Monday, 3 October 2011

my head is spinning

Bev is training me - but she's one of those who does things for you rather than letting you do things for yourself. BUT once I know what I'm doing I think I will enjoy being in CP much better than MR's. I hope - very hot in there though.

Went back into MR's for the last hour and again the radio is VERY loud - I just cannot concentrate.

AH WELL - lets see how it goes.

Fed up to the back teeth really.

Went to Welshpool to Marians caravan on Sunday it was a good day out, Key fished and we had a picnic by the side of the lake..........................dreadful journey home though as it was so so busy. END OF THE SUMMER NOW THOUGH so won't be going again.

Keir getting a bike tomorrow - dreading it - please God keep him safe.

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