Sunday, 29 April 2012

Think Monday Think ATC (I'm a bit behind)

Struggling with time - as usual - but just about got this weeks TMTA done before tomorrow which is MONDAY again. phew. I've been playing with Inka Gold paints doing backgrounds this week - have also been using embossing powder and UTEE over the top to make the most spectacular glittery and shiney and blingy backgrounds................however, have been disappointed that a lot of the paint has peeled off - don't know if it was because of the embossing powder or the cardstock needed sanding or maybe gesso before the paint being applied - anyway, this background survived and so I made my Butterfly ATC for this weeks TMTA...............
rubber stamped butterfly - coloured with crayon and sakura gelly roll shimmer & made 3D.
you can see the irridescent embossing powder I used on the background in this one.
and how I layered the whole thing for a 3D effect. off to look at yours for this week. Thanks for looking.

Saturday, 28 April 2012

that was the week that was ........

Saturday again already
a birthday card for Christina - my step mum in law. very similar to last year, but I aint no good at making cards.
Happy Birthday for my hubby for last weekend - didn't upload any other pic's and deleted them by error - naughty me.
been playing with Inka gold paints - they're so scrumptious, but the other card I covered and then put embossing powder over all crumbled off - will try again with some gesso on card first - this one appears OK - hope it stands the test of time as I will be sending it out to someone in the trail no doubt - the embossing power is irridescent and so shiny and sparkly on top of the inka gold paints - well it's to die for - how sad am I eh ! 'smiley face'
you can see the irridescent shiny glow on this one
loving Broadband Infinity - so much faster than uploading pics previously. This is another shot to show how shiny these atc's turned out.
And I bought another memo block to alter for a friends birthday - it's not until August - but thought I'd get it done to save a mad rush when it comes to the day. Hope she'll like it.

Thursday, 26 April 2012

well i won't lose my 2lb's a week if i;'m eating as i am

been terrible on slimming world, must must must try harder - fed up eating rubbish - suppose feeling so low and down about our jobs makes you 'out of sorts'

Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Very NOT NICE at work

apparently boss has been told she her job is obsolete ? and that she has to apply for the 'one' managers job which the manager already has at the other hospital ? So we all know where that is heading. My question is 'IF they can do this to senior managers what will they do the lowly staff - US - ' Plus C who went from our office to the other hospital said to 'said' manager that she would like a job at the other hsopital and now doesnt want the offered job at the other hospital and is unhappy and crying all day at work. How bad is it that staff are reduced to tears and unhappy and WE STILL DON'T KNOW IF WE HAVE A JOB. Not holding my breath now, just hope that if they make me redundant that I find something soon. RETURNED to Slimming World.................I need to lose a stone - will try to be good and lose an average of 2lb's a week and although it'll take me around 8 weeks to get the stone off - better than being a stone heavier - and in 8 weeks or so I will be able to get back into my lovely new wardrobe that I bought when I lost two and half stone 2 years ago..............New consultant, haven't stayed to class yet - so will have to see what she's like.

Saturday, 21 April 2012

more ATC's to send

I have been playing with friendly plastic.
heart of stone. love the colours.
'owls that' love that owl - unfortunately the friendly plastic was very thin in one place on the background and so I had to piece it back together.
scrumptiousness - fusible fibres squished into very hot friendly plastic - love love love the colours in this one.

Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Bevs birthday at work, no one told me, so I didn't even get her a card !

so I made her this this afternoon
love the colours, hope she loves them too.
AND I hope she likes the choccies.

Monday, 16 April 2012

Think Monday Think ATC

I have decided to join in on think monday - think ATC each week, whenever possible. this week was Zentangle. I have NEVER done a Zentangle before and doing it on an ATC obviously not such a big area to cover - so here is mine.

Sunday, 15 April 2012

sending some atc's

for ATC trail on UKS
Decoupaged daffodil for my mom !
birds on a wire - love those little wooden embellishments.
embossing powder background - very holographic and shiny - really me.

I have gotta STOP purchasing new crafting items

spending around £30 a week ! maybe - sometimes less - but over a month it's AT LEAST £60 to £100 in bits and pieces. This week alone bought a new stamp £2.99 - embossing powders which came to around £10 - bead's and bedazzles totaling around £7 - tim holtz door knobs - £8 - wooden houses & flowers and birds - embellishments - another £10 - thats £38 in a week. We should know tomorrow (I believe) whether I have a job - so I know that my spending has got to be cut drastically - whether I have a job or not - I need to cut back because I am just not using half the stuff I purchase anyway. IF I am made redundant I might just cut my stash by half and sell it on ebay - to make a bit. Last week I bought the tim holtz glassine papers, which i love BUT 36 in a pack - I will probably only EVER use about 5 or 6 of them so I may do something like selling these in packs of 6 for a couple of quid each...............I have a bottomless drawer of brads - of all kinds, of flowers of all kinds, dies for the cuttlebug that I never use, lots of 12x12 papers that rarely get used these days - a fastenater - never being used, inks and loads and loads and loads of alphas - especially cuttlebug alphas which may sell well on ebay too. rambling now. HOPE tomorrow I still have a job - fingers crossed and tomorrow will come around so quickly.

