to send them enquiries which they weren't prepared to do as it wasn't LEGALLY essential, but Korins solicitors were saying they were LEGALLY needed, OMGoodness it has been awful.  BUT Todays the Day - we hope - just waiting for them to give key release which SHOULD be before 1 pm and then arrange for Chantel at WHG to ring and confirm a time for Korin to nip out of work to go collect Keys at her house and do meter readings etc.  I have felt mega sorry for korin along the way, sorry for me too - it has been horrendous !  BUT it's happening,, hopefully today, fingers crossed - how many times have I said that during this process.  Hundreds of emails - phone calls, disappointments, stress, anxiety etc etc - and todays the day - we hope.

I will miss you Korin like crazy, I know I shall see you regularly but I will still miss you being here and I know Ben will miss you too.

AND in between it all you have had to buy your car and sell your car and buy a cheaper car !  AND now on top of everything else you are waiting on the answer to whether you are being formally offered the job at Sutton seems as if it is in the bag but how many times did you think you were getting the house and then you weren't getting the house and then you were getting the house and then it was being snatched away from you again, and now GOD help us !  you complete today and also find out about your new job.  fingers crossed again.

Sunday, 4 June 2017


let it be good news when i ring Cameron tomorrow.  feeling sick with worry, trying really hard to be positive.  Sick of each weekend being uncertain.

Thursday, 1 June 2017

lovely to see house inside ......

more problems again waiting on solicitors who have been dragging their feet - solicitors not talking to one another, drives you crazy, doesn;t look like korin will be in before our holiday and she is already stressed stressed stressed.

lovely house so excited for her but depressing the solicitors have cocked up big time by the look of it.