Monday, 9 April 2012

I made this

fed up not having any paper or pen closeby the phone when needed .............. made this little box - added some squares of paper and a pen fits horizontally too - voila. kinda like the papers too. Pleased with the outcome.
Hope to have another crafty afternoon this afternoon and start to fill the door hanging which has been there for about 6 weeks or so.

Sunday, 8 April 2012

Happy Easter Everyone

Title says it all - have been crafting and relaxing - but now need to go do kitchen before cooking again and making it all a mess again. Nearly time for hubby to come home from fishing .................

OMG UKS is down -

what am I going to do - tee hee. Seriously I wonder if someone has hacked it like Circle of Crafters - it took Circle of Crafters weeks to get it all sorted, and it is so strange that I cannot get on to the UKS website. Hope all is well for UKS - and that we get back on very soon.

Friday, 6 April 2012

Voluntary redundancy requests

So we still don't know who will be made redundant, who is being shifted off to Queens hospital and who will be left behind in the present jobs ! Its such a worry. Day before Yesterday an email from Chief Exec saying that no one in medical records were losing their jobs and that there was 7 vacancies at Queens to be filled. In other words the unlucky seven would be shipped off to Queens to work. This would mean (as I know it would be me) - 580 miles travelling per month extra !!!! around £80 in petrol extra a month !!!! and an extra 4 hours per week - approx 15 hours a month extra out of the house !!!!!! I have just cut down £100 per month by reducing my hours and now this ! What a nightmare. BUT according to the email we would all have jobs. Yesterday got to work and apparently Charlotte who is already working at Queens for a month has contacted those in our office and said that it is all a big cover up and that there are about 5 redundancies, and not necessarily so that you will be shipped to Queens and no ones job is safe...................... WHAT IS GOING ON. Theresa in our office gets on her high horse and demands an audience with the boss - in somes ways - this is good as it does turn out that the figures are wrong - that there are to be approx 4 redundancies and there are only 6 jobs available at Queens and that we all have to apply for them ourselves. IF Gwen has anything to do with the making of people redundant - I know that I shall be on the list as she doesn't like me and has blocked everything I have ever asked to do, including just a couple of weeks ago telling Charlotte that the job in clinic prep was permanent and then telling me it wasn't.............someone was lying and how Charlotte got really angry and upset about it makes me feel it was Gwen that was lying to me. All I know is that someone was lying to me and Gwen didn't reassure me it wasn't her. So yesterday we have an email to say that HR & Chief Exec need voluntary redundancy requests and that refusal of same wouldn't be open to discussion ! They have already said that people with lengthy terms in posts wouldn't be considered as they will be too costly to pay redundancy to - so people like me who have virtually no time scale in the NHS are easier to pay off. They are offering one months pay per one full year you have been with NHS - so that would mean I would get 3 months pay. IF I don't go for voluntary redundancy and then made redundant anyway I will only get one week per year - 3 weeks pay. What a nightmare. Don't know what to do. Feel it will be me that will be made redundant. I will take it all further if I am anyway. But I just feel - take redundancy and hopefully find something else.

Wednesday, 4 April 2012

A day off - whoop whoop

was going to an interview - but decided against it - so have just relaxed and did a bit of crafting today. Do have a reflexology treatment this afternoon too - so need to be back to do that. taking K & O into Lichfield to look at the craft centre first.
this was a pink cupcake memo box/pad - didn't like it at all apart from the shape, so covered it in cardstock. Will Bling it up with some stickles later.
this is the blinged up version ......

Sunday, 1 April 2012

Dots Retirement Box Canvas/book

A bit of a better week at work ? !!!!!

But not holding my breath. AND a bit of crafting...............Denises birthday, only found out on Friday so did a very quick and I mean very very quick exploding box for her.
Olivias come to stay for a week or so and so DS real happy ! Got all my housework done early. Got lots to do today to get my hair coloured and stuff ready for an interview on Tuesday - do have an interview on Wednesday too - but its for weekend work and have decided against it afterall - am I being stupid as we are still waiting on whether we are being made redundant or not !